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  1. You won't be able to actually do it yourself, I have to add them from the Admin CP, but if you tell me the category I'll add it for you . I just thought I'd start off with the categories which already exist on the forum's main page. Speaking of which, I will post instructions on how to use the bookshelves tomorrow!
  2. The New York Times #1 best-selling series. The movie adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is now a major motion picture from visionary director Tim Burton, starring Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Ella Purnell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Judi Dench. Like its predecessors, Library of Souls blends thrilling fantasy with never-before-published vintage photography to create a one-of-a-kind reading experience. A boy with extraordinary powers. An army of deadly monsters. An epic battle for the future of peculiardom. The adventure that began with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and continued in Hollow City comes to a thrilling conclusion with Library of Souls. As the story opens, sixteen-year-old Jacob discovers a powerful new ability, and soon he’s diving through history to rescue his peculiar companions from a heavily guarded fortress. Accompanying Jacob on his journey are Emma Bloom, a girl with fire at her fingertips, and Addison MacHenry, a dog with a nose for sniffing out lost children. They’ll travel from modern-day London to the labyrinthine alleys of Devil’s Acre, the most wretched slum in all of Victorian England. It’s a place where the fate of peculiar children everywhere will be decided once and for all.
  3. New York Times Bestseller Winner of the Women's Prize for Fiction World Fantasy Awards Finalist From the New York Times bestselling author of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, an intoxicating, hypnotic new novel set in a dreamlike alternative reality. Piranesi's house is no ordinary building: its rooms are infinite, its corridors endless, its walls are lined with thousands upon thousands of statues, each one different from all the others. Within the labyrinth of halls an ocean is imprisoned; waves thunder up staircases, rooms are flooded in an instant. But Piranesi is not afraid; he understands the tides as he understands the pattern of the labyrinth itself. He lives to explore the house. There is one other person in the house-a man called The Other, who visits Piranesi twice a week and asks for help with research into A Great and Secret Knowledge. But as Piranesi explores, evidence emerges of another person, and a terrible truth begins to unravel, revealing a world beyond the one Piranesi has always known. For readers of Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane and fans of Madeline Miller's Circe, Piranesi introduces an astonishing new world, an infinite labyrinth, full of startling images and surreal beauty, haunted by the tides and the clouds.
  4. With huge thanks to the author, Anna Faversham, we have all three books in the Dark Moon Trilogy to give away in celebration of our new update! From the first book, One Dark Night: It is 1821 and smuggling is rife on the English coast. Lucy Yorton, dragged away from her privileged early life, must slave, friendless, on a bleak, run-down farm. Those around her suspect she is a spy and treat her accordingly. Her problems increase when two men enter her life. Lieutenant Karl Thorsen, sworn to avenge the murder of his father, is a King's man. He is determined to stop the violent smugglers, hang them, and hang and gibbet one in particular. Daniel Tynton has smuggling in his blood. Undaunted by Thorsen's threats, he is respected and feared. The choices we make determine our futures and Lucy is torn between two determined men as the secrets and lies undermining her life are exposed. How will she ever love and trust again? To enter the giveaway please interact with this post (either by leaving a reply or a 'like' ), or send a personal message to me. The winner will be chosen at random at the end of August!
  5. There is a world hidden underneath this great city. The London Silver Vaults – for well over a century, the largest collection of silver for sale in the world. It has more locks than the Bank of England and more cameras than a celebrity punch-up. Not somewhere you can murder someone and vanish without a trace – only that’s what happened. The disappearing act, the reports of a blinding flash of light and memory loss amongst the witnesses all make this a case for Detective Constable Peter Grant and the Special Assessment Unit. Alongside their boss DCI Thomas Nightingale, the SAU find themselves embroiled in a mystery that encompasses London’s tangled history, foreign lands and, most terrifying of all, the North! And Peter must solve this case soon because back home his partner Beverley is expecting twins any day now. But what he doesn’t know is that he’s about to encounter something – and somebody – that nobody ever expects…
  6. Very relatable. My friend have me a £15 voucher for Papier so I just bought another notebook too. They're so nice though!! I have promised myself I will use this one and not avoid it because it's too pretty to write in 😅 Oh no, that's so annoying!
  7. What did you both think of the ending of Act 1? I don't trust Iachimo asking Imogen to look after the trunk full of jewels... I don't know what he'd be up to but it seems like he's still up to something now she's rejected him. Also big fan of Cornelius for being clever enough not to really give the Queen the deadly poison she wanted!
  8. Just a heads-up: the bookshelves function might need a little playing with! It's completely new to me too so I'm in the process of making sure it all works properly!
  9. If you have any questions about changes made during the update, or any of the new additions, please post them here!
  10. Welcome back everyone! As you can see, some things have changed after the recent update. You will notice that you can now log in using your email, rather than your username. This is considered to be a more secure option so I would encourage you all to use it! You will also notice that we have a new 'books' feature (next to 'clubs' at the top of the forum). This will allow us to create our own bookshelves, give books ratings and comment on each other's shelves! We also now have a 'like' button, so make sure you try that out! If you have any questions about the update or the new features, please post them here: Thank you all for continuing to support the Book Club Forum
  11. General Rules 1. You are expected to show respect and consideration for your fellow members. Discussion is welcomed, but personal comments and insults will be not be tolerated. 2. Please take care with the language that you use. This forum is viewable to all, and we have younger members playing an active role in the forum. With this in mind, certain words have been filtered. Do not try to find ways to get around this. 3. New members are not allowed to post any links until they have 10 posts. 4. Please do not use the forum to ask for help with homework, dissertations or surveys. 5. Please do not join to promote a book, product, website or service. Promotional content will be removed and your account may be banned. If you are unsure whether your post would be considered to be promotional, please check with a moderator or Admin first. Account Rules 1. Usernames must not be URLs, email addresses or the name of a site. If you have a problem with your account, or wish to change your username, please contact a member of staff. 2. Please be considerate of others with your choice of avatar/profile picture. Those with offensive or questionable content will be removed. Signature Rules 1. In general, signatures shouldn't be more than 4 lines. You may change the text colour, but please do not bold or increase the text size. Graphics are not allowed, including emoticons. 2. With regards to links in your signature, the general rule is one link only. The exception is that you can also add 1 or 2 links to places within the forum, such as your reading thread/log. Links should generally be to personal sites only - commercial sites are not allowed (including affiliate links), but charities/good causes are. 3. Authors - after 30 posts, you may include a link to your author site or blog. Please do not link to a commercial site such as amazon. 4. If you are unsure, we recommend contacting us first. The mod team may alter or remove a signature they do not feel appropriate. You can find more detail about our rules and promotional guidelines here:
  12. Really interested to hear what you think of these - I really enjoyed the collection I read (I think it was one of the old Heron Books ones) and found that it wasn't exactly what I expected! Exactly the same for me . (How are you finding The Old Curiosity Shop?)
  13. It is, isn't it!? That's a good plan! I might try to wait until then to read the last book... but it feels a long way away at the moment! This is a really good way to describe them! For me it's also the elements of Victorian gothic that make them particularly intriguing.
  14. I think you're probably both past it now, it's in Scene 1. This part: IMOGEN Look here, love; This diamond was my mother's: take it, heart; But keep it till you woo another wife, When Imogen is dead. POSTHUMUS LEONATUS How, how! another? You gentle gods, give me but this I have, And sear up my embracements from a next With bonds of death! Putting on the ring Remain, remain thou here While sense can keep it on. And, sweetest, fairest, As I my poor self did exchange for you, To your so infinite loss, so in our trifles I still win of you: for my sake wear this; It is a manacle of love; I'll place it Upon this fairest prisoner. Putting a bracelet upon her arm ... Firstly, I thought it was unusual that they didn't already have rings. Maybe that is a sign of Posthumus' lack of wealth? But then he gets a diamond ring and she gets a bracelet which is described as a manacle... because she's a prisoner... a bit more depressing than it is romantic! I enjoyed the lord telling us what he really thought about Cloten in Scene two Agreed!
  15. I'm simultaneously so sad and so excited about this final book. The series has been amazing. Every single book has been so enjoyable to read. And I really, really want to find out the answer to the mystery of
  16. Let's push on then! I have thoughts about the gifts that Imogen and her husband give to each other... are you both past that point already?
  17. I looked up what to do with foxgloves after they've finished flowering (because we had some huge ones this year!) and it turns out that, as long as you want more to grow, you cut them near the base and then wave them around a giant, wiggly flower-wand until all the seeds come out. It was very satisfying
  18. Yes, definitely! Maybe a Romeo and Juliet style situation - they found someone who was sympathetic to their love for each other? Also suspicious that the King's two sons just went missing/ were stolen as babies! I feel like they are bound to make a surprise appearance at some point. And very risky for the Queen to arrange a final secret meeting between her daughter and the 'commoner' husband. (If everyone is finding this one too frustrating to read by the way, I'd be up for switching to Anthony and Cleopatra, as we're only 3 days in anyway)
  19. I will! That's amazing. Do you usually get so many or has this been a particularly good year!?
  20. ... This might be for me . I don't think I've ever read a book set on Dartmoor and I love myths and folklore!
  21. These are both excellent I don't know why but I thought there'd be more than that! I will start at the beginning then (once I've gotten through some of my current book pile!).
  22. Yay! Congratulations! And a lovely touch with the champagne . Are you planning bookshelves now?
  23. Me too . There's something I find comforting about his style (even though the subjects often aren't comforting!). I hope you receive blessings from the Gods of Reading (or that the new signs and symbols book is really good). I also find signs and symbols really fascinating! I'm still going with The Old Curiosity Shop. Had a few days of nearly no reading so I'm very keen to get back to it.
  24. Well that's comforting Will we have a weekly goal for this? I think Cymbeline has 5 acts in total, which is annoyingly uneven, but acts 2 and 4 only have four scenes each. What if we did: Week one: Act 1 Week 2: Act 2 Week 3: Act 3 Week 4: Act 4 and 5? Then we will be finished by the end of August
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