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  1. Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder - Cradle Of Filth
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xfvk028Kv0&list=PLyACOLem3DUOkqFUm1t_LJ_Fs4zhY7EGh&index=6
  3. Thanks Poppy, It helps that they are quite easy reads and the first ones I read are quite short. The later ones are about 350-400 pages.
  4. A list of my reading in 2019, JackM, dexs Michael Connelly , New reads Harry Bosch (Hieronymous) The burning room , disappointing The crossing, okay The wrong side of goodbye, okay Per Wahloo, Maj Sjowall Martin Beck Series, Good John Harvey Reread Trouble In Mind, Good Flesh And Blood, Good Ash & Bone, Good Darkness & Light, Good Good Bait, Good Terry Pratchett Reread Discworld Death Saga, Good Mort Reaper Man Soul Music Thief Of Time Raymond E. Feist New Read The Rift War Saga : Chaos War Good A kingdom Beseiged A Crown imperilled Magician's End Stephen Leather , Reread and New Spider Shepherd Hard Landing Soft Target, Good Cold Kill, Good Hot Blood, Good Dead Men, Good Live Fire, Good Rough justice, Good Fair Game (New Read), Good False Friends, Good True Colours , Good White Lies (New Read), Good Black Ops (New Read), Good Takedown (New Read) A Lex Harper & Charlotte Button Spinoff (New Read), Good Spider Shepherd SAS 1 Good Light Touch (New Read), Good Short Range (New Read), Good Simon Kernick The Witness, Ray Mason 1, Good The Bone Field Ray Mason 2, Poor. It had a really stupid ending that didn't make any sense. 2 parter doh. The Hanged Man, Ray Mason 3, Good Quintin Jardine, Rereads Bob Skinner Skinner's Rules, okay, Overall all have been good reads so far. " Festival " Trail " Round " Ordeal " Mission " Ghosts Murmuring The Judges Gallery Whispers Thursday Legends Autographs In The Rain Head Shot Fallen Gods Stay Of Execution Lethal Intent Dead And Buried Death's Door Aftershock Fatal Last Words A Rush Of Blood Patrick Robinson, Admiral Arnold Morgan Nimitz Class Kilo Class I'm currently swapping between The Bob Skinner and Dan Spider Shepherd and Simon Kernick. Edited 23 hours ago by dex
  5. I vary depending on the books I read, I have just read Takedown by Stephen Leather which is an undemanding action thriller in a day. Generally I can read these books in 2 or 3 days. I recently tried to start an Alistair Reynolds book and only managed about 20 pages, because of the language and technical jargon invented for the story
  6. Alright thanks Athena, I just haven't done much reading. I've mainly been watching boxsets.
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