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Beyond the Mayflower Steps - Book in Exchange for Review

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I've recently been in touch with the daughter of an author who sadly passed away last year. The daughter, Sarah, was given the rights to her father's autobiography and has since had it published (with Figtree Industries). Sarah is now looking for readers to give an honest review of the book (on their choice of platform) in exchange for a free copy (either physical or ebook).


If you are interested in reviewing the book please let me know either via personal message or by replying to this thread. Further details of the book, from the press release, below:



'Beyond the Mayflower Steps - One Man's Journey to Womanhood'




'A touching story filled with social history, depicting Freds' life in Plymouth in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, capturing his journey through life, from his birth in Plymouth at the end of World War II, through a postwar childhood into adulthood, when he travelled around the country and across to Europe as a vagrant in the late 1960s, returning to Plymouth to find a place to call home.

He then struggled for 17 years with the knowledge that he was a woman trapped in a mans' body and made the painful decision to leave his family and begin gender reassignment in 1986.'


What Others Are Saying

"I couldn't put this book down! Reading Joy's story made me laugh and cry. It's a beautifully written and honest insight into her life and a wonderful historical piece! I think everyone should read this book to gain understanding and compassion and no doubt it will be of great help to many people going through similar experiences. It was easy to give this book 5 stars and I'm sure that Joy would be so happy and proud to know her story is out there!" Rebecca R.


"I highly recommend this book. It is a heart-felt autobiography full of insight and reflection on the journeys we take in life. The narative is always compelling, but at times this book was hard to read due to the truths being relayed. Joy's story is written in a startlingly honest way; even in the darkest moments, when it would be all too easy to gloss over a fact, Joy gives us everything. I have learnt more about the human condition from reading Beyond the Mayflower steps." Michael P.


"Beautiful inside and out. Revealing writing and bound in its lovely cover. Something to treasure truly." Aurelie E.


About the Author

Joy was born in Plymouth in 1945 and was taken into care aged 4. She identified with her ‘sisters’ from an early age and was confused when she realised she was different from them. She struggled to understand the conflicting feelings inside her until the 1980s when things finally came to a head and she knew he had to become the woman she felt she was born to be.

In the first instance, by writing this memoir, Joy sought to put the events of her life to rest. Her daughter thought it had the potential to raise awareness and help other people understand why someone is compelled to make the change.

'This book is my father's legacy and I hope that it can help others, their families and friends who have taken the same lonely path he did. When my father transitioned in 1989, there was virtually no understanding of gender dysphoria and little support for my mum and I and it was a very traumatic, confusing, isolating time for us. I only wish there had been a book I could have read that might have helped us to understand what was going on inside my father's mind and why he was compelled to make the changes that hurt us all so very much.'

Sarah Connor (Daughter)

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23 hours ago, itsmeagain said:

Yes Hayley. 


I'll review it. 

Brilliant :) would you prefer an ebook or physical copy?

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