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  1. This is what I tell Adrian, he's always been popular with his teachers and schoolfriends. He is a very sociable boy and not afraid to discuss issues with someone. When he was at primary school he was made a 'Buddy' which is someone who supports younger or less able children to ensure they don't get left out or bullied. He also became house captain in his final year. I think his people skills will probably take hm further than just literacy.
  2. I prefer Marmite Much love everyone.
  3. He does get a little cheesed off when granny gets on her soap box and starts naming famous dyslexics, Einstein being one. He was impressed though to discover my god daughter was dyslexic & graduated with honours as a physiotherapist. He does have a good ear for language, with the result that his verbal grades in spanish are better than written. That's more common in places like Gibraltar, not England. I think he also finds it hard to stomach that his little brother has no trouble at all with literacy.
  4. Having a senior moment here, I thought by text you meant texting Dyslexia however, is an issue for my eldest grandson & unfortunately, he seems to think it means he's not clever. He avoids books if he can & yet has shown he is talented in the sciences. He does like the Skullduggery pleasant books.
  5. If you're in the UK Duncan, try cash converters, Kindles are beginning to turn up there now.
  6. Surgical instruments, I saw a beautiful reproduction set in Cordoba. The originals designed around 1000+ years ago by Albucasis. I could identify a lot that I had seen in use or used myself.My link
  7. But did you use them at school for arts & crafts? I think the Blue Peter team has shares in them.
  8. Well, my daughter clearly thinks her hubby is hot & I love him for the way he cares for his family, and his enormous book collection My lovely son is a gorgeous reader too.
  9. Lady M, if you need to lose a lot of weight you can talk to the nhs dietician. If only a little no worries, average weight gain in pregnancy is about 28lbs.
  10. She's gorgeous, I want another Kitty now
  11. That's for all you pmt sufferers, all I can say is it gets better around age 50+. Once you're through the menopause, you don't get the moods or mushy brain. Unfortunately, it gets harder to shift the 'middle age spread.' I joined Weight Watchers today, and the husband is already trying to sabotage my efforts but I'm not going to let him get to me. Mum & my kids are helping and I'll make full use of the support from you my dears, go us!
  12. Tammycat as ever, rules this house and was so impatient today with OH because he apparently wasn't getting the woodburner lit fast enough for her to lay by.
  13. Fiona,Tuomas is beautiful,therefore not a weird crush. Marco sometimes reminds me of my son, equally mad and no I'm not having a Jocasta moment Sorry, can't get the pic of Jason any bigger just get your magnifiers out Tuomas just for eye candy, beautiful and a genius! One of my favourite pictures of Marco, just a dad chatting with a mate from work!
  14. I do have a thing for Marco Hietala, bass guitarist & vocalist with Nightwish. Justin Lee Collins, love that west country accent. Simon King of Hairy biker fame.Love the geordie accent. I detect a bit of a viking theme.
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