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  1. My sister bought me the first, and it is beautiful. Chamber is my favourite (along with half-blood prince) so I may splash out on that one myself, the others I think will be more wishlist than to buy
  2. 2009. I had a broken leg so the internet was my only real link to the outside world. Searched for a book forum and here it was. Strangely never actually talked that much about books! Not around so much now, but occasionally popping my head in.
  3. Apparently I haven't posted a photo yet...This is me and the boyfriend at his brother's wedding. It's a bit old but he never lets me take pictures of him and I really like it. My hair has changed a bit now, I'm growing it out and have gone back to my natural brown.
  4. I passed my driving test! Thanks for the good wishes everyone Back at work today, my body did not like the lack of lie in.
  5. Hitchcock. Funnier than I expected. I would recommend it.
  6. Finished The Rosie Project. It's the first book I've read in a while which really hasn't been putdownable. Thinking of reading Jodi Picoult's The Storyteller next.
  7. Started The Rosie Project last night. Really enjoying it and racing through.
  8. I am writing one. It's about a child who has the power to make things happen by acting them out with toys- although he doesn't know he has this power. Some people find out about his power and try to manipulate it for their own means. My main problem with it though is I'm not sure how to finish it.
  9. Sounds like a good place. When I had my gap year I was living with a woman with learning disabilities, helping her to live independently. Unfortunately it go cut short when I broke my leg (just before I joined here, actually), but I enjoyed it while it lasted. I've got a few days off work. Really need the break. Today I spent most of my time tidying, but I still want to sort out my bookshelves. Want to do some baking tomorrow, probably flapjack. Wednesday I have my driving test- I WILL pass this time!
  10. Finished Game of Thrones, was so into it by the end that I am tempted to start the next, but also want to read a few others on my TBR pile so am thinking of starting The Rosie Project. Whoops! Life After Life was my favourite read last year so I hope it gets easier for you.
  11. I can wait, I was thinking of reading The Rosie Project next anyway.
  12. I still have Rebecca to go, if you're interested? I've read The House of Sand and Fog, Little Women and Emma now, and gave up on Kavalier and Clay. Oh and I have The Wizard of Oz on my TBR pile too now
  13. Almost went to see that yesterday but decided I fancied something lighter so saw The Grand Budapest Hotel instead. It took a while to get used to the style but was very funny.
  14. Bought another kindle book The Library of Unrequited Love. And started reading Benediction on my kindle
  15. Am reading A Game Of Thrones in paperback. Enjoying it, and puzzling over various characters. Have been buying a lot for my kindle as I got a voucher for my birthday, but not sure what to read on there next.
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