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  1. Popped into my local Waterstone's last Saturday. Whilst I was walking around it was rather sobering to realise the last time I had been in there was Christmas Eve, the day the shop was last open before Lockdown 2: The Tricky Second Act.
  2. Are they likely to do the washing up?
  3. Being really old, I have no idea what a teenager sounds like these days, but I thought Ben did a convincing job (well, convincing enough for me, anyway).
  4. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Five Neil Gaiman novels on Kindle for 99p each, today.
  5. Nah, I was thinking about Paul Newman. Again... What a nice way of saying "you're really old..." Now that actually works for me, because it is her stream of consciousness. If is wasn't written so, then I think it would have read too much like Peter again, which was a criticism I had of Oktober Man.
  6. June's Around the World Book Challenge

    Or you could always double post to show your enthusiasm!
  7. Do You Mark Your Books?

    I very occasionally underline something I might want to quote or find again easily in red, but that is very occasionally indeed. I otherwise try to keep books in pristine condition, where possible. I'm with your brother on this one, and I'll add a Gollumesque Murderer! for emphasis!
  8. I was at work, sadly. ETA: I have been looking at other people's pictures of bookshops on social media, however...
  9. Okay, fess up, who went to a book shop today?
  10. Andrea in 2021

    My sister had half a shelf full of them!
  11. The Best Film Soundtrack?

    Scum! Mention them not!
  12. Kindle and ebooks deals

    I think someone was talking about trying this the other day, but Norwegian Wood, by Haruki Murakami is 99p on the Kindle today. As is the first Hornblower novel by CS Forester.
  13. The Best Film Soundtrack?

    Well, you're only human. This might take a while... (expect a long post!)
  14. Ear wax.