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  1. I've read 'My grandmother sends her regards and apologises' and 'Britt-Marie'. They were both good, definitely very moving books but not in a manner that feels forced or unnecessary. Bonus: the Britt-Marie character overlaps!
  2. Happy Birthday Jen. I hope all is well and happy with you. Big hugs. XXX

  3. You're back! How wonderful. And yes, jobless and at home is indeed a step forward! All is well with me. Glad to 'see' you. Big hugs. XXX

  4. I've lost a few pounds recently. I've started running 4 times a week, and have been since April. It's doing wonders for my self-confidence and mood! Though boyfriend is concerned that I not lose more weight, but I know I have things under control. I know I'm stronger. Sending so much respect to all of you who are making an effort to be healthy despite ailments, and despite the pure torture of dieting.. the amount of self-control involved is immense! You're all really great (even when you relapse for a while) - keep at it!
  5. Hey guys! Happy summer! I know I've been away a while, half a year to be exact.. I just remembered this forum today, and how friendly and homey it feels. I thought I'd drop in and catch up with you all on what you're doing, and tell you how I'm doing. I just graduated, so I have my degree now, but no job sadly. I'll be applying for substitute positions soon. Hoping to find one, but I am determined to have a bit of a summer holiday first, because after 6 years of studying I need a break. So far, summer's rainy. I'm moved back in with my parents in Norway, and they are wonderful of course. But I'll miss Krakow so much. In the process of moving back home, my boyfriend and I had to quit our apartment (of course). We're now in a long distance relationship, I suppose, though he's staying with me at my parents' for the summer. I'm really torn about the whole boyfriend-long distance thing, it's.. it's become quite complicated, to be honest. I'm not sure how sure I am that we're meant to be together anymore. I can say this here cause it's not like he ever checks forums, definitely not book forums. It's been causing me some grief for the past two months. I'll try not to get angsty about it, though. My sister is getting married next summer! Which is great =) She found a lovely man who makes her happy, and between them they have four children. I do like extending our family, and as long as she's happy, I'm happy. She picked me as maid of honour which I'm really happy about, too. Even though I'll have to hold a speech! I've been reading Ben Goldacre's "Bad Pharma" and "Bad Science" lately (simultaneously). Enjoying them, even though non fiction isn't usually my cup of tea. It is my area of interest, after all. Love, Jenny
  6. I was extremely saddened by this. One of my favourite authors in the realm of sci-fi, living or dead. He has a very special place for me, thanks to a few of his books and quirks. If anyone is interested, here is Neil Gaiman's blog post about Iain's death: http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2013/06/iain-banks-with-or-without-m.html
  7. Hi Chrissy! I am well thank you =) I just graduated! And am now jobless and living with my parents, but hey, it's a step forward.. How are you doing?

  8. Hello Hyzenthlay. Hope all is good with you. Big Hugs X

  9. Emerald Green by Kirsten Gier, the last of her trilogy. Loved the first two!
  10. Happy Christmas <3

    1. Chrissy


      Happy Christmas! XXX

    2. vodkafan


      You too Jenny xx

    3. Devi


      happy Christmas!

  11. Hello Chrissy! Merry Chrisstmas:) Cheesy? Maybe. Hope you are good!

    1. Chrissy


      And to you my lovely. : ) All is well and happy with me. How about you? XXX

  12. Oh my Gosh, I just had to share this with you. I looked up The fault in our stars to see if I could pick it up in a Norwegian book shop. Guess what they translated the title into? Go on, guess. They took this poetic title, this beautiful phrase, and turned it into... fudge destiny.
  13. Nollaig- READ IT. It is great. The turn of phrase (and someone having the balls to take on Shakespeare) truly enticed me into reading this book. It's beautiful. I don't know what else to say. It's art.
  14. Just finished "The fault in our stars" by John Green. Crying in that way where you try to hide it so your family won't think you're crazy.
  15. Happy Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day. XXX

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