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Her Last Request by Mari Hannah

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I just discovered Mari Hunter and am really enjoying Her Last Request.


I am a little confused about something in the first chapter. Could anyone who has read the book assist please?


Page six has the words:


'Keep your eyes peeled. There may be more of these'


There are none, guv. I swept the place.


Despite his confident claim, that wasn't what the first paragraph of the note implied.


However, looking at the first paragraph of the note on page one there is no indication of there being more notes.


Would anyone be able to clarify what the implication is in the note, or is this just a mistake?



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Thanks  for the reply Hayley,



Could you tell us what the first paragraph of the note does say?


The note was found with the body, and the first paragraph is as follows:


We all want to escape sometimes, even you. The difference between us is that my life depends on it. No, wait! If you're reading this, that sentence should be framed in the past tense because by then it'll all be over. If that's what's happened, you've already found this note. My days were numbered from the moment I set eyes on HIM.



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Hmm, I think the only part of the note that could be read as indicating the presence of more notes is this:

1 hour ago, jonesypeter said:

If that's what's happened, you've already found this note.

But it would be dependent on how you read ‘this note’ (the emphasis on this would change the meaning)… there’s no reason the character would read it that way though. Maybe something was changed in the editing process that killed (no pun intended) a subtle hint?


1 hour ago, Madeleine said:

Maybe you'll find out more as you read on?

This could be possible if there’s some sort of twist later. Something the narrator knows that hasn’t been revealed to the reader yet. Madeleine would have a better idea of that than me though, I haven’t read any of this series!

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