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  1. I read this book some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed and was very moved by it. I saw the film at the weekend which was excellent, well-acted by the main actor and good use of flash-backs, although personally I would have preferred more of them to show what sort of a man he was.
  2. Yes, we have a very sharp knife Icecream, essential, or you lose the will to live, or a small chunk of finger if your attention strays for a moment!
  3. Have made a new soup (not snew - couldn't seem to edit the title) which is wonderful. Chopped-up butternut squash, onion, garlic and 1/2 tspn curry powder. Add one tin coconut milk, some water and simmer til soft. Whizz. Heavenly, but looks horrible and grey whilst cooking!
  4. Does anyone have Sam Stern's new book, Get Cooking, I think? IS it any good? I liked his first and use it a lot with my children, but not so keen on the second one.
  5. I have just finished Bad Luck and Trouble and thought it was great, very enjoyable
  6. Haggis (vegetarian), tatties, peas and a lovely mushroom sauce (don't like neeps), to celebrate Burns Night a day late; we're sassenachs though, but like the nosh!!
  7. I'm reading The Visitor just now, One Shot is also good, I read Die Trying first which was very good.
  8. This book is about the relationship between a female scientist and her father during the last year of his life after he became ill. The book is intermingled with descriptions of his illnesses, the love Ruth had for her Dad and their close relationship, and description using her scientific knowledge of his illnesses and comparing them to events/feelings in our everyday lives. Some bits are a bit too scientific and I skip over them, but it is a well-written book using clear examples. I have heard her speak about the book which is why I'm reading it; she has good insight into what makes us who we are and what influences our thinking and being.
  9. Just watched the final, how exciting was that?! Ben was so upset. Steven is certainly very skilled and adventurous.
  10. I read in The Guardian yesterday a review of the new Katie Morag book, Katie Morag and the Dancing Class, it's about her going, or not going, to ballet lessons! I love Mairi Hedderwick's paintings too. My girls are a bit old for these stories now, but I do have 2 nieces of a suitable age!!
  11. He's quite relaxed in his style, easily goes off at a tangent, but has lots to say! When he's 'thinking', he uses a different voice, sort of quieter, so know when I read his column, I can imagine him reading it! He is quite nutty! There is a podcast of his reading, and others, but haven't looked at it myself yet. http://www.theherald.co.uk/ayewrite/
  12. I went to hear Jon Ronson read from some of his books as part of the 'Aye Write' book festival in Glasgow last week. My partner and teenage daughter also love his column in Saturday's Guardian. Our daughter bought his latest, Out of the Ordinary, and got it signed by him at the end. She enjoyed her chat with him and his son! The 3 of us, and the rest of the audience, thoroughly enjoyed his readings and the chat...! Did anyone else go?
  13. Have just started this, excellent so far!
  14. I just love parnsip soup! Just fry some onions and garli first and add cut up parnips (until soft), stock and season, then blend.... yummy.
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