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  1. approve of children born out of wedlock, of course. But there's nothing to stop an immediate marriage, I trust, now that you're united in both business and passion. I'd like to think there were little Flowers to carry on the family name after I'm gone and inherit my not inconsiderable fortune.' 'Ohhh Daddy, you'll be around for years yet! There's plenty of time for you to enjoy the pitty pitty patter of little biddy feet, and watch our little munchkins grow.' I'd be quite happy for him to pop his clogs immediately but that wasn't my biggest present concern. I hadn't actually told Rosie that I was married and ...
  2. ascertain the level of particulate matter, a large alarming looking monitor was wheeled in. Ms Grimbutt donned a pair of airmuffs, plugged in the machine and a loud high pitched humming ensued. While she was thus engaged, Mr Dartboard whipped out his retractable measuring tape and started calculating square meterage per cat ratios. Rosie and I were mostly unaware of all this, and frankly didn't give a flying fudge monkey, we were too busy gazing adorably into each others eyes. However, after several hours( so much for a few minutes of our time!), Messrs Grimbutt and Dartboard had reached their conclusions. Our cat cafe was ...
  3. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer ~ Randy Brooks (someone had to post it 😂)
  4. 'Too right! You keep your grubby little hands off her. She's mine! And you can tell your mates the same. I'm like 'this' with her Daddy and one word from me and ...' I hadn't heard Rosie coming up behind me, she'd heard every word. 'Is it true, Johnny? Am I really truly yours?' She was looking at me with ...
  5. How interesting! Brenda Lee has done remarkably well. I'd never heard of Johnny Marks, but what a talented writer, some very well-known and popular songs there.
  6. multiple facial piercings and disgustingly muscle-bound. 'Hey, human pin cushion, who are you?' I asked. 'Who's askin'?' 'One of your employers, matey, so I'd smarten up me ideas if I was you.' 'Lil lady 'ired me, I answer t' 'er, nobody else, see!' 'We'll certainly SEE about that!' I stormed off to find Rosie. I was beginning to think Rosie was attracted to a certain type, someone diametrically opposed to herself and her sheltered upbringing. A bit of rough. Did I ...
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