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  1. Hello Stranger. Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day. X

  2. Mine was from one of my best girl chums to say that 8pm was an ok time to meet up. What was yours?
  3. A well known production company has agreed to read my script when its finished. Wow. Miracles do happen ;-)

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Maureen


      Congratulations :)

    3. Devi


      Awesome! Congratulations. Remember us when you are famous!

    4. karen.d


      wow that's great! Congratulations!

  4. I just got laid off work by text message!!

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    2. SueK


      Very sad to hear that. What is the matter with companies, haven't they got the xxxxxs to tell people to their faces.

    3. bobblybear


      Blimey, sorry to hear that. Is that even legal??

    4. bobblybear


      Blimey, sorry to hear that. Is that even legal??

  5. Thanks for the bday wishes. When I've finished spreading horse poo about the place, I'll be back. X

    1. Chrissy


      Take your time, and don;t forget to take a shower! :P

  6. Happy birthday, hope you are having a lovely day :)

  7. Happy Birthday haven't seen you around in a while have a fab day!

  8. Not said 'hi' for ages, new allotment unsurprisingly time consuming. I'm busy obsessing about green beans! Hope everyone's thriving and surviving x

    1. pickle


      My beans got eaten whilst I was on holiday :-( but the chard came out beautifully

    2. Chrissy


      Hi Coffin Nail. You've 'bean' busy then! lol. Good to see you. X

    3. Roland Butter

      Roland Butter

      Yes, you have been out of circulation, haven't you? Welcome back!

  9. Jon Cryer....Class act!!

    1. Maureen


      Yes, he rally is good. For me he is the true star of the show.

  10. Who else is a Jedi on their Census form??

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    2. pickle


      Oh joy mine arrived in the post today...can I be a Sith Lord rather than a Jedi I have always been drawn to the dark side

    3. catwoman


      Hahaha. @ Pickle. I splurted out my morning coffee.

    4. ian


      Being a Jedi isn't ridiculus enough, I'm putting Scientlogist down!

  11. Brilliant day for working in the garden. Veggie patch seeds sown, seen the first bee and bat of the season, and went to see the new lambs. Hurrah for spring. :-)

    1. catwoman


      Yay! The kids and I worked in are garden today too.

    2. pickle


      I am ashamed to say I went shopping instead...next weekend I will sow those veg

    3. Coffin Nail

      Coffin Nail

      Don't feel bad miss Pickle. This morning was frosty so my seeds are probably scuppered anyway. And best to start 'em early CW, that chimney won't clean itself :-)

  12. First day back at work after a month sick. Need a snooze now :-)

    1. Chrissy


      Cripes! that has flown by! You'll have to demand napping time! XX

  13. Haven't needed painkillers today, and I can read again! Yay!

    1. Chrissy


      Double good news! Great stuff. X

    2. Karsa Orlong
    3. Ooshie


      So glad you are starting to feel a bit better, and great that you can read again now! :)

  14. Was taken to hospital on Sunday, given the last rites, but live to fight another day. I have viral meningitis and have to take 20 different pills everyday til I'm well again. So good to be home

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    2. madcow


      OMG sorry to hear that CN hope your better soon x

    3. pontalba


      How awful, but how wonderful that you are beating it down. I can imagine how good it feels to be home again. Take good care!

    4. chrysalis_stage


      :o damn that sounds terrible, hope you feel better soon!
  15. Brought my sn back from the hospital. Be very glad to see the back of 2010.

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    2. Kidsmum


      Hope you all have a good New Year together

    3. pickle


      I hope you manage to celebrate the New Year and have a great time

    4. Chrissy


      Let 2011 commence! I think this year will be a good one for all. X