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  1. What's Up in February? - 2018

    I am looking forward to going to Spain at the weekend and seeing the Alhambra and all the Spanish GOT sites. The timing isn't brilliant mind you as poor Coran is not well at all at the moment. She has tennis elbow and so hasn't had a good nights sleep for almost a week, poor thing because of the pain. On top of that she also has a bad cold, and what seems like an ear infection. I feel a bit guilty leaving her on her own to be honest, but the trip was organised several months ago and neither of knew all this was going to happen. Hopefully the cold at least will be better by the weekend.
  2. June's Around the World Book Challenge

    Thanks for that - I will look it up and see if its on Kindle.
  3. Live Music

    I have seen them twice before - so the Icelandic gig was the third time. The first time was at Wembley in 2013 and the second at Hammersmith last September. The Icelandic show was for me though brilliant - I have always wanted to see them on home turf so it was always going to be special. I hope they do this sort of thing again, although I won't hold my breath, as it took a lot of organising. I must admit I have never even heard of Epica, but I am hoping for a new Sigur Ros album this year - they played a few new songs in Iceland, so I know there's one on the way.
  4. Game of Thrones

    Sounds good to me. I am off to Spain at the weekend to see some of the sites there - there are various ones all around the three cities in Andalucia I shall be visiting including the long bridge of Volantis and the water gardens of Dorne. It should be good although the weather looks a bit hit and miss.
  5. What's your current news about?

    They're not usually that powerful though.
  6. What's your current news about?

    Yes that's what I read too. I was listening to Ian Dale on LBC stuck in traffic on the way home tonight and he was talking to this incredibly stupid American guy who was actually saying that the one thing all of these shootings have in common is that they took place in areas of the US where the gun laws are more strict. What this means this man was saying is that it was therefore more difficult for others to take down these attackers with their own guns! According to him the answer lies in relaxing the laws even further to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons while in the classroom. Seriously! Ian was having none of it and told him exactly what he thought as any sane person would.
  7. What's Up in February? - 2018

    Its par for the course. Our needs are rarely considered I have found. We just don't seem to even be on most peoples radars, as they are too wrapped up in their own jobs. I suppose what makes us different is the fact that because we have to continually go into other departments to do our work we are forced to also consider them. It was a nice afternoon though. I got there at about 1pm so I could have my lunch down there as well and get some reading time.
  8. What's Up in February? - 2018

    It's always good to catch up with friends and family, and by the sound of it your sister is both. I had a better day today and seem to have a lot more energy - I just hope it doesn't mean another sleepless night as that often follows days like this. I am going to have a lazy afternoon tomorrow at least. They asked me to go and clean the shop that we have in the village where the clients learn retail skills and make and sell different textile products. The original plan was for me to go down there early one morning on my way into work and get it done before the shop opens at around 9.30, but today I learnt that as there is no one to run the shop it will be closed all day tomorrow, so I am going to go down there after lunch instead and go straight home from there, which is much better. It means I can have a nice afternoon offsite away from all the politics for a while and listen to my favourite LBC radio while I work. There is a rather nice coffee shop next door as well that does takeaway coffees. Of course they didn't bother to tell me that the shop would be closed - I found out by chance when one of the other staff happened to mention that an email had come round informing people not to take the clients down there that day. I made a big show then of phoning the shop to say how surprised I was that they didn't let me know given how they had asked me to clean it, and checking which day it was closed as my colleague hadn't told me the actual day. Hopefully it had the desired effect. As much as I like working here there are far too many staff who don't think about how others do their jobs. Because they work 9-5 or thereabouts they assume that we do too, even though it must be obvious to them that we don't. I mean how do they think their work areas are clean each morning when they arrive for work! That would be because I and the rest of my team start work early to get it done - why then would we finish at the same time as them when we start an hour and a half earlier?
  9. Live Music

    I intend to!
  10. Cash in Your Face - Stevie Wonder
  11. Live Music

    I am super excited to have got 2 tickets for the Game of Thrones Experience with Ramin Djawani at Wembley on May 27th. I really didn't think we were going to get any, but looking tonight as one does, 2 suddenly became available for exactly the price we wanted, so I grabbed them quick. As its the day before the second May Bank Holiday I won't even have to take the day off work afterwards, as we will want to book a hotel of course so we don't have to rush home.
  12. June's Around the World Book Challenge

    I have managed to complete a few more countries in recent weeks: Jamila by Chingiz Aitmatov for Kyrgyzstan From Dunes to Dior by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar I only have about 60 countries left now.
  13. What's Up in February? - 2018

    It was a bit of a mixed weekend for me. Neither Coran or myself have been feeling great lately - while I know what my problem is with Coran it is less obvious and she is having various heart and blood tests to try and find out what is going on. On Friday she reported a problem with her left shoulder and by Saturday there were pains in the arm and chest - so off to hospital we went. After various tests came back clear we were told it was due to tendonitis and they advised her to rest and take pain killers. We had been planning to go shopping to Guildford that day and have a nice Valentines lunch, but obviously that went out of the window. It wasn't a great day for either of us if I am honest. Sunday was better though as we made it into Guildford and had our lunch. Instead of going to our favourite vegetarian restaurant (which is closed on Sundays) we went to Pizza Express instead. I think both of us are feeling a bit sorry for ourselves at the moment and need a bit of tlc. At least I have all my staff back though as of this morning - and I have a trip to Spain to look forward to in 2 weeks time. It could be worse.
  14. How many books have you read this year?

    I am about halfway through book 15.