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  1. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Somebody bought an Alice in Wonderland one for me and that's really nice. I do think it's relaxing - it's so detailed that to colour it you really have to focus on the picture, which is quite distracting. It's probably also partly just that it's very aesthetically pleasing! That's a really interesting point. I wonder whether that's why so many of us also love notebooks and stationary!
  2. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    Currently reading The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley (and it is taking so much longer than I expected!)
  3. The Premonitions Bureau

    It's a shame that this wasn't as interesting as it sounds. The premise would have hooked me too! I have heard about the oddness of the Aberfan tragedy predictions before and I do feel as though it would be interesting to look at those from a psychological perspective. I also find the Scottish tradition of second sight really interesting, did they talk about that at all?
  4. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

    I don't! Here are mine for 10-2: - 'The Voice of Saruman' chapter is very satisfying, when Saruman gradually unravels - realising his lies aren't working any more when Theoden stands up to him and then finding that Gandalf is more powerful and can control him now - it's a real 'ha!' moment. (I wish we had a real Gandalf!) - I could do with a bit more explanation of why the colours are important to the council. I'm guessing that might be in The Silmarillion? I assume white is the most powerful role but why was Gandalf Grey to begin with? And what about the other wizards? - I feel really bad for Pippin with the Palantir. Gandalf says that there's something about it that draws you to look into it, so it wasn't entirely Pippin's fault! Although it does mean that Pippin gets to be a bit of an accidental hero, throwing Sauron off the scent of Frodo. - I also really like Pippin's curiosity in the Palantir chapter (maybe that makes me feel extra sorry for him too). It seems as though they were really quite sheltered in the Shire but he really wants to know about things and the way they work. Maybe another sign that, given the chance, Hobbits can be more than they seem. - I agree with Sam about the rope being magical - It's interesting that elvish things burn Gollum Agree totally with this. I do pity him and I do think he's mainly just a victim of the ring but, at the same time, there's something so deeply unpleasant about him sometimes! Thinking back to when he first found the ring - was he already a little bit evil at heart? The ring immediately makes him do something terrible but it hasn't worked that quickly on anybody else. Although even if that is the case it's still hard not to pity him and wonder what would have happened if Smeogol had different chances!
  5. Need Book Suggestions

    I second this recommendation but you should know that it has some magical realism elements. I'd add The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry (very beautifully written) and maybe The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Steadman. Although the latter is very sad!
  6. Promoting the site

    I had completely forgotten about this thread but you're right, there are some good ideas. Putting stickers or flyers into books to be donated would undoubtedly attract a few people to the site, but it would mean getting members access to those stickers and flyers - I'd have to work out the practicalities of that.
  7. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    That’s exciting . I did love having our own tomatoes last year but we aren’t growing them this year because we’re not sure if Lilly would try to eat them (and apparently tomatoes are poisonous to dogs!). We did get a little (chest height) greenhouse type thing for Christmas though, so we’re growing three different chillies (jalapeño, lemon drop and chocolate habanero), as well as salad leaves in there. I also got a loganberry for my birthday but I’m not sure if we’ll get fruit from it this year! I can’t wait for strawberries. I have some strawberry plants coming back up from last year, so hopefully we’ll have plenty again
  8. Book Sales!

    I thought we could use a thread which is similar to our kindle deals thread, but for physical books… Inspired by this pretty amazing sale (unfortunately UK only) from Orbit Books - all books on their website are 50% off (for Star Wars day!): https://store.orbit-books.co.uk/
  9. Hello from Ireland

    Hi, welcome to the forum! I’m a paper book person too. I have a kindle but I find it harder to ‘get into’ ebooks. I liked Pride and Prejudice as well (although I didn’t really expect to like it as much as I did!). I’ve never read The Call of the Wild though. Might need to add that to my list!
  10. How to Remember What You Read

    That is interesting. I like the Matt Haig quote and the idea of books as treasure maps . I think most of the actual ideas are fairly obvious ways of studying though - most of us probably did them for exams at some point!
  11. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

    I felt exactly the same way about this book. Such a long book but I wanted it to be twice the length! Have you seen her short story collection ‘The Ladies of Grace Adieu’? All based in the same world as Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and also excellent!
  12. Ask a Mod

    I guess the simple answer is yes, technically. It would really need to have a dedicated section though. We have talked about archiving posts before and organising by year is a good suggestion
  13. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

    This is me catching up because I forgot to come back to post on chapters 6-9! So... - Wormtongue is the creepiest character. He might not be the most evil, but he makes my skin crawl. - I really like Eowyn though, I think she's one of the most interesting characters. - The battle of Helm's Deep feels like the moment the good versus evil battle really expands into a world at war. I liked slight comic relief of the competition between Legolas and Gimli. - Tolkien shows his appreciation of trees again and I still love how epic the Ents are. - It's really nice that Legolas and Gimli promise to visit the places that mean a lot to each of them if they survive the war. Their friendship is a nice way of showing that deep-rooted prejudice against others is ultimately silly and meaningless. - You've got to love Merry and Pippin. The contrast between the previous few chapter's events and the two of them just relaxing with a pipe and plenty of food is funny and fitting. The fact that they immediately start playing host was also quite funny and very hobbit-like. - Their story also reinforces the 'trees/Ents are amazing' theory. - Flotsam and Jetsam is one of my favourite chapters because it feels like the tables are turning in favour of the heroes again and (nearly) everyone is back together. Definitely agree! And definitely think it's intentional, but becomes more important later... I guess if we see Lord of the Rings as following the medieval tradition of fantasy it does make sense for society to be structured that way. Although, does Hobbit society follow the same rules, do you think? There doesn't appear to be any Hobbit nobility or servants. That's a good point about merchants etc. though. They must have merchant routes, which is how the pipe-weed etc. got to Orthanc?
  14. What's for Dinner?

    These both sound absolutely delicious! I've never heard of jam on a hot cross bun though poppy! This is like the time Chrissy mentioned putting cheese on them, I'll have to try it now