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  1. Hey Ned!

    Don't think we've crossed paths before on the forum, but I noticed your Sig and the Mark Lamarr quote is so good! He's brilliant!


  2. Haha, Consider it read and posted the day before yesterday! Hows that for punctuality?


    But yeah, I spend a lot of time late at night doing nothing so that would be an ideal gap filler that I will enjoy!

    Bung them my way and I will give you some comments etc.

    Would you like a sort of Word document with just some general feelings and that jotted down?




  3. Hello!

    How is the novel coming on.

    If you fancy sending me all you have so I can have a read through (as I have been very crappy and not done as I promised) then send it to

    (danieloakshott at gmail.com)

    and I will give you some thoughts.

    I have started writing a novel of sorts. It's my first attempt ever so I don't expect it to be any good but on the plus side, I have read back through a few times, over the course of about a week and don't hate it yet!

    I know what style I want to write it in and stuff so yeah! I am enjoying it so far.

    Hope you are well!


  4. Hello, I still have it, but it's at my parents house who I don't see that often as I now live in London. So I have let her know I am going to just buy a new one and post it to her as I can't promise a date that I am going back home. x

  5. Ahh, thats really cool! All of your art is well cool :)


    Yeah, I have been moving house, just moved to London, so I have been off the internet for absolutely ages! It's well nice to be back though :)

    Things in general are pretty good thanks. Just loads of working and University. Along with reading, gaming and socializing of course!




  6. Hello!

    How have you been?

    I barely recognised you with a new name!


    Hope all is well.


  7. Im just about to shoot off but before I do, I recommend applying for a job at Debenhams restaurant in Westfield if you want something for a bit of money, they definitely want people there. No good if your looking for something career-wise though! :)


    I may try and get down to the 'HitchCon' if I can but can't promise anything. Theres far too much going on in London I want to try and get myself down to!


    Enjoy your evening and I'm sure we will speak soon :)


  8. Ah, I'd love to have a read of your novel whenever I get a chance!

    The move went much better than I could have hoped, despite the letting agents being... well, stereotypical letting agents I guess!

    Uni is going really well and I am enjoying the course so far!


    Catch up at some point would be great and the flat we managed to get is in shepherds bush so I am really close to the center of London!


    And I understand how hell job hunting is, I have a job I despise and am at the point where I feel really down when I know I have to go in so I am probably going to leave this side of the weekend. I spent all day yesterday forcing CV's on people and basically begging for jobs. Hopefully some good will come of it!




  9. Hello!

    How have you been? I haven't used the forum in absolutely ages as I've just moved up to London and haven't had the internet.

    Hope your well.


  10. yes i do, has it been requested? sorry ive not replied sooner. i havent been on the forums recently, just moved up to london and only just got internet! :)

  11. Haha! I'm sure I wont need to do that but yeah! Where abouts in London are you?

    I am going to TVU in Ealing and yesterday I made an offer on a lovely flat in Ealing :D


    It's going to get me in serious debt but meh.



  12. Haha, I do believe your actions are forgivable.


    I understand! I went up to London today to find a flat for me and my girlfriend to move into this time next month! Made on offer on one too :D

    But yeah, things are good here.

    What about yourself? How's life treating you?



  13. Hello!

    Hows it going?

    Been a while!


  14. Thanks! So do you. :) Yeah, even though I'm 19 and they are for a young audience, I actually can't wait! I bought the first 3 in one go by chance because I was in my local second hand bookstore and I couldn't find anything I really wanted. I liked the look of them, ie: the covers are pretty cool, and they were only 4 quid for the 3 so I bought them and was hooked as soon as I started reading! The boggart in the Spooks house is great!

  15. haha, yeah. I have my TBR list but whenever I am near a book store of WHSmiths etc I always go in and end up seeing something else that I want to read. My actual want to read list is enormous!

    I dunno if you did it but there is a thing on here which is a list of 100 books the bbc say most people have only read 6 of. I have only read 10 of them which im ashamed at so I intend to read loads of them aswell!.

    Far too many!

  16. Ill let you know what I think and we can have a big fat discussion about them!

    It wont be for a while as I am slogging my way through the Potters atm. Doing pretty well with them so far though!

  17. Haha, I'll probably check it out at some point but I wont force myself to read it.

    I'm looking forward to reading LOTR. The Hobbit is just going to be like a quick read before to warm me up for Middle Earth! :D

  18. I have only half read the Hobbit and book one of 6 LOTR books. I loved book 1 but ended up reading something else for college. What is the silmarillion about? the blurb of CoH sounds amazing.

  19. As a LOTR fan, have you read Children of Hurin? I plan to tackle that at some point this year once I have read LOTR and Hobbit. If you have read it can I have an opinion from a like-minded reader?! :D

  20. Hello and welcome to the forums :) Im Dan btw

  21. Just saw your top 10 list and I love HP series and Warstone Chronicles series! I think I will take some of your list as a recomendations. Dragon Keeper series, Vampire Academy and Vampirates all sound like books I will enjoy!



  22. Haha, I have one myself so I understand! :)

  23. When you said 'buttonmashing will begin on Aurora', I thought Aurora was the title of a book you are writing. It all makes sense now. Took me long enough! :D

  24. Out of interest, what genre is Aurora? I'm intrigued. If its all a secret, just say nothing :D

  25. Well, I've read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and loved it, Life of Pi I started and really enjoyed but then ended up forgetting about it under a heap of coursework, Enduring Love was average but a good-ish read when I finally did it, and I absoloutly loved reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac. Thats just a few of the 'non-fantasy' books I've read but I am hoping being on this forum is going to broaden my reading-horizon as its something I love doing.