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  2. Recovering from covid and not feeling much like reading so have been listening to James Herriot's All Things Wise and Wonderful. Read by Christopher Timothy, the original James in the TV series, so feels very right. Next up, I've found a library audiobook by Gerald Durrell Beasts in My Belfry, which seems rather apt at present.
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  4. I'm waiting for a parcel of yarn to arrive from the UK so I can start making a crocheted blanket for our son and his partner's wedding next year. I've been tracking it and it arrived safely in NZ only to board a plane and head for Qarter! It now appears to be on it's way back to the UK again. As someone said, it would have been quicker to send it by carrier pigeon and it would've had a bloomin' sight better sense of direction šŸ˜
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  6. Despite having a box full of unused notebooks I have just ordered another two. What makes it even dafter is that Iā€™m only about halfway through my latest notebook/journal. Some things will never change I guess šŸ˜†
  7. Honky Tonk Song - George Jones (Mel Tillis wrote this song about a true episode in the life of George Jones. George Jones wife took away his car keys so that he couldn't drive into town for booze. So George got on his tractor and drove it to town)
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  9. 20. The Big Sky - A.B. Guthrie, Jr - 5/5 - This book has been voted the best book of the West by the Western literature Association. I tend to agree with their selection. The main person in the book is Boone Caudill (along with Jim Deakins and Dick Summers). They all become Mountain Men in the 1830's and are trappers, explorers, and basically live off the land and fight for survival . Guthrie's description is one of the best that I have read. It makes you feel like you are part of their experiences.
  10. I am going to do a re-read of The Way West by A. B. Guthrie, Jr. It has been many, many years since I first read this book. A.B. Guthrie won a Pulitzer Prize with his writing of the book in 1950. I just finished reading The Big Sky by Guthrie which was voted the best book of the West by the American Western Literature Association.
  11. Thank you Hayley, you are the best. šŸ‘
  12. I don't seem to be able to add books to my bookshelves. I click add books and nothing happens. I have found the like button, though so that's a plus
  13. Whatever I'm reading or want to read. I think!
  14. Just a heads-up: the bookshelves function might need a little playing with! It's completely new to me too so I'm in the process of making sure it all works properly!
  15. If you have any questions about changes made during the update, or any of the new additions, please post them here!
  16. Welcome back everyone! As you can see, some things have changed after the recent update. You will notice that you can now log in using your email, rather than your username. This is considered to be a more secure option so I would encourage you all to use it! You will also notice that we have a new 'books' feature (next to 'clubs' at the top of the forum). This will allow us to create our own bookshelves, give books ratings and comment on each other's shelves! We also now have a 'like' button, so make sure you try that out! If you have any questions about the update or the new features, please post them here: Thank you all for continuing to support the Book Club Forum
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  18. They do. I'm missing mine. I read them all last year, having found one on my father's TBR and I gave away all of the paperbacks because I din't think that I'd want to read them again, and I do! I bought the e-book versions instead and will re-read them all.
  19. It reminded me straightaway of a Victorian sort of X files, with the back story about his family and the mystery of what happened, and the secrecy of McGrey's department which isn't meant to exist. Only two books into the series and they are already feeling like old friends.
  20. Really interested to hear what you think of these - I really enjoyed the collection I read (I think it was one of the old Heron Books ones) and found that it wasn't exactly what I expected! Exactly the same for me . (How are you finding The Old Curiosity Shop?)
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