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  1. I've not actually bought it yet. I'm knee deep in an Iain M. Banks book that is talking me an age to read and I don't want the distraction! (I suspect I have also read several of the stories before, so it's not as high on my to-read list as it would otherwise be!).
  2. Tales from the Folly: A Rivers of London Short Story Collection, is published tomorrow as a e-book. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tales-Folly-Rivers-London-Collection-ebook/dp/B08BW6LCPH I think this may be a collection of the Waterstones exclusive short stories plus some others and some new ones.
  3. And no frickin' circles!
  4. The Last Film You Saw - 2020

    I have watched so many films over lockdown, I'm getting bored of them.
  5. SciFi book movie release update

    I wouldn't claim to be as up on sci-fi news as I was a few years ago, but I've not heard anything about an adaptation. I've not read any of the books though, so if I have seen anything about this it may have just passed me by.
  6. I read it quite a few years ago now, and don't remember it all that well, except for the idea of handing on stories by an oral narrative. I know that feeling! What kind of story are you in the mood for? (if any).
  7. I have a copy of that to read. And that. Have read that one, though...
  8. Danny's Introduction

  9. I've been picking off a couple of Iain M. Banks Culture novels that I've not read before. I finished Inversions at the end of last month and am now onto Surface Detail. Picked up a book of Japanese short stories and the second Tegan Frost novel last weekend.
  10. It is a good start, and they get better as they go along as well. I like Feynman; What Do You Care What Other People Think? is an interesting account of his time on the Warren Commission, investigating the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger. I've been reading Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman! in stages on my Kindle, that is good as well. You might find Moondust, by Andrew Smith interesting.
  11. Charles Dickens

    Last Saturday was the first time I've been in a bookshop since lockdown started, and I did look at a copy, but it was a bit dog-eared so I left it. I'm not in hurry; if I don't get a copy for a while it's not a problem!!
  12. Colouring for Adults

    Have you tried Letraset Promarkers? They colour evenly, but may bleed through - not sure!