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  1. That's a Vera isn't it, I remember the TV episode, set in a health club, think I have the book somewhere but haven't read it.
  2. Hazy shade of winter - Bangles/Simon and Garfunkel
  3. I like the sound of the Benedict Jacka novel.
  4. Yes it is a bit, this one was a bit better but they are pretty formulaic.
  5. "The Bay" by L J Ross - this is the 3rd in the summer suspense series, and this time the main character is police detective Sophie Keane, who has featured in the earlier books. When a body is found on a local beach in St Ives, Sophie is forced to confront her past (I thought that police officers weren't meant to police the same town that they live in,but....) and also sort through the list of suspects, that's after they body is identified. She's drawn into the local artists' community, especially Gabriel, who has returned to his family home, and also has issues from his past to confront, and lay to rest. No surprise that he and Sophie get together, but this is more of a crime novel than the earlier books, though there's a cheeky refernce to Ross's most popular, and longest running, series featuring DCI Ryan, in fact there's even a visit to Northumberland, though at least Ryan doesn't pop up. However the author's habit of making her heroes all pretty much cut from the same cloth ie tall, dark and handsome with blue/grey eyes that are full of emotion, is starting to look a little cliched, as is her theme of which is beginning to also feel a bit repetitive. Apart from that, this was a very quick, easy read, and the atmosphere of St Ives is well evoked (but without having to fight the crowds!). 6.5/10
  6. Time's Prisoner by Linda Gillard - author Jane is at a crisis point in her life, she's getting divorced, plus her publisher has asked her to stop writing her much-loved historical crime series, and come up with fresh material instead. Now why a publisher would ask an author to stop a successful series I don't know, and why doesn't the author go down the self-publishing route? Anyway, she suddenly finds that she's inherited an old house near Colchester, in Essex, which was once owned by another author, who broke up Jane's parents' marriage, which led to her mother's suicide,so not surprisingly Jane isn't too keen on the inheritance at first. But she decides to see what the situation is, and heads out to Essex, where she moves into the house along with the resident gardener/housekeeper, Bridget, and tries to get the house in working order again. Two other women also come to live there, the elderly author's nurse, and her ailing grandmother. And then Jane gradually becomes aware of another resident - one who is 400 years old, was an actor and who was murdered during a private performance at the house. What follows is a mixture of historical mystery, and a lot of introspection as Jane comes to terms with her parents' break-up and deaths, and also the passing of her best friend. The book is a mixture of humour - some of the ghost's lines are very droll - and a look at grief, which did get a bit depressing after a while and over all I don't think the balance quite worked. However it's beautifully written, and the search for Horace's murderer kept my interest, as did Horace himself, who sort of adopts the current chatelaine of the house as his companion as he tries to find out who really killed him. The author is now writing a prequel. 7/10
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