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  1. Never Have I Ever...

    I don't even know what villages is ^.^ Never have I ever slept in a hotel with stars.
  2. The 20 best books of the decade

    I only read Never Let Me Go. To be honest I don't think I will read the other ones any time soon, I'm a bit more of the adventure/action type and these seem all a bit .... slow.
  3. Personality Quiz

    A little log cabin in the middle of nowhere. Probably abandoned for several years On the table there are hemmn... a an apple, an knife and a plate? (makes no sense assuming it has been abandoned) I watch the bear with curiosity. I've never seen a bear before ^-^ A white simplistic chermamic mug with "make my day" on it. I would go looking for a kettle and see if I can make some tea to poor in the the cup and enjoy my afternoon watching the bear ^.^ Yeah, I guess this is not really working that well with me. I've never been abandoned so the log cabin seems inaccurate I wrote down what I would like to find. The objects have the same problem. I just described the things commonly found on the tables in the game "skyrim" and since i just played that game it was the first thing that came to mind. I'm no good with cooking, don't like apples more then any other fruit and I don't use plates if I can help it (I hate doing the dishes). The bear is a problem? Oh, I treated it as something interesting to watch. Bears are often scared for humans so its not like I couldn't chase it away if I wanted too. The mug is another one. I actually like strange and unusual people. Simplistic and white doesn't really hold that much appeal. I described my favorite mug though. I use them for tea mostly so that's what the last answer comes from. ^.^.
  4. Word Association

    Retrovirus ^-^
  5. How to enjoy reading books?

    The AC novels are said to be several kinds of awful though ^.^
  6. Annual book sales

    I know right! There goes my CSN! bye bye. Hello noodles and books for the rest of the month ^.^
  7. How to enjoy reading books?

    Right. From my point of view. Books are EXACTLY like videogames. (that is, if you like fiction). They are means of escapism They provide another temporary reality where you can laugh and cry with someones else's stories. The real difference is that videogames are bit more interactive and provide you with a visual and kickass soundtrack and a way of keeping score but, more often then not, lack an actually good storyline. The amount of info they throw at you will cancel out a lot of the imagination needed to read a good book. If you like games who are good because of their story line rather then their graphics (like a LOT of japanese RPGs but also games like The Witcher or Assassins Creed) you will find surely find books that, in one way or another, float your boat. If you are more into FPS you might find it a bit harder to find something you like but even then I imagine there is something out there. Gunslinger books enough, but then again, no personal highscore. If you are more into the MMORGPs well, then you are a lost case but then I do not want to hear you complaining about tediousness either Just,... GRIND yourself through them Luck for all the gamers is that most of the new books follow the same gritter/darker/faster trend that games have been following the last 10 or so years ^.^ So if you are interested in that bit of gaming then there is more then enough to read ^.^
  8. Russian Meteor

    Yes. I'm happy no one died but oh, an actual meteor! The footage looks fantastic! Despite the demage I keep on thinking that meteors are absolutely awesome. Imagine standing there seeing a meteor the size of a bus comming right at you. Wow. I've only once watched a meteor shower but I had the date wrong. So I went up the mountain near my home and looked at the winter sky until me and my friend were frozen to the bone. Just when we decided to go back home we both saw a bright flash and a streek acros the nothern sky. The daw after there was a news article in the papers saying that the russians had disposed of an old satilite and that it had burned up in the admosphere a bith north above the place where I had been looking for falling stars. So I never saw a falling star, just a falling russian satilite I've always wondered they grand wishes too.
  9. So glad you like them! They are one of my more favorite series and one of the few books I actually reread a couple of times. I've not read every single one of them though. They library didn't had all of them at the time. But, oh, so glad to find someone else liking them too!
  10. Oh My Dear... I've read the back blurb with that exact description some months back in a bookstore. I can't remember who wrote it or what it is called either. T.T I'm sorry that can't help you but I KNOW WHICH BOOK YOU SPEAK OF!
  11. I have my usual free love attitude towards my books so I'm now reading the last bit of The Last Wish by Andrzej sapkowski which is the prequel of the book (blood of elves) I actually want to read after having had a really trippy dream some months ago where i asked a dwarf if he had it (he didn't) and accidentally burned his library down, I have had the need to read it ever since but it was no where to be found. (damned predicting dreams) Yes I should stop playing rpgs before I go to bed. So when i found it I ordered it and it should arrive somewhere this ... month? Plan B 3.0 uppdrag:rädda jorden (english title: Mobilization to save civilization) by Lester R Brown which is a rather heavy read really and triggers my "don't tell me what to do, damnit" senses quite often. Even if he has a few good points. I'm clearly not made for non fiction. Broken Furies by Richard Morgan Third book in the Takeshi Kovach trilogy and disappointing me since the first one (altered carbon) was so incredibly good. Not that it is bad, its just not that great. And lastly Skapende handling om ideernas födelse (creating habits; the birth of ideas) by Pirjo Birgerstam Which is boring me to tears.
  12. The Hobbit

    Second that.
  13. Do teenagers still read books?

    My parents would disagree. They find reading fiction just as wasteful as watching tv or browsing the web. T-T
  14. Never Have I Ever...

    Neither have I. .... where is Worcestershire anyway? I have never gotten a hand written letter.
  15. I'm reading Existence by David Brin. I borrowed it from a friend and I first did not like it much, but after 100 or so pages I do not feel like putting it down anymore. It has some interesting ideas even if the plot moves a bit slow. Maybe that is because I read the first 7 Dresden Files books last month and those go fast and are explosive (and funny, very funny) The schools library had dumped a lot of books with broken covers in a container today that I, by coincidence, came across. Ofcourse I could not resist and went head first into the skip, looking for anything interesting to read. I've not got no country for old man and 10 other books on everything from IT security to environmental science and several other novels in my backpack. Now I have to carry them all home on foot. (cant bike in the deep snow) I'm an idiot for not thinking about that before I took so many books.