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The BCF Book Adoption Agency

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Welcome to the BCF Book Adoption Agency!


The books in this thread are all previously owned and are now looking for new homes. If you would like to adopt one of the books available, please reply in the thread below. BUT, before we get started, please read the following guidelines:


  • Only active forum members with ten or more posts are eligible to enter.
  • One week after the book appears on the thread, if more than one member has shown interest, I will hold a random name draw to discover which new home the book is going to. 
  • If you are a patreon supporter, you have the chance to request an extra entry to the random name draw. You can make your request either in this thread or in a personal message to me. You do not have to use your extra entry. 
  • All of the books in this thread will be available internationally.
  • New: After one month of being posted, if a book has not been adopted, it will no longer be available. This will be made clear in the post the book originally appeared in.
  • This is a completely new concept and there is a very good chance that things will need adjusting along the way. I appreciate your feedback here as much as your entries and any adjustments I do make to the guidelines will be clearly stated here.


I've had this idea in mind for quite some time and I hope you'll all be as excited about it as I am :)


Preparing to open the doors...

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Now Looking For a New Home: [No Longer Available]



This edition of 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination' by Edgar Allan Poe is part of the 'Collectors Library' published by CRW publishing (2003). It is a small hardback book, clothbound in dark red, with a matching red ribbon to keep your page, and a striped green dust jacket. It also has gilt-edged pages (which my camera didn't really do justice to).

With lots of Edgar Allan Poe classics, like 'The Tell-Tale Heart' and 'The Fall of the House of Usher,' this would provide some great Gothic reading for October! It also includes Poe's detective stories. 


Which leads us to our second available book... [Adopted by @Onion Budgie!]




'The Sherlock Holmes Handbook' by Ransom Riggs would be great fun for any Sherlock Holmes fan (and I know there are a few of us here). It is very nicely illustrated by Eugene Smith and packed full of information about the methods Holmes used to solve crimes. There are also some interesting notes on related Victorian history (like 'Curious Maladies and Quack Medicines of the Victorian Era'), a very brief biography of Arthur Conan Doyle and a collection of quotes from the books ('The Wit and Wisdom of Sherlock Holmes'). 

Potential book adopters should note that this book definitely contains spoilers, if you've not read the Sherlock Holmes books already. 



If you can give either of these books a good home (or if you have any comments on this new thread) please post below! :) 

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It's now exactly one week since the doors opened and the very first book has been adopted into a very appropriate home! :lol:


Not much love for poor Edgar Alan Poe yet though... 



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First of all, a quick note of apology for how quiet this thread has been. I had no idea just how busy the end of 2019 (and the beginning of 2020) was going to get. But, to make up for it, I have three books ready to be adopted...


 The Book Collector .jpg



The Book Collector by Alice Thompson. This book has only been previously owned by me, so is obviously in excellent condition because I take care of my books :lol:. If you saw my review of this last year you'll know that I finished it in one sitting and felt genuinely stunned afterwards. I fully recommend it. Blurb to help you decide:

In Edwardian England, Violet has a fairy tale existence: loving husband, beautiful baby son and luxurious home. She wants for nothing. But soon after the birth of her baby the idyll begins to disintegrate. Violet becomes obsessed with a book of fairy tales her husband has locked away in a safe. Paranoid hallucinations begin to haunt her and she starts to question her sanity. Meanwhile, vulnerable young women are starting to disappear from the nearby asylum. Soon Violet herself is interned in the asylum for treatment only to discover, on coming out, that her husband has hired a nanny while she has been away, the beautiful, enigmatic Clara. The brutality of the asylum is nothing compared to the horrors that now lie in wait. 

Award-winning novelist Alice Thompson turns her attention to the fairy tale in this uncanny gothic nightmare of murder and betrayal within the confines of a seemingly perfect family. 


Help the Witch.jpg

Help the Witch by Tom Cox. Can I start by apologising for the quality of this picture! 'Tom Cox' is done in a shiny pale gold and I must have got a shadow across it as I took the photo. But anyway, this book has, again, only been owned by me and is in perfect condition. I haven't reviewed this one yet (I only finished it in January) but it would be good for anyone interested in modern takes on folktales and quirky fiction about the landscape of Britain. The blurb:

As night draws through the country lanes, and darkness sweeps across hills and hedgerows, shadows appear where figures are not; things do not remain in their places; a new home is punctured by abandoned objects; a watering hole conceals depths greater than its swimmers can fathom.

Riddled with talismans and portents, saturated by shadows beneath trees and whispers behind doors, these ten stories broaden the scope of folk tales as we know them. Inspired by our native landscapes and traversing boundaries of the past and future, this collection is Tom Cox's first foray into fiction. Funny, strange and poignant, it elicits the unexpected and unseen to raise our hackles and set imaginations whirring.


What Would Alice Do front.jpgWhat Would Alice Do back.jpg


This is a fun one, What Would Alice Do? subtitled 'Advice for the Modern Woman' with a foreword by Lauren Laverne. This little square hardback is actually new, but I ended up with two of them, so one needs adopting! Inside there are a number of illustrations and quotes from Alice in Wonderland, which are very funny alongside snippets of advice for modern life (like 'never criticise the person doing the catering' or 'if all else fails, leave'). If you like Alice in Wonderland this is a great book to flick through and cheer yourself up.

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On 09/02/2020 at 4:49 PM, Onion Budgie said:

I'd be interested in The Book Collector by Alice Thompson.  Thanks for the opportunity, Hayley!

Yay I’m so happy this one’s going! I’ve been dying to talk about this book with someone! :lol:

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The Book Collector is on its way to you @Onion Budgie :)


I'm making a small adjustment to the rules of this thread, as I've realised I can't leave books up indefinitely... so if a book has not been adopted after a month it will no longer be available (and I'll make that clear on the original post with that book, to avoid confusion). That way I can find the books new homes outside the forum!  

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