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  1. Literary Crushes

    Mr. Knightley in Emma
  2. Finished Ben Aaronovitch’s The October Man (Rivers of London #7.5) Not long now for Aaronovitch’s new book Among Our Weapons . Eleven days to go. Now starting Rhododendron Pie by Margery Sharp, the first of her novels. Seems good so far, as it’s very similar style to Elizabeth Jane Howard’s The Cazalet Chronicles.
  3. 71% read of Ben Aaronovitch’s The October Man (Rivers of London #7.5) and hopefully finish soon. Finished The Sad Ghost Club: Volume 1 by Lize Meddings, which I really enjoyed. In the doldrums with Hope for the Best (The Chronicles of St Mary's #10) by Jodi Taylor in Audible. Just can’t seem to get into this book atm
  4. What's the weather like?

    Glorious sunny weather in Shropshire today, though the easterly breeze was chilly in the morning. 18°C in the afternoon was lovely.
  5. Noddy was my first Enid Blyton books, but it was the St Clare’s series that I devoured!
  6. What are you listening to?

    Slip Slidin' Away - Paul Simon
  7. The Mingham Air by Elizabeth Fair Goodreads blurb Hester Clifford has come to Mingham to recover from pneumonia, at the invitation of her godmother, Cecily Hutton, an eccentric painter with a predilection for ruins. Hester determines to bring order to the Huttons’ easygoing lives, not to mention those of the villagers—including elderly Mrs. Hyde-Ridley, attempting to enforce her Edwardian standards of behaviour, Mrs. Merlin, the Rector’s wife, equally determined to share the joys of country dance with an unenthusiastic parish, and Thomas Seamark, a classic example of the wealthy, brooding widower. Amidst conflict, manipulation, matchmaking, and general hilarity, Hester clearly has her work cut out for her. I loved this novel, the last of Elizabeth Fair’s 6 novels, and they have all being enjoyable, with a lovely, gentle humour. None of them are earth shattering novels, but very nice, in a similar way as Barbara Pym, Angela Thirkell, D E Stevenson style. But more with a gentle humour, rather than more acid humour, than these other authors have been.
  8. Read 37% of The October Man (Rivers of London #7.5) so far.
  9. Read-a-thons 2022

    I did achieve to finished the second book, it was a successful read-a-thon
  10. Read-a-thons 2022

    Finished one of books today, and it was light, gentle humour, so very enjoyable time this afternoon
  11. Read-a-thons 2022

    Plans to finish 2 books this weekend, and it’s going well with reading 2 hours this afternoon.
  12. Suzanne here!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Suzanne, and to the BCF Forum
  13. Read-a-thons 2022

    Yup, I’m going to be reading this weekend
  14. Read 34% of Jane Smiley’s The Strays of Paris (a.k.a Perestroika in Paris)
  15. Though I still have many books of the same genre to read, in the Dead Street Press/Furrowed Middlebrow library