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Angel's Reading List 2007


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This is my initial TBR list. More I'm sure will be added!!


On the shelf waiting to be read:-


Brian Lynch - The Winner of Sorrow

Susan Howatch - Penmarric

Philippa Gregory - Meridion

Victoria Holt - The Shimmering Sands

Ellis Peters - The Knocker on Deaths Door

Ian Rankin - Set in Darkness

Ian Rankin - The Falls

Philippa Gregory - Virgin Earth

Jane Austen - Mansfield Park

Jane Austen Persuasion

John Banville - The Sea

Jane Harris - The Observations

Emma Blair - Goodnight Sweet Prince

Emma Blair - Wild Strawberries

Barbara Taylor- Bradford - A Woman of Substance

Barbara Taylor Bradford - Hold the Dream

Barbara Taylor Bradford - To be the Best

Jim Lynch - The Highest Tide

Anya Seton - The Winthrop Woman

Maeve Binchy - Quentins

Marcia Willett - The Dipper

Steinbeck - The Grapes of Wrath

F. Scott Fitzgerald - -The Great Gatsby

Danielle Steel - The Wedding

Catherine Cookson - The Bonny Dawn

Ruth Hamilton - Miss Honoria West

Jeannie Brewer - A Crack in Forever

Elizabeth Jenkins - Elizabeth and Leicester

George Eliot - Middlemarch

R. D Blackmore - Lorna Doone

Daniel Defoe - Moll Flanders

W. M. Thackeray - Vanity Fair

Samuel Butler - The Way of All Flesh

Henry Fielding - Tom Jones

Catherine Cookson - Rosie of the River

Anne Bronte - Northanger Abbey

John Galsworthy - Forsyte Saga

Henry James - Portrait of a Lady

Anthony Trollope - Barchester Towers

James Ruddick - Death at the Priory

Henry James - Turn of the Screw

H.E. Bates - Love for Lydia

Virginia Woolfe - To the Lighthouse

Charles Dickens - The Old Curiosity Shop

Charles Dickens - Bleak House

Charles Dickens -David Copperfield

The Great Writers :- Stories for Summer

Ruth Rendell - Vanity Dies Hard

Ruth Rendell - A New Lease of Death

Ruth Rendell - Secret House of Death

Jed Rubenfeld - The Interpretation of Murder

Kim Edwards - The Memory Keepers Daughter

Jill Mansell - Head Over Heels

Jill Mansell - Perfect Timing

James Patterson - 1st to die

Barbara Taylor Bradford - Dangerous to know

Danielle Steel - Zoya

Audrey Howard - A Flower in Season

Clare Francis - Deceit

Joanna Trollope - Girl From the South

Peter Tremayne - Whispers of the Dead



From the Library



Read so far this year

P.D. James - A Sight for Sore Eyes

Peter Tremayne -Master of Souls

Michael White - Equinox

Margaret Murphy - The Dispossessed

Katherine McMahon - The Alchemist's Daughter

Jill Mansell - Millie's Fling

Paul Doherty - The Cup of Ghosts

Kathy Reichs - Grave Secrets

Erica James - Love and Devotion

Ruth Rendell - The Waters Lovely

Jill Mansell - Falling For You

Kathy Reichs - Break No Bones

Jane Austen - Emma

Cathy Kelly - Past Secrets

Jeanne Kalogridis - Painting Mona Lisa

Judy Astley - All Inclusive

Katie Fford - Practically Perfect

Elisabeth Hyde - The Abortionist's Daughter

Philippa Gregory - Earthly Joys

Christie Dickason - The Firemaster's Mistress

Elizabeth Gaskell - Cranford

Ian Rankin - Hide and Seek

Alison Weir - Innocent Traitor

Andrew Nugent - The Four Courts Murder

Joanne Harris - Chocolat

The Sixth Wife - Suzanna Dunn

The Day of the Storm - Rosamunde Pilcher

Jodi Picoult - Nineteen Minutes

Queen Mum - Kate Long

Lady Magdalen - Robin Jenkins

The Butcher of St Peter's - Michael Jecks

DH. Lawrence - Lady Chatterley's Lover

Catherine Dunne - Something Like Love

Mary Higgins Clerk - Second Time Around

Tracy Chavalier - The Virgin Blue

Jean Plaidy - Madame Serpent

Dave Hill - The Adoption

W. J. Burley - Wycliffe and the Quiet Virgin

Sophie Hannah - Little Face

Susannah Gregory - A Conspiracy of Violence

Nicci French - Losing You

Christie Dickason - The Memory Palace

Iain Pears - The Dream of Scipio

Jean Plaidy - The Revolt of the Eaglets

David Guterson - The Lady of the Forrest

James Herbert - The Secret of Crickley Hall

Jean Plaidy - The Heart of the Lion

Jean Plaidy - The Prince of Darkness

James McGee - Ratcatcher

Ian Caldwell & Dusin Thomason - The Rule of Four

Nicci French - Catch Me When I Fall

Wendy Holden - Bad Heir Day

Jean Plaidy - Lord Robert

Janet Paisley - White Rose Rebel

James Herbert - The Ghosts of Sleath

Jackie Collins - Lovers and Players

Sarah Pinborough - The Taken

Mary Higgins Clerk - Two Little Girls in Blue

Jean Plaidy - The Sixth Wife

Jennifer Donnelly - The Winter Rose

Wendy Holden -Azur Like It

Jodi Picoult - Second Glance

Juan Gomez-Jurado - God's Spy

Michael Jecks - Dispensation of Death

Nicci Frech - The Red Room

Catherine Shaw - The Riddle of the River

Tracy Checalier - Fallen Angels

Jill Mansell - Thinking of You

Chris Kuzneski - Sign of the Cross

Susanna Gregory - A Killer in Winter

Jean Plaidy - The Italian Woman

Nicci French - Secret Smile

Tracy Chevalier - Burning Bright

Jean Plaidy - Louis the Well Beloved

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I remember reading Penmarric years ago and really enjoying it, in fact i think i still have a copy somewhere :roll: , might just have to dig that one out for a re-read ;)


I also remember enjoying the Barbara Taylor Bradford series A Woman of Substance, hold The Dream and To Be The Best.

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I read The Great Gatsby for Higher English & remember really enjoying it - it's one I've meant to read again at some point, but so far haven't (I will though!). Lots of great imagary in it - I remember thinking it was one of the best books I'd read that year.

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I'll give it a go :D . Trouble is I mainly work office hours now as I'm broadly office based until March. (unless others try to move the goal posts!!).


This doesn't include the re-read pile, trips to Canterbury library or Easter / anniversary or birthday wishes...............and that wishlist is long on Amazon!!!!!!

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That is one big TBR list! I see you have three books listed by Ruth Rendell. I have only read one of her books which was Keys to the Street. I thought this was a pretty good book and I should probably check out more books written by her. Not too long ago I gave this book to my father to read. If I remember correctly the book did not have any smut in it (at least I hope I was right). My dad is 75 years old and he says that he gets sick and tired of all the unnecessary filth that is contained in books these days.


Have you read a lot of her books and if so are they fairly void of all the bedroom stuff? My Dad can handle the swearing, he just can't handle it when things get too explicit, and when they do he sends the book flying across the room.




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Susan, I have read most of the Wexford books and I have found them to be consistantly good. I have also read some of her psychological thrillers - Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, A Sight for Sore Eyes to name a couple. I haven't read Keys to the Street yet. There is never any smut so your Dad won't get a shock!


I probably won't get through all that list, 'cos I keep getting from Amazon, Green Metropolis, the library etc, etc but I'll give it my best shot;)

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Completed The Dispossessed. Quite a good read and I learnt alot about refugees in this country and how they are sucky into Britains seedier side of life!


Started The Alchemist's Daughter by Katherine McMahon. Off to a good start so far

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