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  1. Just finished the Northern Exposure series and a bitter disappointment THAT was! Ah well, it was really good when it was good.
  2. Still at work but when I get home, it will be Northern Exposure and then Roots
  3. This really cool cd collection of movie themes!
  4. Has developed a major crush on Rob Morrow. The 5th season of Northern Exposure and he begins to look delectable...Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) you have competition.

    1. pickle


      My friend had a massive crush on him too so you are not alone, you know he called his daughter 'Too'!!! so hollywood :-)

    2. poppy


      I always thought Chris Stevens the local DJ was pretty cute. Loved that series.

    3. Katrina1968


      I like Chris but he talks WAY too much and could never be decisive. Drove me crazy. Then the weirdness with Maggie was mind boggling! Naw, I still droll for Joel! LOL!!

  5. A book on tape! Death of a Valentine, by M. C. Beaton
  6. frankie, I understand what you are saying but maybe I did not clarify myself. The customer and I had a lovely and lively conversation about the book and she saw me and I saw her and we had a laugh over the book. But I stand by my statement about not being embarrassed about buying whatever takes your fancy.
  7. I'm prudish I'll admit but not as prudish as I could be. It just seems to me its not sex that is the issue its the need for the violence that's attached to it. I don't go for that "hurts so bad its good" nonsense. Making love is between two people that have a deep and loving relationship. Sex is between two people that are sexually attracted to each other and aren't necessarily looking for long term commitments. Sex and pain is just a deviant that I can't latch on to but to each his creepy own! I did find it embarrassing when this 60ish year old lady came into the store and bought the book. She looked so uncomfortable and said she was getting it for her daughter. Her daughter would read it and then tell her about it or she would read it herself. I'm like "wow, I know all there is to know about my daughter but I'll be damned if I want to know THAT part of her nature!" And yes, I said that to her. If your too embarrassed to buy it then don't buy it and try to make excuses.
  8. Thanks Timstar! Change in viewing plans, I just finished a Midsomer Murder Mystery: Garden of Death and now I'm watching season one of Northern Exposure!
  9. I love this book and have read it several times! I love the village feel to the book. It just puts me in a happy place!
  10. My favorites are The Hobbit Gone with the Wind Anna Karenina
  11. I picked up my copy of GWTW and couldn't put it down. I also picked up a copy of the movie that I'll be watching this afternoon!
  12. LOTR Fellowship of the Rings followed by Gone with the Wind to be followed by Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe rounded off by Eargon. My back is killing me and I'm recliner bound so this is my schedule for the day.
  13. What I found was that if I couldn't afford but one book at a time, when I finished one and went to purchase the other, the store would be out.Talk about frustration!
  14. I have the individual books (only because I'd pick them up at yard sales and such). I find having the all in one perfect because you go straight into the next story. I've found that when customers come into the bookstore looking for the next book, its always out of stock.
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