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  1. I wasn't aware Irish horses were any different or any more gorgeous than horses from elsewhere 😁 perhaps it's the good Irish soil.
  2. I know you said Matt Shaw, but you mentioned previously in a post Edward Lee. Any chance it is Flesh Gothic?
  3. Please do let me know if that is in fact the book you are looking for, if not we can try again. 😁
  4. Hi, Any chance it could be J. A. Konrath's horror novel Trapped? A blind, deaf, mute and limbless man being kept as a pet...
  5. I just googled it and found A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon, is that what you are looking for?
  6. How do you define a good book ?

    Many fiction books can enrich your knowledge. Fictional stories can still teach you a great deal, about people, places, era's. Well written books can enhance your knowledge of language. Although the events and characters are fictional there can be a lot of reality in the story too. For non fiction, a good book for me depends on the subject and what I expect to get from it. A good book on something technical for instance, is written in a way that makes you understand the subject. The language can be matter of fact. A good factual book based on history, would again be different for me and depends on why I am reading it, whether it is for study or for pleasure. If reading it for pleasure then I would define a good book as one that is easy to read (as in the words flow well together) and keeps me interested in the subject. For fiction, a good book can be many different things again for me. Classics have beautiful language, words that are no longer used, and they allow for great use of your own imagination to conjure up the images of the story in your head. If you like, compare it to modern 4k movies, where the image is so vivid and spectacular, and the color pops and the visual effects are amazing, that to me is what Classics are but the visuals are done with language rather than technology. Crime fiction, good books again are well written, good plots, ones where you get attached or even attracted to the characters because of how they are described and how you picture them in your head. Thrillers where you try predict what happens next but you never expected what comes next. Stories where you just cannot put the book down because you are so invested in knowing the rest of the story. Good books draw you in, rouses your emotions and leaves you reeling when it's over.
  7. Hello from Ireland

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I have always liked reading but I have recently started to expand on the type of books that I read. For many years I was reading crime fiction and not much else. Favourite authors being Chris Carter and Karin Slaughter. Very recently I decided to pick up some different types of books and to my surprise a whole new world opened up. I recently flew though Pride and Prejudice and really enjoyed it. I just finished The Call of the Wild and although it was short it was brilliant. I am currently about a third of the way through The Count of Monte Cristo. I am a physical paper book kind of person.