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Amazon bookshop opening in Seattle


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^ I don't believe this format of book shop is a good thing. 


This is a whole new can of worms Amazon is opening.


They are planning to sell only the most popular books at on-line prices, which basically means bestsellers and new releases. 


In the UK the major supermarket chains are already doing this and it is undermining traditional bookshops that can't compete on the bulk prices the big chains can negotiate.


Amazon can negotiate/dictate huge discounts with it suppliers and if it then starts selling only the most popular books in its own shops traders like Waterstone's etc. will lose their one remaining key selling point: that you can have the book now, without having to wait.


The net result, if this model catches on, will be more traditional bookshops that carry a wider range of books closing and we end up with bookshops that only sell what is shifting now. 


How will this affect new authors, smaller publishers, traditional non-chain bookshops?


I know this is only one store at the moment, but is this the first step in a larger scheme?


Are Amazon actually trying to wipe out the rest of the competition with this move?

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