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  1. Happy Birthday H&D! :balloons:

  2. Happy birthday Paula! x

  3. Happy birthday :bestw: Hope you have a great day!

  4. Happy birthday, birthday twin!

  5. Happy Birthday happyanddandy!:bestw:

  6. Happy birthday H&D :)

  7. Hi H&D! Happy Birthday :) I hope you have a wonderful day.

  8. Happy birthday :) Hope you have a great day.

  9. Hadn't realised we weren't friends on here so sent you a friendship request. Hope things are ok with you. x

  10. I didnt realise it was today you started that course, sorry I didnt ask about it. Do you have far to travel?

  11. That shawl is beautiful! Fantastic work.

  12. You can but hope LOL!


    Yep I can't believe it's been two months either, the time has just gone so quickly.... :(


    My heart goes out to Paula and I hope that Spooncat is coping ok.