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The Amises


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It has been several weeks since Martin Amis died. I read three of his books: Money, London Fields and Lionel Asbo. Of the three I liked Lionel Asbo the most. It was black humour but hilarious. It really stuck the boot into the celebrity culture of the time. I liked London Fields. I did not like Money so much, which is often reckoned his best book.


I have read two books by his old man, Kingsley too: Lucky Jim and The Old Devils. Lucky Jim is a comedy campus novel. The Old Devils won the Booker Prize ahead of The Handmaid's Tale. It is about these retired Welsh geezers. A professional, celebrity Welshman returns to his hometown with his missus. On telly he portrays himself as an expert on Dylan Thomas while pushing out some Michael Palinesque persona. In reality he is a bit of a shhhhhhh. It was a good book, different to anything else I have read. 


I am contemplating reading another book from both them authors.

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I read The Information by Martin Amis. It was dark, cynical and misanthropic. Have to give him credit for skewering clever people and much as the thick. He is an equal opportunities skewerer. 


It's a shame he does not have a son who is a writer.

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