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Your Ultimate Dream Library

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What would your own dream library look like? I don't mean a massive government run building, I mean one in your dream house. What kind of book cases would you have, what objects would be in the room (and what kind of books would you hope to have in there)?


Mine would be in a large rectangular room, plastered white with some dark wooden beams across the ceiling. The floor would be wooden, parket (like in my room). There would be book cases on three of the walls, with the fourth wall, opposite of the door, having windows and radiators (looking out onto the garden). The book cases would be made out of dark wood. There would also be smaller standalone book cases in the middle of the room, like in a library where you can pick books from both sides. In the centre of the room I would have a Persian carpet and a sofa with a blanket. I would also place a desk somewhere, with a comfy chair and writing equipment.


I would have lots of books in this room, singlerowed in the book cases. I would have my collection in there (minus the ones I'm not interested in keeping / reading), as well as books from my wishlist, new (or older) books to come out by authors I like or own other books of, and more books that I might yet discover in future (in the genres I'm interested in). All the books would be in smaller paperbacks (where available), great condition (of course I'd read the books but no strangers before me unless it's unavailable new). I would also love to own some first or early editions of some classics, such as Jane Eyre or editions of medieval books (with their pretty illustrations). I would also own a Kindle with many books bought on my account so I can read while travelling.


That's all I can think of for now. It's highly unlikely I'll ever have my dream library, but it's nice to think about sometimes. What does your dream library look like?

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I want a wall to wall library room. Spirituality books on one wall, travel on opposite wall, football the third wall, classics on fourth wall. Comfy chairs, biscuits, a huge full teapot, will reside permanently on my table.

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I like the idea of displaying your books like this:




Although I think I'd rather sort my books by theme, and then by author just to make it more practical. :P


I want to live in a small house when I finally get a house of my own. But I will definitely have a large space for a library - it will be my main room!

I tend to have most of my books on a kindle atm, but once I get my own house, I'll make sure to have a copy of every book I have read. It's like being surrounded by memories, I find there's a lot of nostalgia associated with the books I've kept.


I'd like my library to be in a big open room; big windows and a lovely fireplace. And of course some leather sofas to curl into, along with a study desk. I'd be more interested in an antique design than something modern; mainly wooden decorations with perhaps a rich maroon carpet. 


Ooh, and what about a chandelier?! :P Perhaps I'm going a bit far now..


It's nice to dream about all the books I'll have in the future and where to put them. I also write journals, so I'd like to have a separate bookcase somewhere in the corner with my own writing.

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For my personal library, I would love floor to ceiling solid wood shelving (probably oak or cherry wood) with those sliding ladders. All the books would be beautifully bound versions, all leather or cloth or something beautiful - all hardback.


The room would be large with huge picture windows letting in plenty of light - there would be comfy window seats at each one. A comfy sofa, a comfy wing-back chair, and a comfy chaise longue would all be placed in front of an open fire for those cold rainy days, and I can choose whether I want to be upright or laid down or whatever. Beautiful handmade blankets would be available to snuggle under as I read, and the cushions would all be hand cross stitched.


There would also be lovely little occasional tables so I can have a cuppa and a snack. There would also be tea and coffee making facilities (with all my favourite Twinings blends) and a small fridge, as well as a beautiful and fully stocked fruit bowl. There'd also be fresh cut flowers, because I think they make a room look elegant.


I'd have a gorgeous antique writing table, fully stocked with stunning stationery and as many stamps as I could ever use, as I do like to write letters. There'd also be an entire shelf dedicated to the prettiest notebooks in creation, simply because I love to look at them and, on occasion, write in them.


I'd have to have a large en suite bathroom so I wouldn't have to leave when I needed to, well, you know, "go", and I could choose to soak in the tub with a book if I felt like it (I'd also have removable plastic covers for my books to protect them when I do this). The bathroom would be well stocked with bubble bath, bath bombs, bath oils, and all manner of bath yummies from the likes of Lush (I love Cerridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt, so there'd have to be a steady supply of them).


Entrance to my bookish paradise would be through a secret door.

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Oh, I've been fantasizing about my dream library for months.. I'm 14. Oh dear. 

It would be a large rectangular room with the walls painted a light duck-egg blue colour. There would be dark oak beams across the high ceiling, and the floor would be exactly the same colour oak as the beams. On the left and right walls there would be great long dark oak shelves that nearly touched the beams, and on the wall with the dark oak door, there too would be a long shelf to the corners of the room, that arched over your head as you walked into the room. In the centre of the room, there would be 3 shelves carefully place as close together as possible with just enough room for one person to walk in between the small isles. On the back wall, there would be a small strip of window that ran through the middle of the wall. Above the window would be an encouraging canvas frame that read the words, "Of course I love books more than people!". Then, beneath the window, there would be a charcoal grey sofa, as well as a matching armchair. On the sofa would be 3 orange pillows to contrast against the room, and 1 orange pillow on the armchair. In the middle of the two chairs, there would be a small dark oak coffee table, with orange coasters for my dearly beloved tea that I love to drink whilst reading. 

Oh my... I shouldnt have done that..

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