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    Main hobbies are reading and writing. Also travelling - well when I get the time. Family - husband and two grown up children are great time consumers but I love them dearly. Lots of other things too.

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  1. I'll ask! From memory, I also found it a little difficult - but that can be the case with most sites, so I don't think you should worry too much.
  2. I've written out some post-it notes and I'm carrying them around with me and leaving them in strategic places! I need to write out more or maybe print some on cards as this will seem more professional perhaps. I have also recommended Book Forum to another UK writer (sorry, practically everyone I know is a writer!) and she has visited but is finding navigating the site a little difficult. I'm just about to email her with some screen shots which might help.
  3. I can help with this. Would you like to write out a few words and I'll put post-it notes with the web address in various, suitable places?
  4. One Dark Night: A romantic thriller mystery, dark and intriguing (The Dark Moon Trilogy Book 1) eBook : Faversham, Anna: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store The link above describes One Dark Night well. This romantic thriller mystery is set on the English coast in 1821 with smugglers and Revenue men battling for supremacy and both in love with the same girl. It is 99p until 6th July. Reviewer's comment: "What a cracking good read." The second book in this trilogy is also 99p until 6th July Under a Dark Star: Heart-rending suspense (The Dark Moon Trilogy Book 2) eBook : Faversham, Anna: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store Reviewer's comment: "All the fervour of a Poldark-style-adventure" The third One Dark Soul: Heartbreaking Revenge (The Dark Moon Trilogy Book 3) eBook : Faversham, Anna: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store is £1.99 Amazon reviewer's comment: "Excellent historical fiction." So for less than £4 you can be the owner of a trilogy of historical ebooks - details of awards are on Amazon Paperbacks are available at £8.95 each.
  5. I'm an Indie author. I sell more in the US than I do in the UK. A few years ago I received notification that one of my books had become the 'Winner in Bards and Sages eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards - Best Historical Fiction 2018 ' A US award. This surprised me as I hadn't entered any of my books into any competitons at all. I had no idea who had put my book forward until someone emailed me and said he had entered my book because his mother liked it so much. He also asked me if I would sign and send the paperbacks of the whole series to his mother and he would pay for them. I was so delighted at his thoughtfulness that I sent them to him at cost price. What I am saying, in a round about fashion, is that Independent authors are more likely to respond because their sales are likely to be fewer and they are so much more grateful to their much needed readers. Most independent authors will be getting writing related emails - as many as a hundred a day but a faithful, delighted reader is like discovering a diamond.
  6. As I mostly read on my Kindle these days, I ensure I have it with me whenever I am likely to have to wait around for something (dentist waiting room looming soon, for instance). Great idea reading in the bath and I used to do that but I'd worry about dropping my Kindle now. However, perhaps you could start with small steps, i.e. read in designated short periods and over the coming months make the times you have set aside a little longer each week until you can allow yourself at least an hour. Having some sort of drink alongside helps, I find. Life these days has so many interruptions that I make sure my phone is out of earshot. Finding a quiet place helps too.
  7. I'll be interested to see what people say.
  8. Welcome, Lana, and happy new year to you. I hope you will find many books that you absolutely love!
  9. I was excited to think there was a book programme at last but gave up on it fairly soon.
  10. I unexpectedly enjoyed a book called 'The Perfect Sister' by Gail Meath.
  11. Interesting thread with responses hitting various nails on the head. I hope we all have more chance to read during the Christmas holidays.
  12. Yes, Francis, being a writer is definitely hard work! Let us hope that we have readers who enjoy, or find our books useful.
  13. Useful idea and some of us might find this useful too.
  14. I remember saying "How dare he?" Of course, life back then was very harsh and whatever our troubles and hardships in these days, it surely is an easier life than back then.
  15. Tess of the d'Urbervilles - ah yes. I not only found tears running down my face but I also threw the book across the floor. I have never done this before or since. Some Thomas Hardy books really hurt!
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