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      As many of you know, we've been looking at changing hosts for a while now. This will allow us to access the tech support we need for the site and should speed up the forum as well as ironing out a few issues we've been having recently.    We are now signed up to the new hosting plan and can go ahead with the move as soon as the new hosts have everything they need (which is currently being sorted!). The forum should not be offline for more than a day during the switch and hopefully it won't even take that long. I don't have an exact time or day for the move yet but this is an early warning to expect some downtime soon.   When we are offline, no matter how briefly, you can follow the forum twitter page (@bookclubforum) for updates.  


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  1. Are you enjoying it so far? Wow that was good going! I’ve finished 3 books but two of them I’d started in 2020. I’m about to start reading Hollow City by Ransom Riggs.
  2. Review time! (yep I'm still on hold to godaddy if you saw my earlier post... just over an hour and a half now ) A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie 4/5 - I really liked it! A classic detective story with a very clever plotline that leaves you wondering whether anybody is really as they seem. I have read a couple of Agatha Christie stories before but this is the first 'Miss Marple' one I've read and, to be honest, I was surprised by how little Miss Marple was involved in it! She was important, of course, but she didn't feel like the main character. Although, maybe that wasn't helped by the fact that there are a lot of characters in this book. My brain definitely wasn't functioning at full concentration while I was reading it but I did have to go back a couple of times to check who was who, especially when it switched from using someone's first name to 'Mrs [...]'. I didn't give it 5 stars because I didn't think it quite had that 'wow' moment for me that other, similar, detective novels have, but it was very good, very clever and I definitely enjoyed reading it. I think I want to go for something completely different next. Probably Hollow City by Ransom Riggs (does anybody else go to type Random whenever they mean to type Ransom!?) because if it's similar to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children it will be gripping but easy to read.
  3. Oh! I see. I like the sound of that though actually!
  4. Oh you’ve read it too!? I couldn’t sleep last night so I finished A Murder is Announced. It was very good but I don’t think I agree with people who say it’s Agatha Christie’s best novel.
  5. On the plus side, it’s definitely here somewhere, since I haven’t been anywhere else! Oooh that’s interesting. So not really something you can just dip into because one story might continue from a much earlier one? Part of what I love about reading traditional folklore etc. from different countries is seeing the similarities and how stories were adapted for different cultures.
  6. The Last Film You Saw - 2021

    I don't watch a lot of films but my niece was over a couple of days ago (it sounds weird saying you had someone over now doesn't it? Her and her mom are my 'bubble', if anybody's wondering) and she wanted to watch the new Baywatch film (mainly, I think, because she loves Dwayne Johnson). I think it might be the weirdest film I've ever seen.
  7. Thanks everyone I've finished two books so far (during the first 2021 read-a-thon!): One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde 5/5- I loved it I always love these books. Jasper Fforde has the kind of absolute madness crossed with skill and intelligence that Terry Pratchett has. If you try to explain the plot of the books to anybody they sound ridiculous, but they are brilliant. This is the sixth book in the Thursday Next series and for the first time we're following a fictional character from the book world, instead of 'real' Thursday. This means we get to spend a lot more time getting to explore Book World and finding out how the fictional characters who live there work. I won't try to explain. I'd just recommend that everybody reads these. They are very much written for book lovers. The Other World, It Whispers by Stephanie Victoire 4/5 - I liked it I really wanted to love this, I love a bit of magical realism and the kind of folklore twist that this book suggested it had. I thought it had a lot of promise but, while I did genuinely enjoy some of the stories, there were others that I'm not sure should have been included. There were a couple of stories, quite close to the beginning of the book, that seemed as though they were the beginnings of longer stories, but they just ended. They really killed my motivation to keep reading the book, because they felt so unsatisfying. I would honestly be surprised if the author didn't intend them to be longer stories originally. There were also a couple of times where I felt that the story was a bit too overtly metaphorical / didactic. I could tell what the story was trying to do, but it made me not care about the characters at all, they just didn't feel like real people any more. Perhaps, again, they would have worked better as longer stories, with more time to build the characters. But I gave it four stars for a reason and that's because there were some genuinely good stories in it. Original, well-written, interesting. I can pick three off the top of my head that really stuck with me because they were great ideas. I don't think this was perfect but I'd definitely try this author's books again in the future. I'm now reading A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie. It's weird how old detective stories manage to be so relaxing, despite the murder. I also started as I mean to go on with the book-buying by using a National Book Token I got for Christmas to get Piranesi by Susanna Clarke, Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman (the only novel for adults that I haven't read by him, I think) and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I was actually motivated to finally buy The Alchemist by a different Christmas present, a 'scratch off' poster of '100 books to read'. I haven't worked out where to put it yet but I'll post a picture when I do. I've read about 25 of the books on there already but I'm thinking I might re-read them before scratching them off. The Alchemist is one of the first books on the poster that I haven't read yet so I decided it was time to get it!
  8. Yes! It’s completely understandable but it makes it such a difficult decision! Are you enjoying it so far? This is an excellent idea (and offer!) but um... is this the time I admit that my kindle hasn’t been charged for about... 8 months?
  9. I hope 2021 will be just as good for reading but far better in every other way. I really want to read this but I don’t know what edition to get!
  10. Raven's Reads

    Oh yeah, I thought they might have gone for something a bit different! I guess the penguin classics do have a fairly distinct look though, maybe it would be wrong to change them too dramatically.
  11. It was really good! There’s loads more to it than I covered in that short review too. As an extra bonus, it has a lovely cover
  12. Raven's Reads

    Oooooh I hadn’t seen this! Do we know what they’re going to look like yet? I love Great Expectations, Frankenstein and Dracula. If I was going to re-read one right now I think I’d pick Dracula. I hated Moby Dick though. Such a promising start and then you reach the chapters about whaling...
  13. Read-a-thons 2021

    Thank you! I hope you enjoy The Donor! I read two of the stories from The Other World yesterday and there’s two left so I think I can probably finish that today. I definitely feel like reading a novel rather than short stories next though. You know when you want something you can really get engrossed in? Thinking I might go for Ransom Riggs Hollow City.
  14. Problem with editor

    Yes, exactly as Raven and Athena said. The links will work if you paste them into the new thread, they just don’t look as neat as when they’re embedded. It’s a problem that developed when we bought the site back online from it’s backup. I’m still not really sure if it’s an issue in the code or just using an old version of the forum software, but either way Invision will be able to fix it for us. I’m just waiting for an email back about when we can go ahead with the move!