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  1. Read-a-thons 2021

    I’ve heard very good things about Inkheart and been tempted to get it for a while. I hope you’re enjoying it! . Just look after yourself and see how you feel on the day . I’m planning to alternate between the book I’m reading at the moment (The Fourteenth Tale), which I’d like to finish, and some short stories.
  2. I've loved the first two books and can't wait to buy the others. I don't know why but I sort of expected them all to be about the same length, I'm intrigued that the sixth is particularly long! I'm still reading The Fourteenth Letter by Claire Evans. I'm more than a quarter of the way through now and struggling to decide whether I actually like it. I like the concept but I'd really expect this type of mystery novel to be gripping me by now and it just isn't.
  3. These sound interesting, I might have to add it to my ‘to-read’ list. What a shame she was discouraged from writing! I’m a bit late to this but you’ve also reminded me, with your review of Troubled Blood, that I wanted to read more of the Cormoran Strike books. I really enjoyed The Silkworm.
  4. Raven's Reads

    I've only read The Naked Sun from the Robot series but I'm not sure how I'd define it. It was kind of science fiction / detective novel / social commentary. Probably isn't a particular word for that branch of science fiction . I'm pleased that I wasn't being completely ridiculous with my assumption about space opera / soap opera, but I'm still more pleased with the discovery of the term "horse opera". [I thought I posted the above comment ages ago but clearly didn't send it and it saved instead! What I actually came to say was:] It's a shame you didn't enjoy your last book that much. I'm having the same problem with my current book. Interesting idea but there are so many characters. It's kind of hard to care about any of them much when they have so little time to themselves. Did you decide what to read next?
  5. France's reading 2021

    Added to wish list! I need to hear more about the telepathic Irish wolfhound .
  6. Forum Fixes - An Update

    No it’s not done yet! We’re close though. I ended up going in circles for ages, essentially because our current hosts said they couldn’t give the new hosts a file they needed. So, after many very frustrating conversations, I reached out to a local company I’ve used before (not for the forum but for pc repairs) and they (to cut a very long story short) are going to help the new hosts get what they need. They did warn me that they’re very busy at the moment, so they’d have to fit it in between other things, but they’ve been working on our files behind the scenes for the last week now and, when I spoke to them a couple of days ago, said they are 90% done. I will post an update here, as well as on Twitter and patreon, when the actual server transfer happens.
  7. Frequenty Asked Questions

    I wish I could tell you it was! (We’re making good progress towards the move though, I spoke to the person who’s working on it earlier and he said we’re 90% there!)
  8. Pancake Day

    They remind me of holidays too
  9. 100 Books Bucket List

    Well at least I know that should be something to look forward to I agree, it would be great to have this list by someone who really knows/ cares about books! (I think it would be great to have genre specific ones too). I know you’re not negative, you’re one of the funniest people I know . And anyway it’s not like I wrote or bought this list / poster. The friend that sent it to me isn’t a reader but knows how much I love books, so it was very thoughtful of him and I will try to get the most out of it
  10. 100 Books Bucket List

    I do have both so I’ll take your advice. I’m still hoping I won’t totally hate The Time Machine though! Well the box just says ‘Gift Republic’ with a note that you can also get ‘100 films’ and ‘100 albums’, so I don’t think there was any particularly deep thought about which books made the list. It’s more of a novelty thing. I think it’s pretty likely that they just looked at existing ‘top 100’ book lists and merged them together. Exactly this
  11. Hello from a newbie

    Oooh good mix! I'm a big Neil Gaiman fan too I'm reading The Fourteenth Letter by Claire Evans (but finding it quite difficult to get into!)
  12. Pancake Day

    Not a big fan of omelettes either actually (had a bad experience with one ). I think I’d like savoury pancakes more because they’re a different texture. Yes! They were called jubilee pancakes and I loved them! I’d never actually thought about recreating them, I’ll have to give it a go.
  13. 100 Books Bucket List

    I looked up Noughts and Crosses (I do recognise the plot now) and it has actually been on a couple of other ‘top 100’ lists (‘most inspirational’ by the BBC and ‘best books of the 21st century’ by the Guardian). The author was children’s laureate and was awarded an OBE for services to children’s literature. There are a couple of other children’s books on the list so I can see why they included this one. I wonder whether they actually used various ‘top 100’ lists to make this one, which is why it seems oddly disjointed.
  14. 100 Books Bucket List

    There are a few non fiction books on there, ‘A Brief History of Time’, ‘Notes from a Small Island’, ‘The Selfish Gene’, ‘The Complete Art of War’ and ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ (there might be more, there are some books on there I’ve never heard of). I really don’t know how they compiled the list though, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of of theme. (I like your new profile picture by the way!) I feel like I should also point out that I don’t think these lists matter in any way. The only books you ‘should’ read are the books you want to read, because everyone has different tastes and interests. My friend just thought this would be fun for me and that’s what I’ll be treating it as. There’s a very good chance I’ll never complete all of these these books, even if I manage to try them all.
  15. 100 Books Bucket List

    I loved those books! The Amber Spyglass was the first book I ever cried at (although I think I was about 13 at the time...). Oh dear... two of the books I was most looking forward to! The size of the Game of Thrones series too! I actually liked 1984 but I haven’t read Animal Farm. I agree that’s a strange one to include! I’m glad you liked all the ones you read, apart from The Time Machine! I have heard of it but I don’t know a lot about it. I think it was made into a film or tv series recently? Why don’t you think it should be on the list?