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  1. Happy birthday, Sarah. Hope you're having a good weekend. Xx

  2. Happy birthday, Pal! Hope you're having a super weekend. Xx

  3. Whoa! Missed your birthday, Pickle. Hope you had a brilliant one and that you're going to have a smashing weekend, my friend! Mwah. Xx

  4. I haven't read any of Hamilton's stuff, but will have a look now that you've suggested it. I STRONGLY recommend that you read Use Of Weapons by Iain M. Banks. This is an exceptionally brilliant novel and has a bearing upon Surface Detail. :)

  5. It was naturey. Big time. We had weather and everything! xx

  6. *sounds of door slamming in excitement, pounding feet, skidding to a halt

    mmmmmmmmMMMMMWAH! Hi Paula!

  7. *scampering sounds as Mac dashes back in


    Childish, no? xx

  8. What's this? You're poorly? Get well soon, Noll. And to think I was just dropping by to do a spooky laugh, or something...*tuts xx

  9. Happy birthday, Ned. Hope it's a blast!

  10. Glad to see you're back, Scarlette. I hope all is well with you. What's going down in Groovetown? xx

  11. I'm all right thanks, Paula. Sort of looking forward to the mountains - you never know, I might not die! ;) I'll be back in a flash. Hope all is tip top with you, my friend. x

  12. Mine's taken in Cornwall, England. A little fishing village called Porthleven, where my family has a house. Delightful. Are you from South Africa? My Uncles Bill and Nigel own a wine estate there. Not been to visit yet, though. One day! :)

  13. I'm off to Wales on Monday, undertaking my ML training in Snowdonia (which'll be interesting, if a little nerve-wracking...) I'll let you know. Wild camping in the Mountains often lends itself to stargazing in wonderment! x

  14. Ahhh, you know...pootling along...xx

  15. That's my point, though, Andrea. I have all the edge of a satsuma. None. I've currently got my head in a bucket of water (figuratively). x

  16. *runs in, hugs fiercely, dashes out blushing

  17. Hi Noll. Not heard from you for a while, so I thought I'd pop by to say hello. How're things in sunny Ireland? x

  18. Ha-ha-haaaaaaapy BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great one.

  19. Yo, Beef. Have a brilliant day, chap! Eee hee!

  20. Weird. Your photo is remarkably similar to mine! :)

  21. Kendal is indeed a lovely place. I'll go there again, I'm sure. How're tings in da hood, y'all? xx

  22. Mwah mwah mwah!

    *sounds of Mac dashing off, slamming a door and giggling coquettishly...

  23. Well, I've bought Wednesday's winning ticket, so I'll drop you a line and we'll leave on Saturday. How does that sound? ;) x

  24. Morning, Paula! I hope you're very well and have lovely things planned for the week ahead, my friend. xx

  25. Hey, Giulia! It's great to hear from you. Things are all right with me, thanks. Working like a thing that works a lot, but that's me all over - I think I'd cark (if you'll excuse the word) if I stopped! So. Are you in the UK or somewhere more exotic and exciting? And have you heard from Sarah (chrysalis_stage) at all? Happy thoughts winging their way to you, my friend. xx