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  1. High Fidelity is a film that I am fated (or so it seems) to never see. May be I should take control and read the book instead - to hear you describe it as wonderful is very encouraging.
  2. Christmas CDs - Raw Power - Iggy Pop, Oh No I Love You - Tim Burgess Homosapian - Pete Shelley It was great to get the house to myself on Monday and put on my new CDs and get stuck into the housework.
  3. Firstly thank you to Michelle for sending out the email to say hello from the forum - I always enjoyed the forum when I was on it but somehow with so many other distractions lost the habit. So it was great to get a nudge today and have the opportunity to return. So hello again 18 months after my last post. I went into January reading a book I started in December - What Now Little Man by Hans Fallada. I read Alone in Berlin in 2011 which I really enjoyed and was just in the mood for another of his. I love his writing and the fact that these books were written during the 30s in Germany and reflect the social and political landscape of the time. Yet the books are not totally as Fallada's books often display a dark humour. My true January book is the one that I am halfway through. It is Peter Hook's account of the Joy Division years titled Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division I'm a big fan of the 70's Manchester music scene and so this is of fascination to me. Also Peter Hook is an excellent and humorous storyteller - I've heard him speak in person and he is very entertaining when telling anecdotes. His book reflects this skill and it's also interesting to find out more about him beyond the 'edgy' character he is often portrayed and comes across as. I don't think it will be too long before I finish this - it's an absolute treat to find a comfy corner, put the kettle on and immerse myself in this book.
  4. I had an hour in the sun on the decking with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie - enjoying it so far.
  5. I've started The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley - so far so good.
  6. PS. I notice that you're reading 'Alone in Berlin' - how are you finding it?

  7. Hi Weave - sorry I've just realised that I never replied to your message the other day. Yeah things are well with me - been a busy year. I've been to a few gigs which have been good fun - been getting in touch with my youth again - I mention this as I remember you're a fellow music fan. How are things with you - good I hope.

    Take care

    Judith xx

  8. Continuing with The Small Hand very good so far - should get a good read of it tomorrow morning when I can take advantage of a lie-in. I brought home from work The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley - I'm curious to try it having heard nothing but good about it on here.
  9. The BBC website has some good interactive language courses - I'm brushing up on my Spanish ready for my holidays.
  10. That's interesting. It's on my to read list - something must have sparked my interest - can't remember what, but it's good to hear it's a good read so I might just bump it up the list.
  11. Finished Goodnight Steve McQueen today - brilliant read and of particular interest as I've been to quite a few gigs this year.
  12. Hi Judy, how are you? I am so sorry I have not been in touch :) x

  13. Yeah, got grab them while you can! How are you doing?
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