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  1. 'm arresting you as well for interfering in a police investigation.' That made three of us in handcuffs. Just then a group of the parson's wayward youths, who'd been half-heartedly emptying litter trays and washing food dishes, burst in shouting, 'It's the rozzers! Get 'em!' and they let loose with sling shots and pea shooters. The two policemen retreated hastily and ...
  2. me what this disgusting old man did. Well I'll tell you, even though it causes me great embarrassment. He pinched my ... my... bottom. There's no other way of putting it.' She blushed bright pink. 'Well, in actual fact,' explained the Parson, 'you could have said your posterior, or your derriere, your hind cheeks or even your ...' 'Shut up! you blithering idiot!' I shouted. 'Can't you see you've arrested the wrong man?' 'Would you like to lay a complaint, Madam?' asked PC Mywords, totally ignoring me. 'I most certainly do! He kicked my Honey Puff too!' 'He kicked your WHERE???'
  3. the constable. 'Vest! Vest! I'll have you know this is a genuine tweed weskit! Vest, the very idea! Where do cops get educated these days? It's a public disgrace and I intend ...' 'We have received an anonymous call from this address,' interrupted PC Mywords, 'concerning an out of control male showing signs of mental derangement. Come quietly with us now, sir, for your own good. We will get you the help you so obviously require.' 'It wasn't me, you absolute tosser! It was ...' But before I could say anything else, Disorderly had grabbed me painfully by the arm, spun me round, handcuffed me and ...
  4. but then I thought better of it. I hid the newspaper and put a quick call in to the local constabulary. I was just hanging up the phone when Rosie came back with a tea tray. 'Who was that, dear?' she asked. 'Oh, just the ...
  5. Summertime and the Living Is Easy ~ Ella Fitzgerald
  6. The House Opposite by Barbara Noble. A Dean Street Press reprint set in London during the Blitz.
  7. hope you have it in your Heart of Hearts to show real Charitable Love towards the World's Unfortunates, where there but for the Grace of God, go you and I.' 'Nope. Now if that's all, I'm busy. Shove off.' I pushed him out the door and slammed it shut. 'Oh dear,' said Rosie, ' I better go and console the poor man. Perhaps a cup of tea?' 'No refills remember ... and don't forget me', I called after her, and putting my feet up on the desk ...
  8. and people need to purchase food to use our cafe. They can't just come in here for moggy pats.' 'I'm perfectly happy to help with the boys, I'm very good at giving guidance and directives. And as long as you don't ban me from my brew refills, hang the rest of them!' There was a knock on the office door and ...
  9. Near enough ... they have it as 'a piece of cake' 🍰
  10. over his nonsense. While I was away, I had plenty of time to think and I've come up with some ideas to improve our cafe, attract more clients and be more profitable. Firstly, I thought ...
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