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  1. Been trying to get Laura Purcell's new paperback, none of my local bookshops (all 2 of them, both branches of Waterstone's) nor the supermarkets or W H Smith has it in stock.
  2. Think they eat pretty much anything vegetation wise!
  3. Are they muntjacs? I don't get them here, but friends who live in slightly more rural areas have lost lots of plants to them, one says they eat her alliums! Could do with them to cut the grass though.
  4. I've got the next book to read, Silver, have you read that?
  5. I have some of her other books on tbr piles, including The Fair Botanists, her previous book I think.
  6. There was a recent TV adaptation of another of his books, Scrublands, which was pretty good.
  7. I've just done a walk in a local country park and saw a pair of Egyptian geese with about 10 little ones, so sweet, but a very early brood. Le'ts hope they all manage to survivešŸ¦† (sorry a duck was the closest emoji I could find to a goose!).
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