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I am progressing with this. It is written in Old English on one side of the page, modern English on the other. It was translated by John Porter and it is a fairly literal translation.  My step-mother gave me a translation by Seamus Heaney once, but I never read it. I suppose the translation was a little more free. I think the story is jolly good. There is quite a lot of preamble. Beowulf does not just turn up and start fighting monsters. There are lots of pleasantries and formalities.  You can't just turn up and fight monsters without a by-your-leave, particularly if you turn up in a boat full of armed men.

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I am about half way through. Beowulf has killed the Grendel by ripping off his arm. Beowulf must have been pretty strong, because I image the Grendel being as strong as a grizzly bear. I expect Jeff Capes would have had a problem ripping a grizzly bear's arm off. 

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I thought I was half way through in May, but I am not yet half way through in July. I read the same page each day until I understand it. When I understand a page without having to refer to the translation I start a new page the next day. They're after Grendal's mum now. Was Grendal's mum tougher than Grendal? I dare say my mum is not as tough as me, but maybe it is different with primeval monsters.

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