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  2. Currently swooning over repeats of the 2nd series of Young Montalbano on BBC4..... think this is the best one of all the series. The books are fun too.
  3. Hayley, there's also Young Montalbano and Montalbano available on BBC iplayer. 🎂😊
  4. I like the sound of humorously clever detective tales - added to wish list . I can’t remember the last time I went to Waterstones. Definitely over a year ago, before the first lockdown. It will feel weird going again. I actually dreamed that I went to a bookshop last night. It was great. I bought The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex and Himself by Jess Kidd. I was quite disappointed when I woke up and didn’t actually have new books but, on the plus side, I didn’t spend any real money either... I’m currently reading the second book in the Septimus Heap series, Flyte. It hasn’t been an easy week so far and I’ve barely read anything, so planning to set aside at least an hour (hopefully two!) this evening just for reading.
  5. Your Book Activity - April 2021

    Currently reading Nightshade by E S Thomson
  6. The Limerick Game

    There once was a camel named Rascal Who loved watching Dalziel and Pascoe
  7. The Limerick Game

    Jock was a cocky from Oz His fave Dickens' character, Boz..... On reading the novel He passed by a hovel Humming tunes by Monsieur Berlioz * * * There once was a camel named Rascal
  8. Pancake Day

    As an enthusiastic pancake eater - that sounds yummy. Anytime a table is considered 'bursting', I believe it is our duty to help reduce the weight.
  9. Pancake Day

    In 2012, I was in Rostov-on-Don in the spring (my wife's relatives live there). This is Russia. And they are Orthodox, and for Shrovetide, they not only cook pancakes but also burn a scarecrow in the main square. And they treat cooking pancakes with all responsibility. The table must be bursting with the weight of the pancakes because everyone goes to visit everyone and eat and celebrate. They make pancakes with cottage cheese, cheese, meat, berries, and caviar. The photo was taken from the internet.
  10. Your Top 10 Authors!

    It’s impossible for me to choose only 10 authors. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed reading these a lot (in no particular order, and if you ask me another day, maybe the answer would be different.) Kazuo Ishiguro Fyodor Dostoevsky Jorge Luis Borges Ian McEwan Tom Sharpe P.G. Wodehouse Marcel Proust Joseph Conrad Javier Marías Paul Auster
  11. The Limerick Game

    He passed by a hovel...
  12. Yesterday
  13. The Limerick Game

    Jock was a cocky from Oz His fave Dickens' character, Boz..... On reading the novel
  14. Popped into my local Waterstone's last Saturday. Whilst I was walking around it was rather sobering to realise the last time I had been in there was Christmas Eve, the day the shop was last open before Lockdown 2: The Tricky Second Act.
  15. Montalbano' first case and other stories by Andrea Camilleri. Humorously clever detective tales from Sicily. Recommend it.
  16. The last one to post here wins

    I ate a square in a square. downtown last year. Afterwards I felt like a square. 👀🙄🤣
  17. Went in to Leeds today to visit The Leeds Library (the subscription one, not the public one which I can visit closer to home), just re-opened. So good to get back - it's such a friendly treasure trove, with a very different profile of books ot the two public libraries I belong to. Came away with just a couple of books (Suetonius' The Twelve Caesars, and Hilary Rubinstein's Catastrophe at Spithead), but a list of others to go to once I've finally got to the end of the current pile (I took 7 books back, but still have half a dozen to go!). Dropped into Waterstones, my first visit there since December. I have to admit, I couldn't get enthused - I'm much more excited by my two local independents - but came away with two books: The Awakening by Kate Chopin, and Walden by Henry Thoreau, both nice looking hardbacks. Finished two books in the past couple of days: Blood and Iron by Katja Hoyer, a slim, succinct but illuminating history of the Second Reich, and Travels in Scottish Islands - The Hebrides by Kirstie Macdonald Jareg, an interesting exploration of both Inner and Outer archipelagos. Some of it went over well-worn ground, but there were flashes of insight that made it a rewarding read, especially as we're booked to revisit Islay this summer - fingers crossed! Both 4 star reads. Must catch up with the reviews on my blog thread!! Currently about two-thirds the way through Barbara Kingsolver's Unsheltered, aiming to finish in the next day or so - enjoying it a lot.
  18. A man in a crowded pub, alone. He wants the toilet so bad. He wants his beer to still be there on return from voiding his bladder. Reaching for his inside pocket and withdrawing a pen, he writes on a fag packet, 'I spat in this drink.' Returning, relieved, it said on the fag box, "So did I.. I walked away with 2 of your fags too. '😅😊🤣
  19. The Limerick Game

    His fave Dickens character, Boz.....
  20. The Limerick Game

    Jock was a cocky from Oz
  21. The Limerick Game

    Fe fi fo fum....... Said the father of a missing nun Suspecting foul play This big man searched all day, And found her down the pub drinking rum.
  22. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Not available for me, but it's one of his I don't think I've read, so will try to get it from the library. Thanks Marie
  23. Last week
  24. Sadly, no. Very likely to create it though.
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