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  1. Yes! I know it's only mid-October, and there are many of us who might not even be thinking of that time of year yet. But for those of us who are (myself included), here's a space to chat and update. Gifts, decorations, meal & snack ideas, it's all good. We had a few Christmas-themed threads last year, but they all disappeared in the forum update. SO, let's share. Have you started gift shopping? When do you decorate? What are your holiday plans? Are you reading any Christmas-themed novels later this year? I'll chime in later. Just wanted to crack this one open!
  2. Top 5 (or 10) Wednesday

    The Man from Primrose Lane by James Renner. The plot of this book is somethin' proper twisty, with a genuinely jaw-dropping moment two-thirds of the way through. There's a particular aspect to the story, however, that reviewers -- and even the blurb itself on the front/back cover -- insist on spoiling without a second thought. This is definitely a book to go into as blindly as possible. That's the first one that springs to mind.
  3. Goodreads

    Awesome! I hope Goodreads is around for many more years to come. I use the site pretty much every day -- as my onerous TBR pile here at home can attest to!
  4. What are you drinking just now?

    A glass of chilled Chenin Blanc, before I start preparing dinner. It's hitting the spot.
  5. Your Book Activity - August 2017

    Just finished Crystal Skulls by Judy Hall. The majority of the book was fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. A few sections came across as bats*!^ crazy. That's how it goes with any book that's written on this subject. 4/5 I'm now about to dive into A Change of Climate by Hilary Mantel.
  6. Your Book Activity - August 2017

    I read that at the beginning of the year -- and loved it! One of my 5-star reads.
  7. Oh gosh, I'm just looking at my list that I made back in March, and I still haven't read anything by any of those authors! I must choose one for my next read...
  8. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I finished The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. It started out well enough, but ultimately waded into a bottomless pit of self-absorbed introspection, and I found myself irritated with the protagonist. How did this win the Man Booker? 2/5 Next up is a bit of non-fiction: Crystal Skulls: Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment by Judy Hall.
  9. One I can think of straight away is Love and Death on Long Island by Gilbert Adair. It was also turned into a film with John Hurt in the lead role.
  10. How many books have you read this year?

    20 so far, which is great for me. Out of those, only three have been a 5-star read, and a further three have been 1-star clunkers. Optimistic for some great reads for the rest of the year!
  11. What's the weather like?

    Yes, what a cracker of a storm. It woke me up at around 5.30am. I was too bleary to peer out of the window at it, but I heard the hoo-hah and all the rain that went with it. Since then, it's been sunshine all day, but rather humid.
  12. What's for Dinner?

    Red lentil bolognese, with a corn on the cob, some steamed veg, and a sliced avocado on top. I'm STARVIN'. Can't wait!
  13. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I've finished my Patrick Suskind binge. Three books in a row -- it was fun! I didn't enjoy his short stories quite as much, though. Now I'm just about to start The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, which I've heard nothing but good things about.
  14. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I'm on a Patrick Suskind binge. I just finished The Story of Mr. Sommer (it was great), and am about to start On Love and Death. As it's only 78 pages, it shouldn't take me too long!
  15. What's for Dinner?

    Eggs, chips and beans. Because Friday. And because chips. Also throwing in some marinaded tofu, and a few hearty splodges of ketchup and HP sauce.