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  1. I am finding this play sort of interesting. I have read De Bello Gallico by Julius Caesar. When it came to the British invasion, the bits I found most interesting were that the people of Kent coloured themselves blue, shaved themselves from the lower lip down, and shared wives between brothers.
  2. Yes, it works on my PC, laptop and iPhone.
  3. I was reading in the introduction that the play might be considered subtle propaganda on behalf of King James. King James wanted to unite the English and Scottish kingdoms. This play makes us think of ourselves as Britons.
  4. <? Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" ); Header( "Location: http://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/" ); ?> This is the source code for the webpage https://www.bookclubforum.co.uk It does not seem to do much in my browsers.
  5. If I try click into https://www.bookclubforum.co.uk then nothing happens. However if I type https://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/ into the URL then it loads up.
  6. I am still having problems. When I tried logging into the site from my PC again, I couldn't. I have just tried logging into the website using my work laptop, which runs Window 10, using the Microsoft Edge browser. I am in London. Still have a blank, white screen. Just tried to access the website using my work iPhone. Cannot access it that neither. I can only get access on my personal smartphone, which runs Android.
  7. I was interested to read some more about church economics, but I have only found two books: The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics. Looks quite interesting but costs £125. The Coming Revolution in Church Economics. Affordable, but since it is written by an American I do not suppose it explains the situation in Britain very well.
  8. I have been allowed on by my Firefox browser just now, but not my Chrome browser.
  9. I struggle to get into this website. I can from my Android smartphone. I can't access the website from Firefox or Chrome on my PC, which is running Ubuntu Linux. I cannot access it from my laptop running Windows 10 using the Microsoft Edge browser. Since the latest update, I have occasionally been able to access this website from my PC, but usually the page stays blank.
  10. The stolen bracelet reminds me of the stolen handkerchief in Othello. I thought a bit too much was made of the handkerchief, but a stolen bracelet would be more difficult to explain. In addition, his knowing of those marks on Innogen's breast would be very difficult to explain. There was a bit of fruity language in Act 2 Scene 3. When Victorians revived the play I wonder if they cut that out.
  11. When I used to go to church in the 80s, the congregation about filled a third of the church, and they were mostly elderly. When I recently started going again, the churches seemed at least as full, maybe a bit fuller. Again they are mostly elderly. The main difference is that there are more non-whites. It is difficult to believe they are all giving a tenth of their income to the church.
  12. Richard III was creepy and horrible, but no one could see through him except his mother. He was like Jimmy Savile. No one could see through him except Johnny Rotten. I read in the introduction that the play could be subtle propaganda, or at least pleasing to the king. King James wanted to unite England and Scotland into one kingdom. Cymbeline introduces the idea of this island as Britain and the inhabitants as Britons.
  13. I often wonder about church economics. In Reading I have seen lots of pubs close down, but not churches. When I used to go in the 80s, I assumed the church's main income was the collection. The majority of the churches I have been to recently have not even taken a collection. I understand the Church of England has a lot of investments, but what about all the other churches: Methodists, Baptists, United Reformed Church, Catholics and others. Churches are big buildings. The land they are on must be worth a lot. I noticed in Reading, various branches of the Orthodox Church have rented former Anglican churches. There is even a new independent church that took over a former snooker hall. Where do they get the money?
  14. I thought Iachimo was going to rape Innogen. He doesn't, but he has a good look at her. Also, I was disturbed that Innogen turns down the pages of the books she reads. I hope that doesn't mean she folds the corners down.
  15. Yes, you're right, Ian McKellen. I did not think much of that film. I thought that scene was ridiculous. I could not understand why everyone thought he was so great when he seemed to be so creepy and horrible. I thought Maggie Smith was good. I liked the song, and being interested in aircraft, I liked the Blenheim bomber and the de Havilland Rapide.
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