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  1. Poppyshake's Reading Year 2016

    Glad to see you're having a good reading year so far I'm already about 3 books behind according to Goodreads Lolly Willowes does sound really interesting! I was surprised to see how early it was written! Might have to give it a try
  2. I don't read e-books because I find it hard to read from a screen for a long time. I have a kindle fire now but I use it more like an easily portable laptop than an e-reader. I did try to use it to read and I do use it to make notes in books when I'm working sometimes, or to search for a word in a book, but I've never been able to sit and read a whole book from it. I have never tried an e-reader with the special screen for reading though (is it called paperwhite, or is that a make?) so maybe it would be different with one of those. I like paper books anyway. I like being able to browse through them in a shop, see the cover, physically see how far through it you are. And, of course, there is the new book smell (or really old book smell - even better!) which you don't get from an e-reader
  3. The Gaming Box

    Firewatch sounds interesting but do you actually do anything other than walk through the story and choose dialogue options? Like puzzles or crafting? I played Dear Ester with a friend and was a little disappointed that there wasn't more to the game. In fact, I would call it more of an interactive story than a game. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't constantly been expecting to have to do something, only to find that I had reached the end Miasmata is good but I found it quite freaky I never got round to finishing it either, I really should! I've been playing Night of the Rabbit recently. I got it in a Humble Bundle a while ago and thought it looked pretty. It's also by Daedalic Entertainment, the company that developed the 'Deponia' games which I loved. So far it's really good
  4. Noll's 2016 Books and Cross-Stitch

    I know I'm a bit late but I just saw this and it made me laugh. Your instructions are obviously good though because you do always have a very nicely organised thread! It's a shame about the poor romance and ending in The Love That Split the World, the synopsis did sound promising and it's always annoying when you feel like a book wasn't as good as it could have been. Like Athena, I hope your next read will be better
  5. I've never tried Coq au Vin but it sounds (and looks) like it would be very nice. I don't have my own garden so the only thing I can really say I bought and cooked with is a potted basil plant which I used on pizza. Not exactly on the same level I think the nicest local thing I've had was honey from a man who lives just a couple of roads away from me. I really love honey though so it would have been unusual if I didn't like it
  6. Hi from Kerry

    Hi I haven't read any of the books you're reading at the moment but I've heard good things about the first two, I hope you're enjoying them!
  7. Probably tomato sauce. Unless they're really nice chip shop chips, then just salt and vinegar. I like chips and gravy but I would only really have that if the meal had gravy - like pie and chips with gravy. If I had lasagne I would dip them in that (that's one of my favourites!). Beans are good too. I never liked mayonnaise though! When I had my flat (at uni), if I was really hungry and didn't have much money to go and buy food, I would cook really cheap frozen chips and put them in a casserole dish, then pour a tin of beans on top - and then grate some cheese on top of that if I happened to have any. Probably not the most nutritious thing I ever ate but very satisfying when you're hungry
  8. Hayley's 2016 Reading

    Still reading ​The Mysterious Island ​but I think I'm going to have to pause reading it for a little while because (and I am VERY excited about this) I just received ​Fever of the Blood ​by Oscar de Muriel! I got it from a goodreads giveaway, it isn't actually out until the 11th and it came with a signed cover, a poster and the first book ​The Strings of Murder ​(which I did already have but my copy was from a charity shop so nice to have a shiny new one). I can't resist reading it early so change of reading plan ​
  9. I just bought ​The Silkworm ​without realising it was part of a series (since it doesn't actually say it is on the cover - it just says 'by the author of the international bestseller The Cuckoo's Calling'). Does anyone who's read both know if Cuckoo's Calling needs to be read first, or if I can just read ​The Silkworm ​as a standalone book?
  10. Hayley's 2016 Reading

    I'm glad you're all thinking of looking at ​The Miniaturist​, it definitely wasn't perfect (to me, anyway) for the reasons above but it's not quite like anything I've ever read before either and it made me stay up until about half past two in the morning to find out what happens at the end so that has to be a positive I only found out about it a couple of years ago when someone at my university mentioned it, I couldn't believe I'd never been before! The café looks really nice, although I've never eaten there because I'm usually feeling too guilty about all the books I just bought to also stuff my face with cake . Did they have the upstairs part for children the last time you went? Could be a good distraction for a 3 year old Quick book update: I am reading ​The Mysterious Island ​but I expect it's going to take me a while to finish it. It's really interesting so far, but also what I would describe as 'dense'. It has a ​lot ​of information (often scientific / technological / mathematical information) packed into each chapter, so I feel as though I have to read it slowly to take everything in (and sometimes have to read the same section three times before I actually understand it ). I suspect the pace might pick up later in the story but I'll see ​ ​
  11. Hello - new member here!

    Hi your profile picture looks delicious ​
  12. I have no idea but I'm intrigued as to why you only have these two small circles of the cover to work out the name of the author. What is it for?
  13. Hayley's 2016 Reading

    Thank you Athena and Kylie I'm glad it's going on more reading lists, it really is worth reading! I decided to read ​The Miniaturist ​next and finished it this morning so... ​The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton - ​​Page Turner The best thing about this book is that it constantly maintains a sense of mystery. I literally couldn't put it down sometimes because I ​had ​to find out what the explanation was. For that reason it was brilliant. I love the idea of the cabinet (containing a miniature version of the character's house) which the book is based on. It might be because I used to really love tiny dollhouse things as a child, my seven year old self really wanted the cabinet . There's also a slightly magical edge that runs throughout the book which I liked. Although the book is set in the late 1600's it deals with some serious issues that are still very relevant to modern times, mainly gender equality but also racism and homophobia. There were two reasons I didn't completely love it. The main reason is that I wanted more to be explained and revealed. There were elements of the plot that I was expecting to return later but they just never did. To be fair I never like it when things are left unanswered in a book, and this is definitely not the only book to leave you guessing on a few points, but it almost felt as though parts had been cut out in some cases. The second, which is partly related to the first, is that although I really liked the characters in the book generally and thought they were well done, very occasionally they did things that I just didn't get. I felt like the action, or reaction, needed more explanation as to why it fit the character. These negatives by no means ruined the book, they're just small personal things. I suppose basically I just wanted it to be longer I still really enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to other people to read. I'm thinking of reading some Jules Verne next, probably ​The Mysterious Island
  14. RIP - David Bowie

    I found it strange that I'd been thinking about David Bowie this week after reading a short story by Neil Gaiman in ​Trigger Warning ​called 'The Return of the Thin White Duke.' Apparently it was meant to accompany fashion drawings of David Bowie and his wife by a Japanese artist in a magazine, but it wasn't published. It's a great story. I think I'll always think of him as the goblin king though. 69 was certainly too young. Goodreads linked this list of David Bowie's 100 favourite books http://electricliterature.com/david-bowies-100-favorite-books/ some of them I think I could have guessed but others are fairly surprising.
  15. Hi You'll definitely find lots of book recommendations here so hopefully you'll find something to equal your interest in The Hunger Games!
  16. Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

    I thought my comment was controversial to be honest, the petition has a lot of support, I was surprised anybody agreed with me! ​I do agree it is a sweet idea though, it's lovely that anybody even thought of doing it. I don't even think it is a ​bad ​idea, it's just the thought of taking something that was meant to represent the imaginative and magical element of the world and making it define a thing that is just a piece of normal, rational matter, seems somehow jarring to me. Like it doesn't fit and I'm not sure if it should. Or it might help some chemistry students discover Terry Pratchett, that would be a good effect too
  17. Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

    I saw this petition earlier today but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I love Terry Pratchett (as you may have noticed...) and I think it's brilliant that people want to remember him this way but I'm just not sure how I feel about assigning 'Octarine' to a real element. It's meant to be literally the colour of magic, the 'pigment of the imagination' as the article above quotes, 'a sign that mere matter was a servant of the powers of the magical mind.' If element 117 is given this name then Octarine will be a word for something that is mere matter, when the point is surely that the imagination is more than that, it's something that isn't bound by the rules of the rational world. I know I'm probably overthinking something that's just meant to be a nice gesture but still, half of me wants to sign and the other half doesn't!
  18. Andrea's reading in 2016

    I have The Woman in White on my bookshelf too, I loved The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins so I have high hopes for it I love The Book Thief too, I hope you're enjoying it! Good luck reaching your goals this year ​ ​
  19. Hayley's 2016 Reading

    Thank you everyone! It's good to see such positive things about The Eyre Affair! I'm going to Astley book farm soon so I want to check if they have it first, if not I'm going to order it. Either way I'll hopefully get to read it soon! It is really difficult! I'm not too bad with the first few books, but then I find it hard to categorise books as the same rating the more I read, because I might feel completely different about two books even though I've given them both a '4' etc. Book nerd problems! First review time! ​Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman - ​Fantastically Magical ​​​I finished this book last night (well... actually this morning... I think it was about 1am when I actually finished... oops ) and I loved it. I feel like Neil Gaiman has the ability to create a very unique fantastical atmosphere. It was what I loved about Stardust and it's very present in this short story collection. The variety in it is also amazing, every story and poem takes you somewhere new. It's a bit like stepping through the looking glass and into a series of somebody else's dreams (somebody with a very active imagination). The background of fairy tale and mythology Gaiman uses is another feature I really love in his writing that comes through very strongly in these stories. ​For any fan of fantasy, fairy tale, mythology, even horror and sci-fi, I would absolutely recommend this book! ​
  20. Oh dear, that's terrible It is good to see the support from authors though and it looks like the ebay auctions are doing really well, hopefully the shop (and the comic book shop) can rebuild soon!
  21. Lauraloves Reads 2016

    I love ​The Colour of Magic​, I think with all the Terry Pratchett books it really depends on your sense of humour if you love them or not but hopefully you will ​ I'll be interested to see what you think of ​Assassin's Creed Renaissance​, I've picked it up before but couldn't decide whether to try it or not.
  22. Hayley's 2015 Chaos / Book Blog

    So I read ​Decline and Fall ​and ​​Last Argument of Kings​ in the end! ​Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh - ​ ​​This was quite a difficult one to rate, again, because there's no denying it's a very well written book and you can see how it got its status as a classic. On the other hand I didn't enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed other books which I've given two smiley faces to, so it only gets one. One of the main things I had heard about this book before I started it was that it was very funny, but it wasn't in the way I expected. It's not a book to make you laugh out loud, it's actually very tragic in parts, but it is humorous in a satirical way. Ultimately it's a book about the way people live their lives, from the point of view of a protagonist who is constantly observing other lives and learning their stories (whether he wants to or not) and it fits its purpose very well. It's thought provoking and although I wouldn't name it amongst my favourite books, I would still recommend anybody to read it. ​Last Argument of Kings - ​ ​ ​I was looking forward to reading this book so much I felt like I physically couldn't read it fast enough at times. I really wanted to know what would happen in the end to all the characters you get to know throughout the first two books and that alone probably proves how good I felt these books were. There were a couple of little things I would have changed about this one, which is why I didn't give it the highest rating. I would have liked certain things to be explained in more detail for example (although I am hoping some more explanation might be given in the books related to this series which I've seen, I need to look up more about them). It was still a great book though, well written, gripping and funny at times. I wish there were more!
  23. Since I've been reading so much outside of my challenge recently I decided I wanted a place to talk about my other books too! I have no hope it will be anywhere near as organised as some of the book blogs on here already though, hence the name I'm also going to keep it really informal... since I write about books formally all the time it's nice to just chat about them sometimes! I thought I'd go for a ratings system of smiley's. So... = It was ok = It was really good :smile: = It was amazing / I loved it I think that's everything to start with so please, come and join the chaos! The more book-related rambling the better!
  24. The Gaming Box

    I love point and click games, I'm playing Book of Unwritten Tales 2 at the moment (I just got it, it's in a really good sale on gog.com!). So far it seems good, I really liked the first one. The puzzles and combinations of items are actually logical, which is always nice! I only just worked out you can put a collar on your dog! I love that there's so much to explore and make though! I do love collecting things in games and Fallout 4 is like collecting paradise
  25. Athena's Reading List 2015

    Congratulations on reaching 425 books! That's quite an achievement! ​​