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  2. We get fallow deer coming into our garden at night to eat fruit at this time of year. They leap effortlessly over fences and gates. We also have wild pigs which make a real mess digging up paddocks. Neither are native to NZ and considered a pest ( as are rabbits, possums, stoats, ferrets, wild goats and several other animals).
  3. our beloved and revered visitors. Let me assist you in rectifying your unfortunate mistake.' 'I didn't make any mistake,' muttered Fiona. 'I TOLD you not to use that dodgy looking guy, it's your own fault,' hissed Rosie. We will leave them bickering away there and get back to more important subjects ... namely me. Left all alone, I was manfully coping with everything at home by myself. Not only the running of a hectically busy cat cafe (three customers today), but I had to organise to have my laundry, cooking, dishes, bed-making and cleaning all done. It was enough to ...
  4. Currently reading the Words of Kings and Prophets, Shauna Lawless
  5. Been trying to get Laura Purcell's new paperback, none of my local bookshops (all 2 of them, both branches of Waterstone's) nor the supermarkets or W H Smith has it in stock.
  6. As I said earlier the physics got too much for me! I tend to accept worlds in science fiction as I'm not knowledgeable enough to say 'That couldn't be so,' though my daughter who has a degree in chemistry gets very cross about impossibilities!
  7. The Red Notebook by Antione Laurian is very short - as French novels often are, and absolutely enchanting. A woman gets mugged and her bag stolen, next day a bookseller finds a beautiful handbag sitting on a bin with nothing to say whom it might belong to apart from a set a keys and red notebook with daily thoughts scribbled in it. This could have become sickly sweet but doesn't, partly because it is so brief and also because neither Laurent the bookseller or Laure the muggee are needy souls looking for love, they are both content in their own lives. There is one part where Laurent begins to verge on being stalkerish which is creepy but he seems to feel uneasy about that too. All in all, this is a great read if you just want something to lift your spirits.
  8. There are a lot of good books coming out this year, here's just a few: The Mars House - Natasha Pulley The Familiar - Leigh Bardugo Long Island - Colm Toibin The Warm Hands of Ghosts - Katherine Arden (I should think Luna will be falling on this too!) The Last Murder at the End of the World - Stuart Turton The City of Stardust - Georgia Summers The Ministry of Time _ Kaliane Bradley Table for Two - Amor Towles
  9. It's been a while but Deborah Harkness has released her fifth book in the five book series A Discovery of Witches called The Black Bird Oracle. Ian Rankin has released his 25th Rebus book, Midnight and Blue. Kerry Lord has issued another Ed's Animals book due to be shipped next week, apparently. Laura Purcell has a new one coming out Moonstone. Stacy Halls The Household released this year, Sarah Pearse will publish her new one this year called The Wilds, The Puzzle Wood by Rosie Andrews, The Last Murder at the End of the World, Stuart Turton, The Warm Hands of Ghosts, Katherine Arden, The Book of Elsewhere, China Mieville and Keanu Reeves, apparently. The Silence Factory, Bridget Collins, The Dark Wives: DCI Vera Stanhope 11 Ann Cleeves. All eagerly anticipated by me (!).
  10. Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly (one of the best dance scenes ever)
  11. I wonder if what Cixin Liu wrote about the sun potentially being able to amplify signals is true. It sounds plausible, but maybe it is the science fiction equivalent of poetic licence.
  12. This website is a fun read exploring the Penn State ice cream, arguably the best anywhere. I have been there and it is truly wonderful. I have also had some of their ice cream packaged for taking home. There are so many great flavors. The Creamery is over 150 years old. Our Story | Penn State Berkey Creamery (psu.edu) Our legendary short course has attracted some of the biggest names in ice cream, from Baskin-Robbins to Haagen-Dazs. For six days a year, industry pros flock to Penn State from around the world to learn how to craft ice cream perfection.
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  14. They are white-tailed deer and are very plentiful in North America. They continually eat my shrubs and flowers. If you turn your sound up you can hear my granddaughter's little boy yelling at the deer telling them to go home. Here are a couple photos I got on the internet of some white-tailed deer:
  15. What type of deer are those MN? They have wonderful ears!
  16. No, they are roe deer and there are loads of them around here.
  17. My granddaughter and her little boy was out walking in their neighborhood and seen these deer. IMG_7634.MOV
  18. Yes, I've all of his (my youngest daughter and I hustle each other as to who gets ton read them first!) It's good but not up to Scrublands.
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