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  1. Thanks --- I've been on a roll lately, that's for sure . I bet you've read a ton yourself !
  2. Thank you Frankie I'd say the 2 that really stand out are : I'm Down by Mishna Wolff -- it's a memoir that is so funny ! and This is Not My Beautiful Life, by Victoria Fedden ... I got it from NG and just finished it ,so not sure of the publication date . Its also a memoir . Ive read several of them this year .
  3. Noll, Several of them are ARC's -so have yet to be published . I need to take the time to put authors and reviews up . It just looks like a big task when I'm this far behind !
  4. Nothing wrong with that We all like to read at different paces . Sometimes I slow down, then speed up, depending on my moods I guess or what else is going on that needs attention .
  5. Sounds like you have a nice stash to keep you busy for awhile I actually have no clue how many I have . I don't keep track very well anymore. I've read a lot from my Kindle , so it's probably down around 150 . Then I read books for Netgalley and have maybe 30 in there that need read and reviewed. Plus I have maybe 100 audiobooks .
  6. Thanks, Athena , I still haven't gotten any reviews up . Will try to get them posted soon . Yes, I guess I have read several books I enjoyed. I don't usually finish books I am not enjoying, though . Too many books, not enough time , you know ? Lots of good ones out there to waste time on the ones I have to MAKE myself keep reading . I just move on to the next . At least it's helping to bring down my TBR pile to a more manageable number .
  7. Nope. just using my 5 as a top rating . I'm probably a lot more liberal at giving out a 5 , or maybe I HAVE read more really good books than I realized so far this year . I'll work on getting reviews up soon . It's grey and rainy here today so I sorta took a nap .
  8. Wow, those cards might be collectibles someday !
  9. Yea, I've been on a roll so far this year . Reading on my Kindle doesn't make my fingers catch fire though . The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio is a really cute story. This is the second time I've read it . It's a pretty fast read , too .
  10. I keep wondering what we all did BEFORE cell phones and computers ? I know I was around back then, but it seems weird to think about how we kept occupied before we had a computer running in front of us all day ...
  11. Good luck on your Literary Tour of the US , Will . I hope you enjoy the trip .
  12. That's one of the nice things about books -- we can live in a lot of other lands and meet other people without leaving our chair !
  13. I haven't read any of this author's books yet, but have heard others who have struggled with this one . I hope you find something else to hold your attention more . Nothing wrong with only reading 8 ! We all read and enjoy books at different paces .
  14. Yea, you brought up a good point about the phones. It's weird if you are out in public and watching people very much . Almost everyone seems to be talking , texting, or fiddling with their phones no matter where you are . It always amazes me when I am grocery shopping ,and there are lots of people shopping while carrying on conversations on their phone . It's funny, sometimes I wonder if they stop to think that everyone in the store is listening to their half of the conversation ?
  15. I guess maybe the original question here might have been whether we read more fiction or nonfiction . Nonfiction would definitely win for me. I used to read a lot more fiction, but like reading memoirs ,travel and true crime, and some historical books, so I'd say NF for the most part . ( Or even fiction based on a true story )
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