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    The joys of adult onset ADHD. I am interested in most anything..oh, look at that pretty leaf falling!

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  1. Well, that's interesting. I'm all woman. I had to go back and look at the profile. I've been here for over ten years and never knew that's what it was.
  2. Hey y'all! It's been a busy couple of weeks. I reactivated my real estate license and have been taking classes to update my skills in that AND for my mobile notary business (specializing in closings). My brain has been cursing me out. 🤣 This past week I've spent traveling to visit family who live on the West Coast but were near enough for me to drive out (they had a family reunion at Myrtle Beach, SC) for an impromptu visit. We also had a funeral to attend and then we had church (same location as the funeral but one was on Tuesday and the other yesterday). I feel tired but not in a bad way. I sometimes have periods of inactivity, and then BOOM! I'm all over the place! I'm thinking it's all go from now until the New Year. What have you been up to?
  3. With the world (people) being what they are, I've found myself being more inclined to interact from the comfort of my laptop. Unfortunately, people being what they are, I am finding that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren't the friendliest spaces to be in. So I'm trying to find that space where it just feels right. What I've found is that I miss blogs. Sadly, the blogs that I used to frequent are no longer active and I find myself revisiting old blogs, wondering where these people are, did they make it thru the pandemic, are they still passionate about the things that drew me to their blogs in the first place. I know we can't go back but I sure wish I could recapture those good vibes from great blogs!
  4. Thanks, it's still the same. I'm not ready for temps in the teens!😬 After enjoying unseasonably warm temps for the past three/four days, it is now FALL. It's in the low 60s today, grey and breezy with a slight chance for rain. I plan to stay put.
  5. So, here it is, almost the 1st of November and it's 86 degrees here in the southern parts of the US. TOMORROW, on the other hand, will be in the low 60s with a 40% chance of rain. It'll be the perfect day to cuddle up with a good book. My ankle is swollen so I won't be able to walk my boy on this gorgeous day so I'll sit on my patio or front porch to soak it all in.
  6. It's a gorgeous day, it's going to be in the 80s and sunny. Nothing planned as we've been out and about yesterday. I think I'll go thru my planner (app and physical) and update it. I also need to do my online Notary continuing education class and go thru my real estate notes as I plan to reactivate my license in the new year. So basically, whatever needs to be done admin wise, that's probably what I'll be doing.
  7. Yup, it's full steam ahead! I'm going to order my gifts this week and just be done. I'm having surgery on Dec 18 so I will not be doing anything that I don't HAVE to do.
  8. I belong to the Facebook group "A View From Your Window" and I love seeing snippets of where other folks live. I decided to start a thread on our forum. Please post a picture of someplace near where you live, a favorite spot you like to visit, a pub/restaurant, a park, and backyard/garden, wherever it means something to you. I'll start! This is a small lake at the back of our home, taken from our dock. I love watching the seasons change from here.
  9. I am enjoying it, wish I could sit, UNBOTHERED,, for longer than a few minutes to get lost in it. I love a good 600 page book!
  10. Anybody experiencing a cold spell yet? Has the cold set in yet? Our leaves are changing, FINALLY. It's getting cold at night and now I can pretend (at least in the evenings) that it's almost full-time sweater/boots weather! I'm concerned about this winter. Climate change has turned everything topsy-turvy and I feel it might be harsher here in the southern US.
  11. I am TIRED!! My grandchildren's homeschool coop went on a 3-mile nature hike today. I took 5 of the grands and my four-legged boy and we had a great time, but I am now achy and tired. I think the ache has to do with the promise of rain. I really REALLY feel the rain before it gets here. After dropping off three kids at their home, I brought two back home with me. We got back just in time for the cable guy to show up. In between dropping the kids off and getting home, I had to drop some items off at the post office. I'm so glad I did this today because I'm tired and plan to be home tomorrow.
  12. The girl's hair is done. I dropped two girls off at home and brought the youngest (6yo) home with me. We did do the park and walked my boy. I have a slight headache so I'll wait for the Tylenol to kick in then cook dinner.
  13. The original install took almost a week for the oldest girl because she has a ton of hair and it was my first attempt. The retie is the tightening from the root. It takes a few hours and what I do is retwist what needs to be retwisted, and the tie (think making a cross, you go up and down, then east to west til it's tight). The girls can be fidgety but we manage to get thru it because this is easier than me having to do their hair daily. I can wash, condition, and styling.
  14. It's called micro-locs and if I paid someone to do them, it would cost roughly $1200 or more, times 4 heads. So I learned to do them myself although it will never look like this.
  15. This will actually be my first King book. I've always wanted to read his works but never got around, so I'm trying it now. So far so good.
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