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  1. definitely fit for purpose, clean and tidy. Oh and a loving night of celebration ensued with the lovely Rosie and I, she is too cute, too sizzling, by half. So, next day, daddy turned up whilst Rosie paddled about in her king-sized . 'baarth', and ' ohh, any success yet?', was the ask. 'Success..?..' ' My man , is she going to drop me a grandchild, a chip.off the old block..or not..at 27 she's rootless and unattached.. I don't.. '
  2. real pleading in her eyes, a look of hope. 'Oh my dear..at last you know where your bread is buttered..right here', and at that, she threw herself at me, her scented hair cascading all over me. 'See, oi told yer e lavs er..be a wedding soon mark moi words', said Mark, as a couple of suited officials, one male, one female, entered, coughing in order to split our oh so adorable embrace. 'Peter Dartboard, Landan City Caancil..Sir, are you vee owner of this ere cattery'?, asked Mr Dartboard. The woman was 'Audrey Grimbutt, head of cattery compliance at London Council..pleased to meet you..do you have a few minutes to check in as regards regulatory conditions and requirements for a cattery..?' Two hours later, myself, Rosie, Mr Dartboard, and Ms Grimbutt, were all yawning loudly as we sought answers to the question, ' does your cat cafe have less than ten iso particles of surface dust..?..' In order to ....
  3. Red or Dead, Peace' encyclopaedia sized chronicle of Liverpool FC under Shankly, is similarly turgid reading. I will eventually complete my reading of both.
  4. have it within my book loving, once poverty stricken, weedy shouldered, reclusive, dormant self, to feign machodom or whatever these muppets would call it. ?..was I able to engineer jealousy free running of the cafe, get on moderate terms with these bearded hunks of hers as a way in..? 'Noims Mark, moit..speciality todoi is..vegan 'am n chayze on balsamic toast, garnish of Dijon yellow and pickled gherkins..an' cos you're 'er feller, it's on the aahse moit',declared Mark, so what was it with her papa thinking we were doing the horizontsl mazurka and without hideous rubber interferences nor (obviously), toxic pills..and this crud saying I'm ' her gayzer, moit'. Whose bloke?..', I enquired. 'Rowzie, moit, oi mean, oi'd lav a go wiv er if you're not keen , bat oi guessed you lav 'er..aah cowzy', he declared, a mischievous smirk...
  5. getting it at all, and to cap it all off, she regaled me with Flora Flaherty, architect, who loves fizzy water, and dislikes men..' But you'll be OK Johnny as I did say you're totally charming.' For once , I needed time to think. I went over to see how the cafe , cattery, bookshop type venture was going. 'Well the cafe isn't open yet', said a bloke I didn't recognise, hirsute, tattoos,
  6. Amazing book, I read it in c1985. Still love to read it again.
  7. ..let me..ahem...hold you in my arms and ...offer you a real kiss..I mean you are wondrously and divinely scrumptious Not remotely unctuous Eyes not bulbous Hair is really luscious Not wishing to be devious That would be atrocious Not wishing to be lecherous But you girl, are gorgeous. Give my life a purpose Let's just be adventurous..' Rosie evidently thought I was a singer..' a rap artist..oooh how utterly divine!!' , she squealed,...
  8. really ought not to have done so..such an effort. made, you are so sweet..', and with that, she planted a sweet kiss on my cheek. 'Oh I just adore roses', she announced, planting them into a milk bottle half full of water, and spraying plant feed in for good measure, ' now. Sooty , you know, the one with his itchy left ear, he has been playing bauble games around the Christmas tree here, and over at the cafe, Midge has been eating so much she's put on a gram since yesterday. Daddy says hello and was asking me a rather odd question..dear Johnny, can you decipher what he meant..?..he said..' any succes yet..? ..or have you been jumping up and down the day after, in the morning..?' Gulping inwardly, I offered, ' after what..? I don't really..
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