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    Reading, music, various TV shows (way too many!), hiking, running...and of course, Harry Potter.
    I can't live without tea, coffee and cheese.
  1. Mona's Around The World Challenge

    1. Afghanistan - "The Kite Runner" - Khaled Houssini, 5/5 Such a good read although heartbreaking at times - not sure it 100% counts for the challenge, but so glad I finally read this.
  2. Mona's Reading List

    Finally updated this for 2019. Took me most of this year but I think my reading mojo is finally back
  3. Re-reading books

    I only have two books (series) I re-read regularly. I call them my "comfort reads" - Harry Potter and a Romanian series called Ciresarii.
  4. What's the weather like?

    Another sunny day here, it's been such a nice week.
  5. Your Book Activity - January 2018

    Finished The Kicking the Bucket List yesterday and I'm almost done with One False Move (good timing as the library reminded me it's due back). Not sure what to start after, I'll have to decide today.
  6. Hayley's Reading in 2018

    I really want to read Discworld - I started The Colour of Magic years back and I don't think I finished it. Will add on my TBR for the year!
  7. Your Book Activity - January 2018

    Enjoying The Kicking the Bucket List a lot so far, I'm about halfway done now. It's not a genre I read a lot as I seem to have focused a lot on fantasy and young adult in the recent years, but this has been a nice surprise
  8. Your Book Activity - January 2018

    I started The Kicking the Bucket List by Cathy Hopkins earlier today as an audiobook. So far I'm enjoying it though I'm not far enough to properly know if I'll like it or not.
  9. Chrissy's Reading

    Hiiiiii and Happy New Year! Have a great reading year in 2018!
  10. Raven's Reads

    Good start to the year!
  11. Chaliepud's Reading 2018

    Love a good reading challenge! One of my friends and I have been keeping a shared Excel of the Popsugar reading challenges...we try and compete (or forget until every December/January about it )
  12. Your Book Activity - January 2018

    That's so interesting, I didn't realise the z and s is a misconception! -- I'm about half done with One False Move, forgot how much I like the Myron Bolitar series. I'll probably finish it today then I need to charge my Kindle as I only took 2 books with me this holiday.
  13. Mona's Reading List

    Awesome, thank you!
  14. John Green books

    I'm not the biggest fan of John Green's books (though I love all his and Hank's youtube channels), but I finished his latest novel ("Turtles All the Way Down") a few days ago and I liked it the most out of all his books. Partly because I could relate to areas of it but generally because although what starts the plot is a bit silly, the book still had a realistic feel to it.