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  1. Happy Birthday Angel. Have a lovely day. X

  2. That's exactly why I love rereading my books. I never thought that I would take to an ereader but I have had one for 2 months now and I love it - wouldn't be without it. However it will never replace my books
  3. I've been watching and I think they have changed their format slightly As for what those 2 chefs did withthose sea urchins last night.............
  4. I've just reread A Tale of Two Cities and I had forgotten just how descriptive those French executions were. Was totally riveted
  5. I'm rereading Mansfield Park I have read most of Jane's books many times, especially P & P which is an all-time favourite. This time though I'm reading it on my ereader
  6. Where has the time gone? It doesn't seem that length of time since I last updated.!! Desperate Remedies was an excellent read - not one of Hardy's main novels but enjoyable none the less Now reading Barbara Kyle - The Queen's Lady Honor is but a young child when she witnesses the slaying of her father by the torturous priest, Father Bastwick, of whom there is more to be seen throughout the book. Left almost for orphan, albeit with lands inherited from her father, Honor is placed in a certain Sir Guy Tyrell's home to be raised and then subsequently married to his heir. Inebriated most of the time and vulgar to boot- there was no way that the young louse could subdue the feisty Miss Larke into marrying him. Forced into a public marital rape that ended with the killing of her almost-husband (you'll have to read the story), Honor and her best friend Ralph escape for their life. Honor's savior is the famous Thomas More...As his ward, Honor is raised and educated in all that is discourse and theology. She is then sent off to court to become King Henry VIII's Queen Catherine of Aragon's lady-in-waiting. In awe of her master, Sir Thomas More, and her diligent duty to the rightful Queen, Honor seems to have found her mission- Except, not quite...All could be fine and dandy, but alas it is the time of the King's Great Matter and the entwining pursuit of heretics (mostly Lutheran) and this is where the story really begins. Honor is now on a mission that is most contrary to all that she has been educated in. She witnesses the cruelty that the Church imposes on those of a different faith and declares herself a righteous pursuer for the cause to save the heretics. In the meantime her awe for More turns into pure hatred... Jane Austen - Mansfield Park (eread)
  7. Bring Up the Bodies is an excellent read and I would thoroughly recommend it! I couldn't put it down - enjoy!
  8. The Rats was also my first James Herbert read when it was first published and now I still love his books. If you liked the Rats try The Fog, The Survivor (fantastic!) and also The Secret of Crickley Hall, which is due to be screened on BBC this month
  9. Hi Andrea - I quite enjoyed it but I wouldn't say that it was my favourite read - I don't think it is one I would reread. Just had a week away in Yorkshire and did plenty of reading:- Peter Ellis - The Pilgrim of Hate (A brother Cadfael mystery) PD James - The Skull Beneath the Skin Elizabeth Gaskell - North and South (e read) Now reading Jean Plaidy - The Kings Secret Matter Thomas Hardy - Desperate Remedies (eread)
  10. Now reading Susannah Gregory - The Body in the Thames eread - Charles Dickens - A Tale of Two Cities
  11. Elizabeth I was a great read and the author made a very good attempt at getting into Elizabeth's head - very difficult as she left no memoirs, written thoughts or anything that revealed anything about herself A Tiny Bit Marvellous was a good read - nothing too deep so a light read Now reading Jean Plaidy - In the Shadow of the Pomegranate On my new ereader Henry James - Turn of the Screw
  12. Hawke's Tor was a great read and is the first book that Ie read by EV Thompson - so I shall look out for that author again Now a very light read
  13. Flash and Bones was a great read - Now reading Elizabeth I by Margaret Gearge (she wrote the Autobiography of Henry VIII) 1588. In the height of her power is the legendary Elizabeth Tudor, history's most enigmatic queen. She is the virgin with many suitors; the victor of the Armada who hated war; the jewel-bedecked woman always pinching pennies. Elizabeth's flame-haired cousin, Lettice Knollys, is her bitter rival. In love with Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and mother to the Earl of Essex, the mercurial nobleman who challenged Elizabeth's throne, Lettice has been intertwined with Elizabeth since childhood. This is a story of two women of fierce intellect and desire: one trying to protect her country and throne; the other trying to regain power and position for her family. Their rivalry soon involves everyone close to Elizabeth – from the famed courtiers who enriched the crown to the legendary poets and playwrights. And, for Elizabeth, to be married to her people meant she must rule as much with her heart as with her head . . . Also as this is a thick paperback I cannot keep the pages open and read whilst I knit, so whilst I am knitting I am reading Hawkes Tor by E V Thompson (in hardback) The brutal murder of a promiscuous young wife and the disappearance of her baby son bring Superintendent Amos Hawke and Sergeant Tom Churchyard to a tiny moorland village in nineteenth-century Cornwall, where the residents harbour dark secrets. The two policemen believe the murderer will be found within the isolated and insular community, but unravelling the tangled web of lies and deceit proves frustrating. Is the answer to the mystery held by the young gypsy girl whose appearance on the scene has disturbing ramifications for Tom Churchyard? Show More Show Less
  14. The KingMakers Daughter was an excellent read - it is the 4th book of the Cousins War (the War of the Roses) Highly recommend this one Now reading Kathy Reichs - Flash and Bones
  15. Acceptable Loss was a great read, it was the follow up to Execution Dock. Both books touched on the very diffificult subject of child pornography which took place during the Victorian Era in London. Now reading Philippa Gregory's new book The Kingmaker's Daughter 'I have lost my father in battle, my sister to Elizabeth Woodville's spy, my brother-in-law to Elizabeth Woodville's executioner, my nephew to her poisoner, and now my son to her curse...' The gripping and ultimately tragic story of Anne Neville and her sister Isabel, the daughters of the Earl of Warwick, the most powerful magnate in England through the Cousins' Wars. In the absence of a son and heir, he ruthlessly uses the two girls as pawns but they, in their own right, are thoughtful and powerful actors. Against the backdrop of the court of Edward IV and his beautiful queen, Elizabeth Woodville, Anne turns from a delightful child growing up in intimacy and friendship with the family of Richard Duke of York to become ever more fearful and desperate as her father's enemies turn against her, the net closes in and there is, in the end, simply nowhere she can turn, no one she can trust with her life. Show More Show Less
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