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  1. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

    Something I’ve been thinking about from the first three chapters: why do you think the ring doesn’t want to go to Gandalf? Gandalf himself obviously thinks he’d be vulnerable to the ring, since he doesn’t want to touch it, and if the ring did go to Gandalf it would have a far more powerful host - so why does it want to stay with Frodo instead?
  2. Seasonal Poems

    The days are short, The sun a spark, Hung thin between The dark and dark. Fat snowy footsteps Track the floor. Milk bottles burst Outside the door. The river is A frozen place Held still beneath The trees of lace. The sky is low. The wind is gray. The radiator Purrs all day. January by John Updike
  3. A Book Blog 2022 by Books do Furnish a Room

    I have this on my shelf and am now hoping that I don’t find the ending to be too much of a let down! Your review makes me think that it has a stronger link to actual historical events than I expected though, which is nice.
  4. Alias Grace

    I'm so glad you loved it too!
  5. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

    I assumed you were suggesting we skip the prologue . I actually do like Concerning Hobbits but I didn't read it before the book and I definitely think it would have seemed odd if I had, so agree on this point! We haven't gotten to the right part yet, but I think the delay is kind of explained later? Do you think Merry and Pippin actually seem more like individuals in the book, where they blend together a bit in the films? I know what you mean with the pacing at the start but I actually love the first chapter! Tolkien's narrative voice feels so calm and reassuring. I also love the whole concept of the Shire and Hobbits (probably why I like the prologue too).
  6. Bookish New Year Resolutions

    That’a a good resolution And that’s exciting! I used to love Goosebumps!! Are they as good as you remember??
  7. Read-a-thons 2022

    Excellent . I did manage to get one more chapter in on Sunday evening, so I only have a few stories left in that book now!
  8. What are you eating just now?

    Okay, that's fair. I trust your biscuit judgement again . I had beef stew for dinner and it was delicious. I had a second bowl. Comforting and used up all the leftover vegetables.
  9. The Lord of the Rings

    I am but I’m waiting for my book to come! (I was going to borrow the series from my sister but decided I’d like to have one of my own). It should be here by tomorrow . It was a good decision
  10. First book of the year (although started in 2021): Library of Souls (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children 3) by Ransom Riggs (4.5/5) - I loved it As with the previous two books, this was wonderfully imaginative and addictively readable. The more sinister themes of the series come to the fore in this third novel. There are overt references to torture and it very clearly indicates a connection between the 'bad guys' of the series and the Nazis. As a result, the stakes feel much higher and moments of danger more tense. Now, on to why I didn't give this one a full five stars. I really did still love it, I could happily have sat reading it for hours, but I just didn't quite love it as much as the previous two. I realise this is purely personal preference, not a fault in the book, but I loved the exploration and fantastical discoveries of the first two. For much of this one we are only following two characters and I missed seeing all the uses of various 'peculiar' abilities in the same way that I missed discovering the secrets of new 'loops' (essentially alternate worlds). Those things aren't entirely absent, but they aren't used anywhere near as much. I did get the impression that this book, especially at the end, was setting up for a new part of the story. It ties some things up and loosens the rules about other things which would have restricted the characters. With the ending in mind, I have a feeling that the next book might return to the stronger theme of exploration and discovery, and I can't wait to read it! I'm now reading A Very Murderous Christmas and still dipping in to Silence in the Age of Noise by Erling Kagge
  11. Read-a-thons 2022

    Has anybody been participating in this one? I started out with big plans and on Thursday and chose a book I thought I might be able to finish (A Very Murderous Christmas - I know it's a bit late but I did want to read it this year and decided there's no harm extending the festive spirit!), but I had a lot of changes to my work schedule on Friday and Saturday (which meant I ended up starting extra early and finishing late) so it didn't quite work out! I did still manage to read 4 of the stories (which is nearly half of the book) so I'm pretty happy with that. I think I can probably get one more in before the end of the day too .
  12. What are you eating just now?

    . This should be in the debating section . Which ones?? I love milk chocolate digestive biscuits. Especially if you take two, place them together with the chocolate side facing in, then dip them in tea so you end up with a melted chocolate middle. Yum. Now I want biscuits...
  13. Storygraph

    Seconded. I don’t even bother reading the recommendations any more! I’ve never used Storygraph but I just had a look and it seems good in theory! Although this doesn’t give me high hopes for their algorithms…
  14. Pets - 2022

    Luckily she hasn't gotten hold of any money but my hairbrush has a few teeth marks in it now! Oh they are so lovely! Their stories are heart-breaking though. I will never understand how some humans can be so cruel . I'm glad they both got good loving homes in the end.
  15. Pets - 2022

    Was that Desi? I love dalmatians, they always seem so full of character (and the picture you posted of Desi in the other thread was especially full of character!). Luckily Lilly is not tall enough to reach the bread bin! I was not warned about that trait - she also puts her nose in all my pockets . They are so soft!!! Thank you she is still a puppy, nearly 14 weeks now! She is beautiful!! I would read whatever Sybil wanted Ah, that's a shame. Maybe further ahead in the future though! A cat or rabbit would be lovely additions to the family anyway (and there were, sadly, so many cats waiting for new homes when we were looking - I just wanted to adopt everything ). The story behind getting Lilly was a funny one actually (well, not exactly ha-ha funny) - we had been applying to various rescue centres for quite a while and then someone got in touch who was desperate to rehome a young beagle (due to change in family circumstances) and thought we would be perfect. We were so happy, he seemed like such a lovely dog and we went out to buy him all the things he would need after setting a date and time to collect him. Then, two days before we were meant to pick him up, his original owner changed their mind. They didn't want to let him go and said they would find a way to keep him... so that was a pretty awful feeling (although I am happy for them if they genuinely found a way around their problems). Then, by chance, the very next day my boyfriend saw a post from someone who wasn't a breeder, but had wanted their family dog (a beagle!) to have a single litter of puppies. Obviously they couldn't keep all of them, so they were looking for good homes for the rest. I liked the way they were checking on the homes the puppies were going to, like the rescue centres do, but I still felt a little bit suspicious since they weren't an organisation and we didn't know them personally. But, anyway, my boyfriend really wanted to give them a chance so I got in touch and talked to them a bit, went to their house and met their family dog (who was lovely) and, while we were there, Lilly kept running up to me and licking my hands... and my heart just melted at that point so we had to ask them if we could take her home . Me too! I don't know why we stopped doing them! (and I told Lilly you said hi ) This is a moment of pure, adorable joy (Dash seems like a very appropriate name too!) They're not rubbish! That level of relaxation is a bit of a contrast to the other picture though . (I imagine those ears are also very soft).