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Masterchef TV programme


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It was very exciting. For the last 3 days I felt it was between Hannah and Steven. It was a shame that Hannah lost her nerve earlier this week. Steve is very talented and should go far.


I wish I was as good as them - although I will tackle most things if I've got the time and money


I love this show

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have no idea why, but i had steven penned as the winner from about midway through last week (when david was still in it)


much as they made heavy work of the issues each of them had, steven appeared to make the least mistakes and then the bette triumphs.


he and hannah were both lovely, warm, generous people


ben seemed like a spoilt brat all the way through to me


oh yes, weren't the paris kitchens very different to the noise and aggression in the british ones? the ladychef was lovely

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This was a great show. :friends0:

I thought Steven was a worthy winner.

Hannah was really good, what great desserts she made. She took losing well, praising Steven even though she must have been disappointed.

Ben was a strange one, no doubt a good cook but somehow he did come across as a must win or else sort of person.

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