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  1. Happy birthday! :)

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fab day.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day :smile2:

  4. Happy birthday, wherever you are! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! :balloons:

  6. Hobgoblin


    Hi ya. I'm finding me feet as well. Welcome along.
  7. Yep, I just stuck book club in the Ask Jeeves search Engine. I was just looking to see what was out there as far as avid readers went and this place seemed cool.
  8. I think she do fine. Angelina was pretty darn good in Changling last year. Just goes to show that Lara Croft can do anything!!
  9. Hobgoblin


    Hey Glowmay, Welcome.
  10. Hobgoblin

    Your sports

    Impressive Polly. My wife used to do Kick Boxing and while we were engaged I went along to a couple of sessions... I had a white out in one of the circuit sessions due to trying too hard. Now I just stick to golf.
  11. With publishers forever changing their artwork it is often a losing battle.
  12. Hi ya Dan welcome along.
  13. It would have to be paperback as I've got the other four in paperback and I do so like an orderly looking bookcase.
  14. Top Five in no particular order... Red Hot Chili Peppers Foo Fighters Leftfield Slade The Beautiful South
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