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  1. Forum looks beautiful! Thank you Athena and your boyfriend! :D

    1. Athena


      Thank you Tiger :D!

  2. Half term, woo! :D

    1. Chrissy
    2. Ben


      I agree with Chrissy! Just kidding, have a good one Tiger. :)

  3. Tiger

    Hi Ben, how are you? How's university? :)

    1. Ben


      Oh wow, I'm so sorry I didn't see this Tiger, I'm never normally on the 'profile feed' thing. I'm actually great thanks, university is going well. How is everything with you? :) x

  4. Hey, sorry for the late reply (I've been really busy)... I'm great thank you, how are you? My GCSE results were better than expected, thanks, and now I'm doing 5 A Levels at a new school, which I'm really enjoying. How are you? Hope you're well! :) xx

  5. Happy Birthday Michelle! :D Hope you're having a great day! :) xxx

  6. Happy Birthday Weave! :D Sorry it's late. Hope you had a great day! :D xx

  7. Tiger

    Happy Birthday Echo :D :D x Sorry it's late.

  8. now has dark auburn hair :D

    1. Chrissy


      Oooo, that sounds wintery-yummy! Do you like your new look?

    2. Tiger


      Thanks :D I love my new hair a lot thank you :). How are you? :D

  9. really, really nervous. Today I pick up my English GCSE. I can safely guarentee that I didn't get the A* I was predicted to get! :'/

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    2. Brida
    3. Inver


      Well done...is A* more or less than an A!

    4. Ben


      Well done Tiger! :)


  10. Tiger

    Happy birthday Ben :D :D

  11. Happy Birthday :D

  12. Thank you Maureen :) I had a really good day :) Hope you're well :)

  13. Thank you Charm :) I had a great day :) Hope you're okay :)

  14. Thank you for the birthday wishes Steph :) I had a brilliant day :) Hope you're well :)

  15. Thank you for the birthday wishes :) I had a terrific day :) Hope you're well :)

  16. Thank you :D It's been an amazing day, really funny :) Hope you're well

  17. Thank you :) It's been a lovely day, Hope you're ok :)

  18. Happy Birthday :D

  19. Happy Birthday! :)

  20. Thanks for teaching me my physics......I have a good teacher........you ;)