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  1. What are you listening to?

    Isaac Hayes - By the time I get to Phoenix - love that organ solo at the end.
  2. That Old Devil Called Love - Billie Holiday
  3. Travel Plans

    Sounds good to me. We have a week in a cottage in Somerset coming up soon as well.
  4. Which will be the best books to read while travelling?

    Far too many to mention! If you give us some idea re what sort of books you like - crime, general fiction, non fiction etc. perhaps we can help you a bit more.
  5. Your Wish Lists

    I use Amazon as being a Kindle reader, I have to buy my books from there. It currently has over 100 items on it and seems to get longer by the day!
  6. Going Paperless

    I am going more and more paperless - I rarely read paper books and all my news subscriptions are now digital as well. I use my phone to make lists of things I need to do rather than writing things down (although I still write things down at work as I don't always have my phone on me). For the first time this year I didn't buy a paper diary, which I don't really miss - I do still have a paper calendar though and one at work for writing everyone's holidays on!
  7. June's Around the World Book Challenge

    Countries I have got through this year include a few overseas territories that are not on my original list - So Many Islands by Thomas Laughlin for Fiji, Kiribati and Niue, Tropic of Violence by Natasha Appanah for Mayotte The Old Man and the Mastiff by Patrick Chamoiseau for Martinique The Svalbard Passage by Thomas Kirkwood for Svalbard Silent Territory by Fredrik Louren for Western Sahara
  8. Travel Plans

    I'll miss them like mad - and so will Coran! I love those cats!
  9. Travel Plans

    I am off to Bosnia this weekend - in 6 days time - I am going via Dubrovnik in Croatia so wont actually get there until Sunday evening - about 7.30 local time, but I am really looking forward to it. Coran hasn't been well for the last few months, so it was touch and go for a while as to whether I would have to cancel, but we both decided that wasn't going to happen as I REALLY need this holiday to recharge my own batteries. Coran is going to stay at her sisters for a while with our lovely neighbours once again looking after the cats, who I will miss like crazy - I have turned into a crazy cat lady since we got them! This time next week then I will on the bus heading towards Mostar at the start of my adventure.
  10. Travel Plans

    It certainly is. Coran and I had a fabulous weekend near Amesbury in Wiltshire over Easter, with perfect weather and it's 4 weeks this weekend until I am off to Bosnia. Coran hasn't been well of late, and I had to cancel a much needed trip to the Canaries in February hence the few short breaks we have had in between. She is still not good unfortunately, but I am not cancelling another trip - we will just have to find a way to make it work.
  11. What's Up in April? - 2019

    We did. I had fun yesterday as well. I went up to Parliament again after work to make some noise as there were 2 large groups from North Yorkshire and Cornwall coming down to take part in a sing off against together. They sang their own versions of some popular songs changing the lyrics to Brexit themed ones instead with musical accompaniment. It was all great fun and very good natured - even the Police Officers were singing along! The 6 o'clock shout (where we all stand outside the House of Commons and shout "stop Brexit" was good fun too - with more songs and chants from the 2 groups - we even made the BBC 6 o'clock news! We also managed to ambush Mark Francois who is Vice Chair of the ERG (a group of ardent Brexiteers). He was being interviewed on College Green and when he finished we all followed him back to the Commons shouting "vote leave lied". It's much more fun that cleaning toilets at work, talking of which we have been interviewing for a new gardener for the past week, as our current one is leaving us at the end of next week, so have to make a decision tomorrow as to who to offer the job to. I know which one I would prefer but need to discuss it with the maintenance manager tomorrow as well in my own bosses absence and see if he agrees.
  12. What's Up in April? - 2019

    It's fine - you don't miss what you never had!
  13. What's Up in April? - 2019

    Sounds good - I never knew most of mine, as three out of four of them died before I was even born!
  14. Travel Plans

    Due to unforeseen circumstances which some of you know about, I had to cancel the trip to the Canaries at short notice. Coran and I ended up with a few days in Portsmouth instead. We also have a weekend break at Easter to look forward to near Stonehenge.