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  2. the most delectable piece of errrr..crumpet..I mean a nurse...came to see me and it turned out she also dresses the wounds of Peter Twiddlepass, wife of my ahem...domestic.. errrr assistant..now this nurse she's called Deborah Snoozeship and she is very adept in cookery...wounds...passing the time singing knees up Mother Brown...spiffing girlie, Rosie she'll be a hearty friend to you my rejuvenating love of a daughter..I invited...
  3. It seems to me that Ann Patchett has got better and better ever since she first pulished Bel Canto and Tom Lake has to be up there in contention for my best read this year. I was initially put off reading it because it was described as a "pandemic novel" and I'm already sooo bored of reading about social distancing, lockdowns and wearing masks but this book isn't one of those. The pandemic is the cause of Lara's three very different daughters gathering on the family cherry farm for the summer to isolate and help their parents bring the harvest in and Lara is profoundly happy to have them around her. While they are working she tells them about when she was an actor and the history of her long ago affair with a now famous film star - some of it, there are things even her daughters cannot know. It's beautifully written with quiet unshowy prose that leads you from one sentence to the next, the settings both in the cherry orchard and while Lara was acting are completely immersive and characterisation is superb. The plot does assume a certain familiarity with Thornton Wilder's play Our Town, I'm not sure that it matters if you've never heard of it (like me) but it's easyn enough to look it up on line.
  4. As I'm useless at working out how to do spoilers I sent you a message!
  5. Kate Atkinson has a new Jackson Brodie, Death at the Sign of the Rook, coming out in August.
  6. I just saw that Susanna Clarke has a new short story coming out in October, ‘The Wood at Midwinter’. It’s set in the same world as Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and I can’t wait! 😄
  7. Last week
  8. I need to ask a favour of those who’ve read Fairy Tale already… I am about 100 pages in at the moment and I am going to need a single spoiler (otherwise I am afraid I might cry in public 😅). Does the dog die? (Please put the answer in a spoiler box, in case others don’t want to know!).
  9. she hung up. Next minute, who should walk in ...but Daddy! 'Family!' he cried, 'I have news, wonderful news! I was sitting in me basement, having forty winks and Mrs Twiddlepass was doing a bit of light dusting. Knocked me favourite Toby Jug clean off the shelf, clumsy old bat, she'll have to go, it sconed me fair on the swede! But omnis nubes habet argentum oblinit, and all that, the amazing thing is ...
  10. I started reading this about a fortnight ago. I am half way through. It's jolly good. It is set in Afghanistan. It starts off with this poor, illegitimate girl who is forced to marry a not very nice man. Then the next part is about a young girl growing up in Kabul during all the fighting round about the time of the Soviet occupation and afterwards. Lots of death and tragedy. I expect at some point the storylines of the two women will cross over, but they have not really met yet.
  11. That's a Vera isn't it, I remember the TV episode, set in a health club, think I have the book somewhere but haven't read it.
  12. I was reading this amazing book on my iPhone and lost it. This was about a lady doctor who was appointed as a only medical officer for a village / county. She was married with a rich surgeon and took offer of this job, which all others opposed. But she did join and was doing well. She was looking after the villagers and was also looking after new diseases and also chasing the then tuberculosis. This particular incident was about an woman who died from brain tuberculosis and she wanted to check her lungs for tuberculosis. The coroner was a old man of about 70 years of age and when she ordered him to give her a lung sample, he refused to do the autopsy and was vaguely referring to a publication which was saying that doing autopsy of a person who died from tuberculosis is dangerous for him and also for the community as the tb could be airborne and dangerous for the community. She then took the legal step and ordered him through the sheriff and went to the site where autopsy was to be performed, a different place from the coroner office as the coroner did not want to do it first and then not in his office if at all. On the day this was happening, she went and was given a garden shears and she split the rib of the woman and at that point the coroner wanted to help her and did the autopsy and she was given the lung samples and she needed to carry the sample on a bucket herself to do further testing. I would be grateful if someone could help me with the name of the book or the author.
  13. ..attempt to put right the wrongs..but..and I mean it..Debbie Snoezelem is here to stay Here to fight Community nursing She does it right Here to stay Here to fight Community nursing She does it right..' A cacophony of squeaky voices joined in at her end, clapping and chanting.. I imagined clenched fists and unfurled banners and I thought how funny that a bunch of High Street communists like these nurses, can attend to a bizarre unhinged Tory twerp like ' daddy.' 'Mr Ridiculous..?..hiya yes Debz is going right now to see your father..jolly good day..you're not freeing yourself of our Debz..' , and at that,
  14. Such great songwriters, the fact that the songs are still known today is testament to their talent.
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