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  1. Hayley, there's also Young Montalbano and Montalbano available on BBC iplayer. 🎂😊
  2. The Limerick Game

    He passed by a hovel...
  3. Montalbano' first case and other stories by Andrea Camilleri. Humorously clever detective tales from Sicily. Recommend it.
  4. The last one to post here wins

    I ate a square in a square. downtown last year. Afterwards I felt like a square. 👀🙄🤣
  5. A man in a crowded pub, alone. He wants the toilet so bad. He wants his beer to still be there on return from voiding his bladder. Reaching for his inside pocket and withdrawing a pen, he writes on a fag packet, 'I spat in this drink.' Returning, relieved, it said on the fag box, "So did I.. I walked away with 2 of your fags too. '😅😊🤣
  6. The Limerick Game

    His fave Dickens character, Boz.....
  7. The Limerick Game

    Fe fi fo fum.......
  8. The Limerick Game

    Someone shouted,,,' oh what a galoot.'
  9. The Limerick Game

    That when he went out....
  10. The Limerick Game

    I dribble sauce down my vest Now I'll have a plateful...
  11. The Limerick Game

    When he woke the next morning....
  12. The Limerick Game

    Albert Einstein went to bed......
  13. The Limerick Game

    You could compensate by deciding to score.
  14. The Limerick Game

    You could compensate by deciding to score.
  15. The Limerick Game

    If you went to a party...