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  2. Young At Heart - Frank Sinatra (Yes, he was a nice guy and talked with me as if he wasn't a famous singer. Funny though, I remember he had a couple huge turquoise rings on his hand but I can't find any photos of him showing that. There was one other older guy in the limousine with us and after the guy was dropped off at his house Faron looked at me and said, that guy has some money ( the guy had just returned from Europe and the house where he was dropped off at was really nice). I liked Faron Young's singing.
  3. I did not find the second episode as irritating as the first, the actors seem more at home in this period than back in the twenties - but it does seem to have moved on very quickly. Is it to be an episode per decade, I wonder?
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    Oh, it's nothing to worry about! I expect people will be very interested in your new found love of Peruvian cuisine and goggle at your exploits in tap-dancing!
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  7. What's the weather like?

    Weekend was pretty much a washout as it rained most of the time, especially yesterday. Did manage to do a bit of gardening in the dry bits though, planted some cornflower seeds and some sunflower seeds, and potted up a couple of things.
  8. It has been done before, I think Frances Barber played the Bolter but that's all I can remember. I watched the first episode of the new version, hated it. too much narration, most of them were irritating, apparently it does get better but I never was a Mitford fan so will pass on this one.
  9. I have been re-reading Grendel again and I am awestruck by the possibility of retelling a classic like Beowulf and especially the childhood and abandon play in it. John Gardner's literary influences from the trusty old Whitman-type really come through. I have been trying to find out more about how Grendel was received and especially how Gardner was treated. It is interesting to see that he faced so much criticism for too. I noticed in a theme discussion on Bartleby (https://www.bartleby.com/lit/grendel) that they make a conversation about the play and childhood very impactfully
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  11. Help with a crime novels classification

    I don't know of any genre specific ones, but you could use a list like this and only make note of the crime novels? Best-Selling Books in the UK in 2020. Book Best Sellers in 2020 Are you challenging yourself to read the bestsellers?
  12. Help with a crime novels classification

    It would be great even with the most sold crime novels of the past 10 years, but Idk where and how to start...
  13. Help with a crime novels classification

    Hi. I think this would be a very difficult thing to work out (although interesting!). There's a lot of variables and there might not be accurate sales information for very old books. Could you maybe narrow the time frame down?
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    Thanks, both! I only agreed because Hayley said I could edit your posts, Chrissy! Kidding! (Or am I?)
  15. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    It really is. We have it with dinner at least 5 times a week since the spinach and strawberries are in season. My garden is doing well. Everything is now planted. I planted 14 tomato plants. Also, 6 or 7 pepper plants including bell pepper, jalapeno, banana pepper, and a habanero. The cucumbers are starting to germinate but the cool weather is holding them back but the cool weather is helping the spinach and some of the other stuff. That is very good. Amazing!
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    Another excellent choice! Many Congratulations, Raven!
  17. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Actually it's a lot easier because card is stiffer than paper and holds the folds and thus shape better. If that was made of paper it would collapse under it's own weight - it's difficult to tell the size there. You can see the alarm clock behind it here (using that to help it stand for the photo) and that might give a better idea of size
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    Congratulations Raven
  19. The Limerick Game

    Tim Magennis on Isle of Wight....
  20. The Limerick Game

    He ate all the honey made by all the bees.
  21. I'm surprised it hasn't been done before. I enjoyed the 1980's series Love In a Cold Climate which I watched on YouTube.
  22. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    That's really good, Luna. It must be harder using cardboard rather than paper.
  23. Oh Very Young ~ Cat Stevens Was he a nice guy, Muggle?
  24. The Limerick Game

    A diet of chocolate and cheese Caused Rodney to expand at the knees When he went to the shop For a giant lollipop
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    I am very pleased to tell you all that Raven has agreed to be a forum moderator! With the team we have now, alongside the server move which should work out any technical issues, we should be able to keep things running super smoothly over here, even while we're making planned changes . Thank you Raven!
  26. The Limerick Game

    When he went to the shop......
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  28. Hi guys! I really need your help: I wanted to do a classification on the top 10 sold crime novels of all times, but even if I searched for hours, I can't find a good arcticle about that! Maybe some approximate numbers of the copies of one book, but anything more. I know I have to start from Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie (110 millions copies sold), but I can't find anything more... So, how can I solve this problem? Have You any data about this? Thank You so much guys, have a nice day!
  29. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    This is what I built today
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