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I don't want to derail the Limerick Game thread but I wanted to let you see my take on the started limericks :


A clueless young gent from the coast

Had a woman named Maureen as host

He let down her hair

Found that nothing was there 

And concluded that she must be a ghost


A young politician from Louth

Had his chest tattooed 'Nil by Mouth'

It must be a lie 

Politician's heard cry

Of that there is absolutely no doubt


I'm ready to sing you the blues

At any old time that you choose

It needn't be sad

Because that would be bad

You don't want your hearing to bruise


And today's :


A man named Paul Smith from the city

Decided that he was so pretty

He stared in the mirror 

Which took him forever

It all made him feel rather giddy



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