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  1. Good Evening!

    Hello Amber and welcome, from a fellow Bronte fan.
  2. Strictly Come Dancing

    Which Bon Jovi song is it? I don't watch Take Two, can't stand all the shouting and yelling!
  3. Cancelled shows 2015 + New shows coming

    Yes I liked Forever as well, and there was a sweet quirkiness about it which was nice, plus Ioan Gruyfudd is very easy on the eye
  4. Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier

    I like the way she rarely wrote the same type of story over and over again, yes they are, I suppose, psychological thrillers for the most part, but all the ones I've read so far have been a bit different - ie Gothic, time travel, historical etc.
  5. Your Book Activity - October 2015

    Just finished A Bone to Pick by Charlaine Harris, an easy entertaining rad in the cosy crime genre. Very undemanding, but with a nice dry sense of humour.
  6. Just seen the trailer and it looks awesome (although one scene did look as if it was shot in a field, probably was!), the mere fact that Han Solo is in it is good enough for me.
  7. Cancelled shows 2015 + New shows coming

    Yes his accent wasn't very good! Haven't done spoilers here before so will try to type in "white" so that if you highlight it, you should be able to see it. In the US version the policewoman's husband initially confessed, but then it turned out that their son accidentally killed him, which was how I thought the UK version would turn out.
  8. Monsters in Literature

    I hate clowns! Can't think of anything in particular right now though.
  9. Adverts you like/dislike?

    That dog is adorable, the sling doesn't look very comfy though! Can't stand the ad with the Audrey Hepburn lookalike, she's got such a smug expression, plus it's been around for years, time to give it a rest. And it obviously doesn't work, as I can't remember what it's for!
  10. Cancelled shows 2015 + New shows coming

    Yes I agree about Gracepoint, I much preferred the UK series (sorry!) but funnily enough I thought the US ending was better - that was how I thought the UK version would end (ie the ID of the killer) and I was slightly disappointed by the UK ending, as another series had recently had exactly the same ending, and I thought it was too obvious to do it again. I also thought DT's American casting was a bit odd, I'm assuming it was to give his US career a boost? Most of the cancelled series which I watched had, I think ,come to a natural end. I'm intrigued to see Andrew McCarthy in one of the new series, haven't seen him for a long time! Just crossing fingers that Person of Interest won't get cancelled - we're way behind here and have only just had series 3 so we've got a bit of catching up to do, but there were some great episodes in series 3 (4C was my favourite).
  11. Strictly Come Dancing

    Yes I thought Beautiful Day was an odd choice for a Paso, and it wasn't a very good dance either, although she was much better in the dance off. I thought Carol's Paso was much better (and more traditional). I think Jamelia is good but she is a bit heavy, but she's a great dancer and I think she just needs a bit more control. It's great to see Anton finally doing well!
  12. I don't do zombies at all, my favourite supernaturals are probably vampires - I've read all the Twilights although I think they definitely went off after the first 2 books. I also enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse series (apart from the fae), and have Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series to read, and I'm working my way through the Mortal Instruments series. I used to love the Vampire Chronicles but I think "Prince Lestat" may have finished them for me. I read an occasional ghost story but don't really like them too scary! I enjoyed Sarah Waters' "The Little Stranger". I try not to read too much of this genre as I think it can be very derivative, also I often find that ghost stories tend to have disappointing endings, which is another reason I don't read that many of them.
  13. Hello

    Hello eyesee. Oh too many writers to mention - I read my first Nesbo earlier this year and quite enjoyed it, although it was a bit gruesome! I like Ann Cleeves's crime series set on the isle of Shetland, Elly Griffiths's series set in Norfolk - neither of these are very gory, and the Griffiths books have a nice sense of dry, slightly cynical, humour. I also like historical crime, and cosy crime such as Agatha Raisin (for a bit of silliness), the US writers Janet Evanovich and Charlaine Harris (reading one of hers now). I have the Stieg Larsson books to read but haven't got round to them yet! Have you read those?
  14. I'm assuming you're referring to the "Midnight" series? I think that's what it's called, as it's set in the small town of Midnight in Texas. First book is "Midnight Crossroad" which came out in paperback in the UK earlier this year, second book is "Day Shift" and I think, according to her blog, she's currently finishing off the third one. I read the first book and enjoyed it overall, not quite True Blood but quirky in her usual way. She also says on her blog that she's been commissioned to write two more in the Aurora Teagarden series (a cosy crime, not supernatural) which she wrote a while ago. I've just started the second book in that series, and they're showing the movies on TV here.
  15. I think they're worth reading to the end, although they do fizzle out a bit and the last book feels rushed. I did suspect how it would turn out relationship-wise though, so that didn't really come as much of a surprise. Hope you enjoy them Kylie!
  16. Strictly Come Dancing

    I watched Jay and Kellie's dances again last night on You tube, and have to say I prefer the Charleston, they were just so spot on in sync with each other, and for once made brilliant use of the props too. And the music was perfect too. I'd have given them a 10! Mind you, given Jay's footwork in the jive, he should be good at the Argentine Tango.
  17. What's Up in October? - 2015

    Glad you had a good time in the UK Athena, what part(s) did you visit?
  18. Hello

    Hi pink_girl and welcome. Your dog is sweet.
  19. Hello!

    HI Sorina (lovely name). I also loved Shadow of the Wind, I've read a couple of stand-alone Stephen King books but none of his series.
  20. Hi there

    HI Brida and welcome.
  21. Looking for some old faces as well as new :)

    Hi and welcome.
  22. Hi All

    Hello and welcome.
  23. Glad to be here

    Hi and welcome from another newbie.
  24. Hello

    I'm enjoying it so far - I thought it took a while for the story to really get going - a lot about Marcus's background and then his way of life (I don't want to say more for fear of spoilers!) - but once he started to look properly for the Eagle then it got quite gripping. I love his character and it's very well-written and vivid in the descriptions of the countryside and the villages etc. Not too far off finishing it now.
  25. Doctor Foster

    What did you think of the ending of this? I thought most of it was a bit far-fetched and way over the top, especially the way she acted as a doctor in the early episodes, as mentioned in a post above. But great stuff for drama, although by the end the only one I felt really sorry for was their son.