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Favourite books from childhood?

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As a child I devoured most Enid Blytons : Secret Seven, Famous 5, 5 Find-outers, Malory towers, St Clare's, The Faraway tree, The Wishing chair, Brer Rabbit, The Naughtiest Girl, The Adventure series, Mr Twiddle. I just looked up the wiki page to remind myself of some of the series she wrote and was wuite dismayed to read of all the "modern" revisions that have been made to later texts. It's literally like trying to rewrite history. :angry: It's no like anyone is changing Dickens or Austen or Nesbit to suit a modern world.


It does appear like it wasn't a success though, so hopefully, if my kids want to read the jolly japes of the kids in the Blyton books when they get older, they can read the same text as I did when I was young. I wonder if mum kept any of my old books. :unsure:


From Blyton, it was Dahl, Narnia, Dianna Wynne Jones and then I got heavily into anthropomorphic books such as The Animals of Farthing Wood, Redwall and Deptford Mice. I remember the Deptford Mice books being the first books I really cried at, cos of the death of little mousies. :wibbly:


From there it was Pratchett - Nomes trilogy, Hobbit/LoTR and many many many Agatha Christies.


As an adult, the only children's books I've read since are the Harry Potters and His Dark Materials, but I'm looking forward to revisiting some old classics and finding some new ones (such as David Walliams) as James & Ellie get older. :) 

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I loved St Clare's as well, and some of the Adventure series, don't think I read all of them.  Read a bit of Dahl, bit of Laura Ingalls Wilder, I also liked the Mary Plain books (another story about a little bear, this time from Switzerland), the first What Katy Did, the Follyfoot books (although I wasn't a horsey person!), Mary Poppins, Alan Garner (mainly because Elidor was serialised on TV).


As an adult I've read mainly Potter and the Dark Materials, and some YA stuff eg Mortal Instruments. 

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