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    Thank you! I read whatever draws me in at the time, so I'm sure I'll be taking suggestions from posts here quite often! I don't have that many author collections, but I've read quite a lot of Jodi Picoult books as well as a few Sarah Waters and Matt Haig books which I've really enjoyed! Thank you for the welcome.
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    I turned 26 last month.
  3. Windy and rainy where I am today.
  4. I've just finished The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and today I have been reading The Radleys by Matt Haig. I'm also listening to The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
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    Hello My name is Hollie and I'm a 26 year old book lover from London. I'm a huge introvert and the small group of friends I have aren't book people, so I found this forum today and thought it would be the perfect place to be around other book people like myself.
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