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  1. Quotes on backs of books

    They're endorsements or sometimes more commonly referred to as book blurbs.
  2. Promoting the site

    I don't think we necessarily need to do anything fancy, at least not to start with. Even a post-it note with a little handwritten message, and a link to the forum, hidden somewhere in a book would work!
  3. Promoting the site

    There are some great ideas in here about how to go about promoting the forum. I particularly like the idea about putting little stickers or flyers in books being donated or sold and asking local libraries about putting up a flier. What do you think?
  4. Literary Crushes

    My ultimate literary crush is definitely Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. I've had a huge crush on him since the very first time I read the series back when I was in my early to mid-teens. My crush only got worse after watching the 1985 adaptation; Jonathan Crombie will always, and forever, be Gilbert Blythe.
  5. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    I don't really collect anything as such, although thinking about it, I do have a rather extensive collection of stationery; notebooks, journals, pens, pencils, page flags, post-it notes, stickers, washi tape, you name it, I've got it. I just cannot seem to resist a pretty notebook, even though I already have a large selection, most of which have never actually been used. I also collect books...I do have a lot of them too. I've never actually counted them, or kept track of them, but I'm guessing I probably have over a thousand. I always find it difficult to give away or donate my books, even those I haven't particularly enjoyed. It's a real problem of mine! With regard to hobbies, other than reading I don't really have any as such. I used to cross stitch, many moons ago, but haven't done so for a fair few years now. I do want to give adult colouring a go though and have a couple of books on standby. I've heard people say it's therapeutic and anything that can help me deal with my anxiety, which flares up now and again, I'm willing to give a go.
  6. I have had the most hellish week at work this week – as much as I love working for the NHS, the past two years are really taking its toll on everyone – and I haven’t gotten any reading done at all. Although I am feeling better physically, I am still completely exhausted, both physically and mentally so I’ve been taking it easy during the evenings. Hoping to get back on track this coming week though and although I have a few chores that I need to get done today, I’m planning on spending the rest of the weekend relaxing with my book and hopefully this coming week will be a little bit easier on the work front. Although I haven’t read anything, I did buy a book, oops! I was having such a crappy day on Tuesday I popped into Waterstones in my lunch break and decided to treat myself. There were a fair few that I was interested in, but in the end went for The Distant Echo by Val McDermid, which I believe is the first in the Karen Pirie series. I haven’t read anything by this author before but have heard good things so thought I would give her a try. In hindsight I probably would have been better picking one of her standalone books though, because if I enjoy this one, I’m no doubt going to have to teat myself to the rest of the series, which is not going to help me get my TBR down anytime soon!
  7. It still makes me tear up and I’m now 40. Deal. One of my cousins got a French Bulldog a few years back and named him Wilbur. I was horrified - to me the name will always and forever be a pig’s name.
  8. Tracking Your Reading

    Me too. I love discussing the book I’ve read with others, but I’m not really interested in writing about it in the form of a review. Like you I would rather spend my time reading, rather than writing, so I’m going to go down the minimal route when it comes to my reading journal. The simpler the better. I still haven’t gotten over it. I think it traumatised me. Same. I spend all day at work on a computer so I’m trying to minimise my time spent looking at a screen outside of work and faffing about with spreadsheets (even though, admittedly, they are rather pretty) is not something that I really want to do. However, if anyone is interested go on YouTube and search for reading spreadsheets and your mind will be blown with the fanciness of them all! Yeah, me too. I have quite the collection. I’ve selected two notebooks – a rather lovely golden one with a bee on the cover which is now my official reading log. I’ll be keeping a list of books read in the form of the title and author, nothing else. I’m going back to basics. It worked for me before so I’m sure it will work for me again. My goal is to see how long it will take to me to fill it completely. The other notebook I have selected is just a standard black grid notebook and I’m going to use this one as my author-back-catalogue-to-read list. I’m still figuring out the details of this one though so it’s a work in progress. I am going to be keeping a Word document too, but again I’m keeping it simple. It’s basically going to be a digital back-up version of the notebook, although I will also be keeping note of whether it is part of a series or not. I will also be keeping my reading log on BCF and although I have put up the initial thread for it I’m going to be tweaking things a little as I have had some thoughts about what I want to do with it, so I will be spending some time on that soon.
  9. 2021 Updates and Improvements

    To be honest I’m not sure, but I do quite like the idea of having multiple selections for a set period, rather than just picking one at a time. It does need a bit of thought and some planning though but once the initial works been done, we’d be good to go for a while before having to pick again. Maybe those that are interested can brainstorm some ideas together to see how best to do so. I guess we would need to figure out the time period (6 months, a year), and how many books we’re aiming for during that period, and then take it from there as to how we pick the initial selection of books.
  10. What's the weather like?

    We’ve had another lovely week here this past week, sunshine, blue skies but with the occasional fluttering of snow. Also loving the fact that the blossom on the trees is out in full bloom or in some cases just beginning to show itself. I love blossom trees!
  11. Posting Links

    I’ve figured out that you can post hyperlinks using the following code [*url=insert link]title of link[/url]. It might come in handy if anyone wants to tidy up links in their reading logs etc. Just remove the * On further experimenting it seems to work sometimes and not others so you need to make sure you paste the link as plain text so it doesn't turn the link blue, if you get what I mean. Then you can link to Book Club Forum or anywere else for that matter, as often as you like.
  12. 2021 Updates and Improvements

    Whilst I was perusing some of the older threads, I came across this one from 2009 – click here - and was wondering if this is something we could pursue as part of the book club as it wouldn’t be as constrictive as a conventional book club. It could be something like the Richard & Judy book club where we pick half a dozen or more titles, release the names of the selections in one go and then members can read whichever books suit them, when they want, and post their thoughts in the appropriate book thread. I’m thinking we could pick a mixture of new releases and older titles, along with a mixture of genres, and hopefully we could cover all bases. I personally would probably read all the selections as I want to broaden my reading horizons and read things out of my comfort zone, but it wouldn’t be as constrictive as a normal book club as you could read them in any order, back-to-back or spread them out over the course of the year. I don’t know, I just thought it was an interesting idea and one it seems that the original owner of the board was obviously considering at one time or another.
  13. Can I ask what the Clubs section of the board is for? When I click on the Club’s section at the top of the board it brings up four of them but when I select one of them the page just keeps constantly reloading/refreshing and I can’t investigate them any further. Is this a feature of the board that isn’t working anymore or is it just me that this happens to? Hope it’s okay posting this in this thread, I didn’t think it warranted starting a new thread to ask a simple question which no doubt will have a simple answer.
  14. Hardback vs paperback

    I have always preferred paperbacks, and these are certainly the ones that I tend to purchase the most of for various reasons; mainly the fact that they are cheaper, easier to store/shelve, and I have always found them much easier to read due to the size and weight of them. However, as I have gotten older and now find myself suffering from arthritis in my hands, I’m beginning to prefer hardbacks over paperbacks which is not something I thought I would ever say. Yes, they’re heavier but I find laying it on my lap or on a table is much preferable when I have a flare up than having to physically hold a book which I would need to do with a paperback. This is something that annoys me too; I hate having to wait.
  15. Charlotte’s Web for me too. I adore this book and Charlotte is the only spider I have ever liked. I was first introduced to it during primary school, when I was about 10 I think, and I have reread it every couple of years since then. It’s one of my absolute favourite books. Also, if I ever move to the country and get the small-holding I have always wanted I’m going to get a pet pig and call him Wilbur.