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Favourite books from childhood?

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Oh it's brilliant Giulia. I love any book with a dab of physics, no matter how makey-uppy it is. Plus, mine had a cover with this awesome centaur with wings for arms on it.
The edition I saw was the selfsame one with the awesome centaur on it, and the very reason I was unsure was that I was having a hard time locating the sequels in similar-looking/sized editions!


That said, I do enjoy makey-uppy physics (it makes my head spin in a good way) so I might just have to get it anyhow... :)!

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My favourite children books? Well, of course there is Enid Blyton and her Malory Towers. Then I really loved Astrid Lindgren and here books about the children of Noisy Village.

One of my favourite children authors isn't known in England I think. It's Annik Saxegaard (also known as Berte Bratt), a norwegian author who wrote a lot of books for teen girls.

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My favourite books when I was young are:


The Redwall books by Brian Jacques. This is a sad story, actually. As I grew older, I felt that the stories were getting sillier and sillier... but I recently flicked through the first one, and think it was more a case of me getting less and less silly as I hit my teens!


I am unashamedly a "big kid" and still read children's books. I really appreciate a well-written imaginative one - the only comparable adult genre in terms of inventiveness is prob'ly good horror - so part of the acid test for me is whether I can still re-read them as an adult and enjoy the characters and writing. Redwall was just what I needed when I was ten, but sadly didn't pass the test of time.


The Little Vampire books. I still have very tatty copies of the first one and The Little Vampire in Love knocking around, and I can still enjoy reading them in the bath from time to time. The nostalgia is great and I still find the books very atmospheric. I'd love to buy the series but think they're out of print :)


Green Smoke by Rosemary Manning. Fantastically imaginative with memorable characters. This one recently came back in print.

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I read very few English books as a child. Except for the Goosebumps series, all the books I read were in Afrikaans (my mother tongue). I loved reading detective stories, though. My favourites were similar to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series. :)

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Another favourite of mine was The Caribbean Jewels Mystery by Joyce Stengel - about a 14 year old girl on a cruise who meets a boy and gets caught up with him in the search for a missing silver statue surrounded by legends and superstitions.

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What books do you remember reading as a child?


My faves were:

Enid Blyton: The Enchanted Wood, The magic faraway tree and The folk of the faraway tree

Michael Morpurgo- Kensuke's Kingdom

All of Roald Dahl's books

All of Jacqueline Wilson's books, e.g. The Lottie project, Bed and breakfast star, Suitcase kid, Double act.


There the only ones that really stick out in my mind..will add if I come up with anymore.

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